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  1. This should happen asap. This guy has been consistently good for us.
  2. I agree with all these cuts, I would like to add Levine to these cuts too. He doesnt cost much but he hasent shown anything in the last three years for him to warrant a roster spot.
  3. Matt Byrant would be the tough cut for sure but this is a young mans game for a reason.
  4. Eric Berry? Could be a possibility but if we get a good pass rush going we might be able to skid by with Therize or Ishmael.
  5. Nothing new to see here, but its good other outlets acknowledging the writing on the wall for William Mo. Source - http://overthecap.com/one-offseason-move-for-every-team-nfc-edition/
  6. Defense: Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson - DE to match with Vic Beasley & only 26 years old too. Vinny Curry - This seems like a move that is going to be more realistic because he would come cheaper than the above player. Linebacker: Bruce Irvin - He wants to be here, lets make it happen. Offense: Wide Receiver: Jermaine kearse: He has been good for the seahawks, and would be a good addition here. Jeffery: Pipe dream I know but we would have one the best wide receiver groups again. Remember roddy would likely be cut as well. Marvin Jones: good player would be a cheap deal. Guards: Alex Boone: would be an upgrade over Chester, unless Jon can play guard at a high level in this scheme.
  7. Honestly this is what im going to be looking at very closely at the game Im honestly thinking about counting how many times a guy is open and Matt Ryan does throw his way. It will be interesting....
  8. Excellent man! We need to chant roddy until they throw his way.
  9. I think they will right the ship and its at home as well.
  10. Hey guys, Who is going to the colts game this weekend? I want to see this guy on his back a lot.
  11. Not related to the browns but Vinny Curry from the eagles would make for a great addition and is still young.
  12. Please Falcons make this trade! There is no reason not too!
  13. Looks like the numbers support what we see from Hankerson we need Hardy to take his place at the very least and add more stability to the wide receiver core.
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