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  1. Yeah, lol. It seemed like she was more excited Cam was on the phone than getting engaged.
  2. http://cbskiss951.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/cam-newton-proposal-21.mp3 Pretty cool.
  3. If Cam did this everyone would be calling him a "thug" and "irresponsible" or "immature" and you know it. Double standard.
  4. Not sure how he's a "guru" when this is a basic trait, that GM's use.
  5. http://youtu.be/XJlgjNOQbio http://youtu.be/lxRNnVwvsyc
  6. This is done every single off season, highlights of the past season. Post'em!
  7. Cap space can be easily acquired with restructurings/releases.
  8. You only think he has no insight because he told it like it was, you guys sure as **** weren't minding his articles when he was on his knees for the falcons.
  9. *sigh* Let the Falcons fans be in denial. As I quote Pat Yasinkas -Pat Y
  10. Fun fact: Flacco was flawless in the post season, he didn't put his team in jeopardy with interceptions like Ryan, and he was clutch when his team needed it the most.
  11. Terrell Suggs has hardly been effective coming off an achilles injury, Ed Reed is having a down year, and Ray Lewis is not the player he was.
  12. Flacco does more with less. Ryan has all the weapons in the world to at LEAST reach the super bowl, but hasn't.
  13. Are you legitimately trying to say Julio Jones, Roddy white match up with Anquan Boldin, and Torrey Smith? You, yourself call Julio "Juliotron"
  14. And according to PFF, Ryan had the better line......falcons ranked 17th in pass pro, while Ravens were 23rd. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/01/28/ranking-the-2012-offensive-lines/2/
  15. Ray Rice 1,143 yards, 9 TD's>>>>>>>>Michael Turner 800 yards, 10td's Julio Jones 1,198 yards 10td's>>>>>>> Torrey Smith 855 yards 8td's Roddy White 1,357 yards 7td's>>>>>> Anquan Boldin 922 yards, 4td's Tony Gonzalez 930 yards, 8td's>>>>>>>>> Dennis Pitta 669 yards, 7td's.
  16. Man, it's going to be fun seeing Ryan demand top five QB money, crippling the falcons and their defense.
  17. The momentum has completely shifted to the 49ers, this is New Orleans fault.
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