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  1. I don't care where he signs, be it at Bennigans, Steak and Ale, Hibachi, or at his hs, just so long as he signs with the dawgs.
  2. The last Swain we had lived in the doghouse.
  3. The good news is that he doesn't have to be an All American, to give us a huge boost. He is a true nt, stays low and is an absolute load. As long as he can play enough meaningful snaps, this defense will benefit greatly.
  4. That's fine with me. I want someone to pushing Rambo, or whoever is going to be starting.
  5. I don't know about stacked. I love Tree, but Rambo has me shaking my head too often. The light either needs to come on fully for Rambo, or he needs to watching from the sidelines.
  6. Is he playing cb next year? I thought he was back at safety.
  7. I'm hoping that the relationships he's formed with guys coming to Athens, is strong enough that he too will come. I know that guys like Drew and others, will be in his ear for the next several days. Bring it home.
  8. They let Fisher go and intend on trading Young. Fisher had 1 year left on his contract and they didn't want this to be an issue like Carolina had with Fox, in that he was a lame duck coach. Bad move on letting Fisher go, in my opinion, but I am glad to see them get rid of Young, as I think he was a headcase.
  9. I too find it funny that all the defensive players, who would gladly go for a kill shot on any wr, are the one's complaining of Hines being dirty. Hines is a special player and one who is not afraid to throw his body around. He is part of a dying breed of wr's in the NFL, who like contact and enjoy blocking.
  10. I know everyone was very confident that we would get Drew, but I'm glad he went ahead and announced it. Having him going public, will continue to help cement this great class.
  11. I'd add Lemay to the group of recruiting greats for this class.
  12. If we get those guys, I could care less what they have us ranked as.
  13. Take him out at the knees and then tape his mouth shut, so he can't say anything stupid. Maybe you could drop him off in the middle of Ft. Benning and let him find his way out, sometime after signing day.
  14. I agree. Chuck knows college football, but may not be the best source for current recruiting info. Chuck is like a poor man's Chris Demino (when it comes to baseball). Buck, on the other hand, is down right pathetic. I like to get my info from da two live stews.
  15. I don't see Wilder switching and think he will be a beast at LB.
  16. Yeah, I believe in a recent interview, he stated that he weighed 270. Not an immediate impact guy, but someone who is very athletic and could turn into a great OL in 2-3 years.
  17. I can't wait for some great news to become public this week. Thanks to all for keeping us up to date. This is a great forum, glad I found it.
  18. I'm starting to think that Smyrna was really Ray Drew.
  19. I'm still in shock that we got Mitchell. I know it was 50/50, but I was expecting the worst. The staff has been doing a great job and I love these Georgia grown kids wanting to stay home. If we land Jenkins, Crowell and Drew, this will be one of the most impressive classes that I can remember. As it stands today, we have an amazing class.
  20. I would hope that Richt learned from the Knowshon situation. If the kid is game ready, put him in, or risk losing after only 2 years spent on the field. I think we sometimes, in the past, have lost out on kids because of our unwillingness to play guys as true freshmen.
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