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  1. Cool story bro. No really, what a interesting story. I mean, talk about the in depth view and everything. You're gonna make it one day kid! I know it.
  2. Yes, it was time for a change. Sometimes you have to move on.
  3. Even the greatest QB's are gonna turn it over, the team does not respond,
  4. The Chicago game for instance, yes Cam threw a pick six because Steve Smith slipped on a timing route, next possession Cam marches us down the field for a field goal for the lead. Cutler and the bears take possession and hit us with a slant every single throw. We stayed in the same coverage that ENTIRE drive allowing them to get in FG range.
  5. We are competing almost every game, losing by simple mistakes made by the coaching staff. Rivera has not been prepared, it took several games for Chudzinski to realize that the option crap wasn't working and it was regressing Cam and his footwork. We're 1-10 in games decided by a td or less under Ron Rivera. We have to FINISH games.
  6. Most of the players on our team today were developed by John Fox.
  7. Honestly, Cam didn't throw Chudzinski under the bus, all he said is that he wasn't the offensive coordinator and he doesn't call the plays. No one out of the local media made a big deal out of it, and even the beat writers said he didn't mean it in that sense. It was UNTIL the National media made one little remark into something bigger. Deangelo williams also took to twitter with the play calling, when Hurney was fired Charles Johnson went on the radio and said "Why was he fired? He doesn't coach." NOW that's called throwing your coach under the bus.
  8. A team that are well coached leads to a better product on the field......
  9. I never said we were doing "well" that's pretty typical of posters on this forum to spin my words...go figure. I responded to a thread that said we couldn't develop players, no one ******* said we were doing "well" learn how to comprehend.
  10. Coming back to this site was a mistake, most of you are arrogant, dismissive, idiots that want throw "2-6" in my face all day. Good year.
  11. That's besides my argument, he said we can't develop players and we can.
  12. Had a few health problems(I'm serious) but I'm doing good now.
  13. We can't develop players? Hmmm Charles Johnson Ryan Kalil Jordan Gross Jon Beason James Anderson Luke Kuechly Jon Beason Jonathan Stewart Steve Smith Deangelo Williams Byron Bell(UDFA) Brandon Lafell Captain Munnerlyn Cameron Newton Thomas Davis All say hello.
  14. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/11/09/panthers-hire-accorsi-as-consultant-for-gm-search/ Same guy who recommended Thomas Dimitroff, definitely a step in the right direction.
  15. Your act is tiring, not only are you fact-less and say unproven, illogical, sarcastic remarks. You aren't even good at it! Ruining other threads with your ********, time for you to get put in a home.
  16. Davis is playing. Rivera announced that Friday or Thursday.
  17. Not going against 1st teams. Amini has been a starter since training camp.
  18. http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/08/22/first-impressions-second-rounders-no-33-to-no-42/
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