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  1. Him this morning: “Wait...I didnt say that was Justins experience. There are some kids there that have those experiences though.”
  2. Yup, I am 100% on board with females getting a shot where they can. I wish they would’ve let her actually kick off. The squibb and the halftime speech gave this whole thing a weird look to it.
  3. 84-0 600 yards rushing 300 yards passing 10 sacks 😄
  4. My guess is: WR: Bush, Landers, Tongue, Blount.
  5. Dang, TXFalcon digging up a dead, two week old thread to argue about old topics. Someone is obviously good at letting things go.
  6. How do you know those with masks on in that video were in the room by themselves? It’s also likely some people just forget they are wearing the mask once they are by themselves. I don’t think people alone in cars are wearing the mask for safety. But if someone wants to wear a mask in their car or if they want to jog in it, if it makes them more comfortable about the current situation...why do you care?
  7. I think it’s ridiculous that this is even a story still after JTs dad himself said he is happy that JT wasn’t rushed out there.
  8. Sounds like SC might be having some COVID issues this week.
  9. Yeah, if folks want to get mad- let’s talk about the amount of LB talent we have and the lack of pass rush we manufacture. The play safe to avoid the big play just ain’t it anymore. Let the players play.
  10. ..but there are about 5 or 6 folks here who will only believe medically cleared = available and ready
  11. Remember when SB was benched? You think Kirby thought JT was the 3rd best QB?
  12. Do you really think that if JT was healthy enough to play that Kirby would’ve kept him on the bench?
  13. Yes, he COULD play if they NEEDED him to. He was cleared medically, but he wasn’t in game ready health until recently.
  14. Do you know what that means? I don’t think you do.
  15. Why? Because e he didn’t pay a hurt player?
  16. This Miss St QB can throw the ball. Our defense is not great either though...
  17. I’ll only be mad if he, or someone, says he’s been healthy since being cleared. I’ve only heard he hasn’t...but who knows
  18. This is SoFL’s take on JT, take it fwiw... which is usually accurate.
  19. Maybe, but if we had an accurate QB and hit a few of those open deep shots then the two losses might not have happened.
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