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  1. Nice drive by TCU! TCU cuts it to 5
  2. They need to keep this to a FG edit: Nooooooooo
  3. You. Might. Be. Right... how does the ref miss that face mask? wow... TCU is falling apart
  4. Now they are in a terrible spot. Not good They need to swing some momentum back
  5. Dang! So close
  6. Still time. TCU has looked good for the most part. Two OSU TDs are from the defense
  7. Well, that was...something
  8. Good call on the no targeting there
  9. Same score. OSU missed the field goal going into half. Entertaining game so far!
  10. OSU 13 - TCU 14
  11. TCU 14 - OSU 10. TCU with a 93 yard rushing TD
  12. Bosa sack/fumble for a TD
  13. ....aaaand jinxed them. Missed the opening FG
  14. TCU is looking like they are going to make a game of this one
  15. BYU up 24-21 with 7 minutes to go