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  1. The delusion by Falcon fans in this thread is hilarious.
  2. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Newton-only-making-it-look-easy/79cb4a2e-bf74-4515-b547-6624ac9b3704 Yes, Cam Newton is now apart of the offensive game-planning.
  3. Where was Cameron Jordan when Brady went the mile on the Saints defense?
  4. Or the fact you lost in the last seconds of the game.
  5. Oh? Bringing up stuff from LAST season? nostalgia is probably the best for Falcon fans. You know, when they were actually decent. Like Gruden said about the Falcons on MNF: "The league does not care what you did LAST season."
  6. A win is a win. The Nfl does not care who you're playing. Keep talking.
  7. Is that all you have? Looks like a victory towel to me.
  8. That's what most Falcon fans do when they see the Falcons play, then they leave the stadium with 6 mins left in the 4th quarter.
  9. True. Because I think we all know Davis has more heart and toughness than the entire Falcons team.
  10. You're truly showing your ignorance(not surprising for a falcons fan) Thomas Davis is no bum, Georiga native, former bulldog and one of the most talented linebackers when healthy. That's food for thought; you do the dishes. Now go learn who your father is.
  11. That "bum" would be the leading tackler and starting linebacker on the Falcons. Try again.
  12. You probably don't know your father either.
  13. The guy who intercepted Matt Ryan's pass, effectively ending all hopes for an ATL comeback last season. That's who.
  14. An extremely talented linebacker who has came back from three ACL tears, and playing his best football in the past two seasons now. That's who.
  15. Ten tackles, two sacks(three on the season), such an inspiring story coming back from three acl tears to the SAME knee. He is the definition of "Keep Pounding".
  16. 1-4 with a 100 million dollar QB.
  17. How many interceptions did Cam throw against you last year in both games? I'll wait.
  18. You guys know nothing about Steve Smith, he takes big hits ALL THE TIME. And he still gets backup and talks ****, he's never been concussed in his entire career. That's what you call TOUGHNESS. Example:
  19. What are you talking about? Once Kuechly moved to MLB he was on the field for ALL our defensive plays. Kuechly is made for today's NFL, his best attribute was coverage when we drafted him. Jon Beason was on IR for most of the year, lmao.
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