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  1. Does he wear cleats or hobnail boots?
  2. Ugh. I'll be 60 (hopefully).
  3. Thanks to all for another great year of recruiting info. I stumbled upon this forum 6 or 7 years ago and haven't felt the need to look elsewhere. Y'all keep me informed and entertained. Go Dawgs!!
  4. Did anyone check his ID? He looks like he's 35.
  5. You are significantly biased. Not saying that you're wrong, but let's be truthful.
  6. Which Colquitt is punting for y'all this year? ;-)
  7. Awesome if true. Thanks to all for posting today. I wasn't near a computer but was kept updated thanks to y'all and the mobile version of this site.
  8. Is anyone else concerned that Eason's dad appears to enjoy seeing his name in print? I hope I'm reading too much into this. Hopefully he won't meddle too much when his kid gets on campus.