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  1. You just be happy, with your sorry pass defense. Good luck finding a DE, instead of drafting a DE in the first you trade up for Julio, that was really smart. And then draft a DE in the 7th when it's your biggest need.
  2. Jesus, are you really that dumb? Our defense without a doubt is better than the Falcons, we lost games because of our Offense and them turning the ball over, which means our defense was on the field longer. And about us losing CJ is laughable he's already said he looks forward to this season with the Panthers and is happy with the changes. Pat Y said Hurney(our GM) and Johnson were working out a deal BEFORE the Lockout. We have more than enough money to sign him and Anderson, Davis etc.
  3. They actually make more through TV contracts than they do on tickets. Most of them are fighting for FAIR rules and revenue so the NFL doesn't turn into the MLB.
  4. Freeman is THE truth. He's got all the tools to be a superior QB.
  5. Panthers owner JR has said he won't cut any staff member or pay, yep that ******* sure is "cheap".
  6. Again, 50+ players showed up. This was a very well organized workout that isn't "Okay guys let's just find an empty field to workout at" they actually planned this out by using a Private school's football field and Classrooms to learn the playbook.
  7. I LOOOOVE this one Carl (Atlanta) Pat, I absolutely think Charles Johnson is a option than Edwards. Look at the numbers. Something like 9 sacks with the Williams wall, while Johnson had nearly 12 with no help. Pat Yasinskas (1:46 PM) Yeah, but I think Johnson and Panthers have talked long-term deal prior to the lockout and could get something done quickly as soon as lockout ends. Hands off our CJ.
  8. Freeman is not as athletic as Newton, Brees' is actually better keeping plays alive than Freeman.
  9. Ummmm, yeah I don't think so, because we won't have the #1 pick. We'll still be in the Top 10 but number #1 pick we ain't gonna have. So many different things besides QB play that made us awful last year. Like the horrible offensive play calling and our offensive line because of Otah being injured.
  10. Firstly, I doubt we'll select a RB in the first we're probably going WR in that round, and then pick up a RB IF we lose D-lo but, It's very unlikely that'll happen.
  11. Newton is gonna be the most athletic QB in this division.
  12. Can't wait for the meltdown on this board, when CJ re-signs his contract with the Panthers.
  13. He's and amazing athlete, no denying that, but Falcons probably paid too much for him.
  14. Hurney also saying everything that they investigated what happened at Florida and everything came back fine.
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