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  1. I think the offense under Monken is great with JT as qb, I just wish the te was more involved. Not sure how you can say that there has been a conscious effort to get the te more involved this year. When Nauta was here, he had 29 catches his freshman year and 30 his junior year.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Monken, I just wish DW would be more involved in the passing game.
  3. Was it the playbook opening up for JT, or the rumblings that DW was thinking of transferring, due to lack of usage?
  4. I think we should know what we have with an OC after 1 season.
  5. He would do fine anywhere he went. If he wants to put up numbers, UGA hasn’t shown that they utilize the te in the passing game all that often. Washington just got involved at the end of the season.
  6. Would it be better to pretend? Gilbert alone had twice as many catches than all our te’s combined.
  7. Yep. It’s like watching soccer, or the YouTube insurance scam videos from Asia where the people are falling on top of cars that are standing still, while acting like they got hit.
  8. Very true, and Cook absolutely needs another year.
  9. Would be great, but I have a hard time believing it.
  10. Hopefully DP isn’t getting his inside information from Buck Belue.
  11. Looking at how we use the te, I don’t blame him.
  12. Fields is a great qb, but Lawrence is on another level.
  13. And Lecounte when straight to Fickel to shake his hand.
  14. Looking at how little we have used the te, I don’t think it matters if Gilbert is a 1st rounder. I’d rather have Milton and Tank paired up for the next 2 years.
  15. Prayers for the Cook family. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/georgia-football/james-cook-expected-to-miss-peach-bowl-following-family-tragedy/amp/
  16. Does the Peach get played, or does Covid wipe it out?
  17. Glad Wyatt is coming back and surprised to see that Rusty said that as of right now, Davis is leaning toward coming back.
  18. This is almost as bad as the Tennessee search a few years ago.
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