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  1. I did my first triathlon last year, an Olympic, it was a blast.
  2. I hope he can bounce back to 100%
  3. Honest question, Is his sister still going to UGA?
  4. Guarantee this “hardship” he encountered would’ve been a non-issue if Fromm was leaving after last season.
  5. Wow....
  6. Yup, a great show. It’s my go to podcast when I go running or I save a few for longer bike rides. It’s a good distraction.
  7. I know of a place... but I won’t share it
  8. Hahaha, that’s awesome
  9. This makes more sense to me after seeing that those couple players were posting on social media about Raymond. It seemed like things went pretty well to me, so I was surprised when the turned down and no offer news first broke out.
  10. Aside from what he said, which is his own opinion, but that video series seems sketchy as f-. A tattoo shop in Atlanta has high school athletes come have interviews and some of them get tattoos while being interviewed. I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe those tattoos are being charged full value.
  11. I don’t care to catch up on this thread...so sorry if it had been mentioned. Is Fields’ sister still planning on going to UGA? Seems odd if she was.
  12. Technically they did. They offered him a bunch of money and we wouldn’t.