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  1. im sure alot of players on sub par teams would like to play for the falcons, does not mean they will lol
  2. thanks fin for the dedication and contribution to this team on and off the field
  3. not one wr early???? u better plan on us signing a starter at wr, o yeah and a de. terrible mock imo w/o listing free agents
  4. like i have said before. zodiac knows nothing about football and goes by measurables and bases his argument not on facts but opinions and makes them seem like facts. he was proven wrong and not man enough to show his face because he has been consistantly made to look like an idiot we can all laugh in his face in joy
  5. rreeaaalllyyy kinda sick of this zodiac clown
  6. i feel like u know very little about football and u give off your opinions and try to turn them into facts. your really annoying and you have proven to be wrong, what seems like every single time. alot of great wr's have small hands, and dont have good 40's, but have good game speed and simply know the game of football, something u will never understand
  7. they were talking about players who will breakout at the combine and someone said torrey smith and they all agreed. said he has potential to run in the high 4.2's, will excell in interviews. simply knows how to get open and has mastered the comback roue(a mularkey favorite). is a roddy clone with a better mindset coming out of college and imo better physically gifted and more of a playmaker. he graduated in 2 and a half years and has been the team leader for a while now and shows up in big games. knows when to catch with the hands and the body. also high points it very well and is simply a bur
  8. asomugha by far. he will, week in and week out take out the opponents best wr. that was a big problem against gb(along with all the time rodgers was given because of the pressure). he is the definition of the perfect football player. we would have a stud at nickel then either way with dunta or brent moving there
  9. hard worker. watches alot of film. team leader. graduated college. roddy white clone. good enough explanation?
  10. randy didnt try when he was the most gifted wr ever, do u think he will now, when hes in his 30's? no
  11. we all wonder y we blow up after a loss and lose all confidence in this team, then i see this immaturity, and know y. maybe u should take a youtube video of your most embarassing feature, and see how many people would laugh at u. this is not cool. this is a person who has feelings just like u
  12. yeah but TD has ALOT of young players who we still have no idea on. Moore could be a top flight safty in a couple years. Decoud could be good, lofton, bierrmann, etc. ask this again in 2 or 3 years, cuz about almost everyone on mckays list is not on this team for a reason
  13. congrats. idk if i can think of someone that one the award 2 out of 3 years lol. and people question him
  14. lol i have been saying all of this for a while now. could u imagine having 2 roddys?
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