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  1. “I’m James Williams! Welcome to the G”
  2. Is it the video that’ll freak us out or the person committing?
  3. I’d be fine with it if he pulled an Orson Charles and “accidentally” broke a National Championship trophy during the visit
  4. I guess they just like what they hear
  5. Evans, wait.. looks like it’ll be Edwards, actually have y’all heard about this shifty kid nobody has mentioned all year named McConkey?, wait..but the coaches just visited Lundy, Burch is secretly visiting, maybe Evans is actually going to happen this time.
  6. I was just thinking the same thing.
  7. SoFL from the Dawgnation just started a thread called “Zach Evans” and posted Seems like third time might be the charm...
  8. It’s called 36.6 million over 10 years in the NFL
  9. I must’ve missed that. What Saban speech?
  10. Maybe we can get a “don’t have to sit out a year for some reason” QB as well