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  1. Yeah, both QBs seem impressive. One of them has a better team around him (so far)
  2. Defense plated better than last week- Front 7, looked especially good. Daniels seemed to separate himself some. Him and Mathis split 1s. Beck was with 2s. Mailman was with the 3s. Zeus ran well Pickens is still a monster. KJ is doing well too.
  3. Here is SoFL’s take (from Dawgnation board): SoFL_Dawg 7:10PM A couple of disclaimers before diving in...I 100% support these young men in their decisions that they make for themselves and their families. I not here to bash anyone or point fingers for why this may have happened. I’m going to describe the situation as it is (or how we see it), not how we’d desire it to be. As always when I post, there will be those who don’t like what I’m about to say, but it is what it is. I’m giving it to y’all exactly as I’m hearing it. This is coming from multiple sources. Ja
  4. I wish the Auburn > Tennessee > Bama stretch wasn’t at the beginning of a season when we are breaking in a new offense and a new QB
  5. Is it the video that’ll freak us out or the person committing?
  6. I’d be fine with it if he pulled an Orson Charles and “accidentally” broke a National Championship trophy during the visit
  7. Evans, wait.. looks like it’ll be Edwards, actually have y’all heard about this shifty kid nobody has mentioned all year named McConkey?, wait..but the coaches just visited Lundy, Burch is secretly visiting, maybe Evans is actually going to happen this time.
  8. I was just thinking the same thing.
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