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  1. I saw some of that chatter too. Trying to keep the excitement down till I hear it from him.
  2. 10 days to go: 10 things to know for the Early Signing Period Well, there it is folks. Let’s pack it up..
  3. Agreed.. There is no way to know that
  4. It’ll be interesting to see how th OU QB does next year. Is it a system that makes them good or were they both that good. I’m not sure what the average ranking of defense Bama played, but I bet it was better than 70th like OUs schedule.
  5. What happened?
  6. Oh, is that how it works? Thanks.
  7. I’m guessing #2. Bama will be #1
  8. You’re right.... I guess this still is technically the same year we played them. Other than that I don’t see how it relates.
  9. Yeah....it was.....Northwestern that hurt them