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  1. I was there. Actually have a piece of the goal post at home.
  2. Have to agree here. I've been a little concerned about Marshall ever since he signed. My south GA connections are limited, but those that I have, I trust. I was told back when it happened that Marshall was a central figure in that whole mess between Wilcox County and Fitzgerald.
  3. Totally different subject, but does anyone know what the deal is with Kolton Houston? Is he still sidelined by the NCAA, and what are they looking at exactly?
  4. Anyone have the "scoop" on the DeAngelo Tyson situation? CTG and CMR say he was injured, he says he wasn't. But he was held out against CCU. By all accounts, I've never heard anything remotely negative about this kid's makeup, so I very curious about why he was held out.
  5. I love this! Lining it up and pounding right into the teeth of that Boise defense is EXACTLY what we need to do. Utilizing that new drive blocking scheme and Richard Samuel's 240 lbs in the first half will tire and demoralize their defense. Then the home runs will start in the second half.
  6. I helped out with my dad and the Rotary Club a couple times at Camp Twin Lakes when I was in high school. Very inspiring place. I know how much it means to those kids for the team to do that. Great day to be a Bulldawg.
  7. Thanks man.
  8. Well, as someone who runs a little fan site, I have to tell EC and Crappie (aka Socrates) how much I appreciate what they do. In the midst of simply keeping up with life, I'm unable to update my site near as much as I'd like to, so I very much appreciate the dedication and commitment it takes to produce the volume and quality of content that hits the LHB on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!