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  1. He really is an old miserable man.
  2. Btw, Adams is the same guy who made this epic return.
  3. The offensive line sucked last pre-season and so did the defense. They're keeping everything very vanilla at the moment. Starters really don't give a **** about pre-season, cause it really doesn't count. Reserve energy till reg season.
  4. Also, Jordan Gross is getting older so he'll be retiring around the same time Cam's deal is up so his deal will also be off the books too, Steve as well.
  5. https://twitter.com/daringantt/status/234401833769119744
  6. No problem, D-will's contract isn't guaranteed after this yr.
  7. https://twitter.com/...393020940816384
  8. We all know you probably have more than one account.
  9. Wow, you stay on this forum 24/7 too. That's pretty **** embarrassing, there's a whole world out there for you to see.
  10. Beating your mom>>>>Stealing a laptop. Dez probably did give his mom a good whack, she dropped the charges because she doesn't want the gravy to stop flowing.
  11. Sorry bro, he isn't Freeman(who actually played awful his rookie year, and he had a 3rd year slump) and he has a better coaching staff. Chud is one of the top OC's in the game, I don't really think you understand that Cam also has time to plan for the defense, actually the entire offense does, funny how that works huh?
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000046595/article/cam-newton-rapidly-improving-in-year-2-with-carolina-panthers
  13. Difference is, Cam has played one season and has a limitless ceiling. Romo is going into his TENTH year. TENTH. He has ONE wild-card playoff win.
  14. Yes, he's under-achieving, those stats are meaningless without a SB ring.
  15. Better than glamouring over a constant under-achiever at QB thinking ever year is "his year" and a WR that enjoys beating his mom. Enjoy that beat down from the giants.
  16. I just don't get this hype coming out of Dallas, you would think they were SB champs last year. Didn't even make the playoffs with a 'elite' QB. Embarrassing.
  17. The NFL is bringing in record profits, could at least give them a 5-10 percent raise. The NFL really does not want replacement refs blowing all these calls, especially when they emphasize safety.
  18. NFL refs are not really overpaid they make an average of 45,000 and can make as little as 25,000 per season and max of 75,000. Comparing that to NBA refs who make as little as 90,000 and max of 280,000.
  19. Yes, Charlotte has a LOT of transplants but we're now at that time that we have fans that actually grew up with this team, and kids who loves the Panthers because of a guy like Cam. Keep in mind charlotte has a lot of transplants, but panthers fans are everywhere in both states.
  20. Everyone's teams pretty much have a good attendance except the bucs.
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