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  1. universal healthcare, federally mandated and enforced minimum paid vacation days, publically funded education (from pre-k to graduate degree), publically financed job training...all I can think of at present. should we run short on money: oh well! we'll just have to cut that old defense budget a bit...
  2. my world veiw? difficult for me to sum up, but its main characteristic is flexability. there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, no one magical ideology that works in every case. In the end, we have what one could call the "Prime Directive": survival of our species. This should be first and foremost consideration in all courses of action. In the US, our government is now full of politicians who think that there job, rather than the traditional job of governance, is to be ideologues. They spew forth with bizzaro rhetoric about "death panels" and other nonsense while failing to address the actu
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