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  1. How I feel when the May recruiting thread has new posts, but it turns out to be nothing.
  2. Haha, I had to look him up too
  3. Caleeb Roberson (WR) is transferring
  4. Been a while since I watched one of those and it didn’t go our way. Too bad, on to the next one
  5. Yeah, it is sad. I hope with this experience he’ll learn to trust those with his interests in mind. Practice squad money might still seem like a lot still, but that won’t last long
  6. Yup, should’ve stayed
  7. Not a Dawg, but it’ll only help our cause. One of Pittman’s former players went 20th
  8. New England Dawgs... Sony is making the trip north too!
  9. It was kind of funny at first, but that is embarrassing.
  10. Yes!!! So good. I’ll never forget the sound the crowd made there at the stadium when he hit that hole on the last play.
  11. Agreed, I’ve noticed I’ve become very spoiled by the last 2 classes. When we offer a 3 star now I’m like...
  12. I’ll start my own CFB hall of fame
  13. I haven’t been in 10+ years, but I’d imagine the endzone construction will complicate things more than normal.