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  1. That was Zone #7 I think
  2. https://dawginsiders.com/forums/
  3. SoFL from the Dawgnation board says:
  4. We are 14 point favorites according to Vegas. I feel good about our run game success going into this one. In their first games against Louisville and New Mexico they gave up on average 235 yards rushing per game and 5.1 yards per carry.
  5. They won by 51. Missed that obscene spread by only 0.5, haha
  6. LSU is only up 24 -10 against Northwestern St at halftime. ...the betting line was LSU favored by 51.5!!!!
  7. DRob was held out to be cautious with his hamstring (supposedly)
  8. Yeah, a few bad calls keeping SC out of this
  9. Regardless, It was still an impressive run.
  10. HOLY SH—! That was an amazing TD
  11. Those Bama WR are so hard to shut down
  12. That cut was nasty.
  13. That was a good throw