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  1. Still got that speed!!
  2. Two throws in a row and the 2nd throw was over the middle? Everyone was shocked. I guys that is why he was so wide open
  3. @Carter , is this true?
  4. I will cry about it. Thanks for the permission.
  5. Terrible D by Parrish there. At least knock it down if you are going to whiff the interception
  6. Same here ...but I would hate life if we lost to AU twice
  7. Yeah, that was about as bad as a team could play.
  8. And all of Bama’s LBs are hurt, haha
  9. I hope they beat Bama
  10. F these guys so hard.
  11. The game went downhill after that penalty on the punt. They scored again after that and things weren’t the same.
  12. We coached scared most of the game and they coached like they had nothing to lose. We played scared most of the game and they played like they had nothing to lose.
  13. They are on the revenge tour 2018
  14. Fromm has not looked good at all today