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  1. I still dont like em we win when we pound the ball for a reason go TURNER!!!
  2. He even was lucky enough to play with Adrian Peterson he so lucky
  3. Well Calvin Johnson is gonna kill are secondary but we will destroy thier defense with the leading rusher MICHAEL TURNER screw matt ryan he pisses me off. JULIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JONES IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. flacco cant throw ryan just forces passes sometimes but at least can help us win a game and not i have to lean on the d fense
  5. stop hating he will be a top 5 qb in the next couple years
  6. calm down i didnt say im gonna move to detriot and go to every game its just id rather see the lions win then the bears or the packers or the saints
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