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  1. They didn't want to change the offensive scheme, we're keeping the same system.
  2. Developing David Garrard into a starting QB? Yes, I'd say that's a success.
  3. Shula developed David Garrard and was an assistant in Jacksonvile for a good while, please stop looking over his success. Cam and him also have a VERY good relationship.
  4. I'm not seeing the problem here, Mike Shula has experience calling plays, Jim Skipper was a RB coach for Carolina for ten years, and he's loved by Dwill and Stewart, Richard Rogers has taken over the special teams since last season after Brian Murphy was fired. And Ken Dorsey is the one who taught Cam at IMG Chud's offense.
  5. Ryan is 2nd. Cam 7th Freeman is 14th http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000130600/article/joe-flacco-matt-ryan-among-top-quarterbacks-under-30
  6. They wish! WFW is the one of the most ignorant posters I've ever encountered on a sports forum......and that's hard to do.
  7. Flacco really hasn't been given his due by the media, or the Baltimore fans. They're too in love with Ray Lewis to see Flacco has actually played a bigger role in their recent wins than Lewis, although he is more of the 'vocal' leader.
  8. Ryan blew it, he fumbled and that's was did them in.......they would have at least gotten three points if they hadn't scored six. He choked.
  9. In the words of 'War' Why can't we be friends?
  10. In the words of Bill Withers Lean on me, when you're not strong. I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on.
  11. Atlanta is a very good team, and I underestimated them tremendously. Very impressive.
  12. The world will end in 2013, this I promise you.
  13. I was completely wrong about my prediction, and the Falcons, they stepped up to the challenge and beat the Giants ***. However, these regular season wins will mean nothing if you can't win in the playoffs. I wish you all nothing but the worst. Sincerely, Panthers Pride.
  14. Six sacks says otherwise.....and if he made our defense his personal ***** then why did it come down to the last play? And why did you bring in an EXTRA offensive lineman if he was killing our defense?
  15. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/11/09/3tfo-broncos-panthers-week-10/ Mind you, Munnerlyn was drafted in the 7th round. Norman is also doing mighty fine for a 5th round rookie. Inb4"2-6" argument because you have no rebuttal.
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