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  1. Good for him if true. I think it’s a mistake not coming back next year, but good for him nonetheless
  2. I didn’t expect us to be 2 plays away from a championship this year either, especially after Eason got hurt. I think the next chance is before 2020 though.
  3. Can’t remember if this was posted or not, but here is the 360 gigapixel photo of the game https://gigapixel.panoramas.com/rosebowl/2018/
  4. Most of my videos are me screaming incoherently, so I decided to keep those offline. Most of the other pics are of me and the wife..and figured y’all didn’t want to see my ugly mug Fan fest in LA GameDay
  5. Same. I’ll try to get some up tomorrow
  6. That is one of my worries.
  7. Just being preemptive. I’ve seen how easy these threads derail.
  8. Yes, let’s keep politics out of this thread. It should be a group hug going on in here.
  9. [I’m rewatching] Fromm was amazing on that drive at the end of the 4th. When he shuffled to avoid the sack and dumped to Sony. A++
  10. That was third quarter was huge. I’m so glad that they were on that side of the field, right in front of our band, student section and other UGA fans. We were LOUD in that end zone. So fun
  11. The Ridley parents will have a winner next Monday either way
  12. Soooo glad I went. Holy Cow!!! I’ll throw some stuff up tomorrow night when I get home.
  13. Sorry y’all. Tried to post some photos from the game, but they are too big to upload