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  1. Will be interesting to see if we see the rise of DRob, now that JT is the qb.
  2. Not surprised in the least to see that from Lecounte.
  3. I worry about any true freshman who has checked out.
  4. I don’t see it as too little too late, especially if it prevents him from transferring. And how much truth is there to Dwan possibly playing some wr?
  5. Not concerned with this staff when it comes to recruiting. We need to get the qb situation fixed for sure, though.
  6. Is KMac back? Also would love to see McHonky get some snaps in the slot.
  7. Possibly. He has been practicing with the scout team, but maybe now he is more comfortable with his knee.
  8. Yeah, we need to see what we have in JT and Beck.
  9. Probably isn’t disclosing that JT isn’t ready, just to keep the opponent guessing. I’m totally fine with him not disclosing it, just like I’m fine with him not disclosing the exact injury someone has, such as a lower body, or upper body injury.
  10. How has Beck already checked out? I was thinking he was going to be the starter in year 2.
  11. Hopefully it’s not true, but if he throws in the towel that easily, it says a lot about him. In terms of meaningful snaps he had in practice, it isn’t like he’s had a ton. He still has plenty of eligibility to tighten things up, get more reps and go into summer as the #1 qb. You can say all you want about Stetson not being able to get us to the next level - as I agree, but when he was told he wasn’t in the qb race, he said my *** I’m not and kept grinding.
  12. I’d be curious to know who all was on the verge of leaving?
  13. Don’t you mean ‘another’ chance?
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