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  1. Me too, but the first thing I thought was, ****, he came flying up in a hurry on a running play.
  2. Dang, turning down the job to stay at Louisiana??? Ouch.
  3. Seemed like half of Chaz’s tackles were de-cleaters.
  4. Do we try and grab another rb for this class? If Zeus moves on, we are lacking a true power back, outside of Milton.
  5. Is there anyone who signs today that will be a day 1 starter?
  6. Looks like Fickel’s buyout is $4 mil before Jan 1, and $3.5 mil after Jan 1.
  7. Well, I imagine they could get him cheap, relatively speaking, and he is a great recruiter who has recruited the south extremely well. With what they owe Gus, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. With that said, he may be a guy that’s just better off being an OC.
  8. I guess Florida does lose “must win” games after all...
  9. Nah, just keep whining about it. Kirby had no control over it - deal with it.
  10. The run game was having their way. No sense in abandoning it when you’re getting nearly 5 yds per carry and wearing down the defense too.
  11. I get that it’d be cool to be coached by one of, if not the greatest cb ever, but how many superstar players turn out to be able to translate their own abilities into coaching.
  12. I was excited about Robinson and his size. I wish he’d stick around.
  13. Yeah, if she was the best option. But to trot her out just for PR, is absurd. And even more absurd is her getting any sort of weekly award. Just awful all the way around.
  14. I can’t imagine that an NFL team would use a high draft pick on Daniels, after an average true freshman season, followed by an ACL injury and 4 - 5 games worth of film in 2020, against mediocre competition.
  15. Yeah, that’s just terrible. I expected big things out of him as a sophomore/junior.
  16. Will be interesting to see if we see the rise of DRob, now that JT is the qb.
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