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  1. 4 hours ago, RandomFan said:

    Justin Robinson's dad pretty much confirming on another board that his son is the "shocking" WR that we will be losing to the portal soon (before January for early enrollment spots). Good luck to the kid. Just didn't work out for whatever reason, but his dad has always been super cool and doesn't seem upset on the way out. 

    Right and don't forget, sometimes transfers have absolutely nothing to do with football. She wears makeup, always nice and is a freak but when you get married you find out 10 things about her that drives you crazy. How long before one of those things make you hit the road??

    Him this morning: 

    Wait...I didnt say that was Justins experience. There are some kids there that have those experiences though.”

  2. How do you know those with masks on in that video were in the room by themselves?


    It’s also likely some people just forget they are wearing the mask once they are by themselves.  I don’t think people alone in cars are wearing the mask for safety. 

    But if someone wants to wear a mask in their car or if they want to jog in it, if it makes them more comfortable about the current situation...why do you care?

  3. This is SoFL’s take on JT, take it fwiw... which is usually accurate. 


    What I believe to be true is that JT isn’t healthy. When he was “cleared” AU week, the inner circle here had a good laugh because he could barely walk without a limp. It was 100% gamesmanship by Kirby to keep AU off balanced. So Kirby has had to stick with the he’s cleared message. JT had that knee looked at again at the end of the bye week. More reps in practice and there was discomfort.

    Finally, just for S&G, let’s assume he is cleared and nothing is wrong with the knee. Why would a guy getting scout reps behind what we’ve seen at QB these last few weeks even enter our thought process? You don’t go from scout, to QB1, lightning up our biggest SEC rival. That’s a fairy tale. JT is hurt. He is not playing so poorly that he can’t elevate himself off of scout. He knows that playbook inside-out. He would give us the best chance to win, but he’s on scout. Because he is hurt. No grand conspiracy at play, just hurt.


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