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  1. I always thought he seemed like a Gator. I just didn't want to say anything just in case he ended up here
  2. Woah!
  3. Arguably?.......
  4. Someone's mom is excited for Athens..
  5. These last few posts...
  6. So whoever lands Feilds is going to have a very good day. Seems like there is a batch of real good players who apparently will follow him
  7. Matt Corral wins the long toss QB competition at the Opening with a 77 yard throw...
  8. Good Nolan Smith article
  9. "UGA, UGA, UGA, and that is about it," Cook said when asked about what visits he has taken this year.
  10. "Why did he choose the Tide? “The opportunity to play early as a freshman,” Wynn said. “You know they are losing a lot of linemen to the NFL Draft and a lot of seniors. (They) told me that I come in and play as hard as I can play and work hard in January when I enroll early then I will have a chance to play as a freshman.”" Yeah, I bet they don't have any other DEs..