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  1. St+Louis+Rams+v+Carolina+Panthers+phBU8jnmZo0l.jpg

    "Hard work through the week pays dividends."

    Those dividends have come in the form of a high level of efficiency consecutive victories, with Newton producing a career-high 143.4 passer rating two weeks ago at Minnesota and completing a career-high 88.2 percent of his passes last week versus St. Louis.

    "It's not me. It's the offense," Newton said. "The line has been playing great, and guys have been catching the ball and doing something with it.

    "We're playing more confident. We're doing the little things right."

    Behind the scenes, Newton is playing a bigger role in the little things. As he's become more comfortable in the offense, the coaching staff has become more comfortable with handing him more of the reigns.

    "He's a little more involved in terms of helping in the decisions about what plays are going to be called. That's been a big part of his maturation process," head coach Ron Rivera said. "He comes in on Tuesday (typically a day off), they sit down and go through a list, and he brings a list. They talk about what he's most comfortable with.

    "Come Wednesday, after practice they talk about what he did like and didn't like, and Thursday it's the same thing."


    Yes, Cam Newton is now apart of the offensive game-planning.

  2. Davis had 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and 6 stops against Vikings with 3rd string QB

    Lofton had 8 tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 1 sack, q, hurry, and 8 stops against Tom Brady and Patriots at home coming off a loss.

    Gee, i guess the award wasn't based on production or level of competition! Lol

    Or the fact you lost in the last seconds of the game.

  3. cammad.gif

    what about this towel? does he switch when he is winning?

    Oh? Bringing up stuff from LAST season? nostalgia is probably the best for Falcon fans. You know, when they were actually decent.

    Like Gruden said about the Falcons on MNF: "The league does not care what you did LAST season."

  4. You've beaten two teams with a 1-11 record. Be proud!

    HeII, we beat the Rams and they have a better record than the two teams you beat combined.

    So yeah, keep that victory towel.

    A win is a win. The Nfl does not care who you're playing. Keep talking.

  5. Does it really matter if a few fans don't know who he is?

    Do we even know who the Falcons have on their roster? I know Ryan, Tony G, JJ and White.. That's all most really know on their team.

    True. Because I think we all know Davis has more heart and toughness than the entire Falcons team.

  6. ? anybody could we suck this year

    You're truly showing your ignorance(not surprising for a falcons fan) Thomas Davis is no bum, Georiga native, former bulldog and one of the most talented linebackers when healthy. That's food for thought; you do the dishes.

    Now go learn who your father is.

  7. These cats seem to think that all these rookies will make a seamless transition to covering in the NFL and to Dirty Bird Keucly was not a 3 down lb for the panthers his rookie season he was taken out and James Anderson and beason played in nickel situations

    What are you talking about? Once Kuechly moved to MLB he was on the field for ALL our defensive plays.

    A mainstay on defense, Luke Kuechly played all of the #Panthers 769 defensive snaps after moving to middle linebacker in Week 5

    Kuechly is made for today's NFL, his best attribute was coverage when we drafted him. Jon Beason was on IR for most of the year, lmao.

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