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  1. New Orleans will be engulfed by the sea, before they can ever host another one. Finally, we'll rejoice that one of America's problems are gone.
  2. Mom jokes? Showing your age, which is likely around 15.
  3. Nothing is changing the fact, New Orleans will never host another super bowl.
  4. Enjoy your city failing in front of the entire world.
  5. Pretty amazing, I'd say. How many times has that been done? Well, Congrats to LUUUKE on winning defensive rookie of the year!
  6. You want to know when Saints fans start reaching? When they bring up Rae Carruth. lol
  7. That punk azz ***** Steve Smith has handled you more losses than you can count! Don't act as if Steve Smith who is 33 btw, isn't still owning the Saints.
  8. Apparently Steve Smith is New Orleans now......with his charity giving away shoes to the unfortunate and auctioning off Cam's and other player's cleats.
  9. Saints players like to attack players at their knees, they're so aggressive! Bring Williams home Loomis!
  10. Saints fans like to attack Steve Smith for what he's done in the past, while ignoring their own team dirty tendencies, it makes them sleep better at night.
  11. Nah! They probably go home and beat their wives anyway. They don't like fair games.
  12. We don't cheer when ANYONE gets injured, that's classless. And it's been going on for awhile I see.........
  13. There is no secret that Saints fans are likely the most classless in the entire division. No doubt about it.
  14. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21624011/vitt-williams-promised-to-reward-players-for-injuring-opposing-coaches Saints fans, players, organization are all scum, same bunch of losers in New Orleans who cheered when Cam went down and the announcers called you out.
  15. This is all just leverage being used by greedy Owners who rather use the public's money, than their own. Jerry Richardson did the same thing, and got what he wanted. Atlanta will likely do the same.
  16. Cam has beaten you before, two times actually, the Bucs can easily be had. Please don't go there.
  17. Man, JB is really going to eat his words when Shula calls the plays that beats his bucs next season.
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