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  1. Just wanted to say THANKS for all of the info/opinions you provide. People like you make this forum my go to for recruiting information.
  2. I hope he eats EXACTLY what Gurley ate.
  3. Thanks to all for another great year of recruiting info. I luckily found this site 6-7 years ago and have gotten all of my info here. You guys are awesome!! Go Dawgs
  4. Thanks to all for another great year of recruiting info. I stumbled upon this forum 6 or 7 years ago and haven't felt the need to look elsewhere. Y'all keep me informed and entertained. Go Dawgs!!
  5. You are significantly biased. Not saying that you're wrong, but let's be truthful.
  6. Saw it on 247. They show him as Committed, not Signed.
  7. Wet blanket here..... Should we be concerned that Campbell hasn't sent his LOI yet?
  8. I need some guidance (in more ways than one but let's limit it to recruiting for now). This is the only message board I read because y'all are the best. I have also been using 247 for info but I am starting to dislike the site (mostly because of the recent Bama/Buckeye bump and the VIP crystal ball bs). Is there another site that y'all would recommend? I'd prefer free but will subscribe if it's worth it. I appreciate any help you can provide.
  9. If anyone has or knows of 3 or 4 tickets to the game, please let me know. Willing to pay up to $1000 each for good seats. I know this is under most asking prices but you'd be helping out some loyal Dawg fans.
  10. Y'all have fun in LA. I'm with you in spirit.
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