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  1. Gimme 2 from that list and I'm good.
  2. Interesting. I figured our top 3 were Lloyd, Evan's and Bigsby, with Bowman 4th, or 5th. I'd be happy with any combo of those 4. *** And I thought Florida felt really good about landing Bowman.
  3. Athens can make you forget about your girlfriend real quick!
  4. Rusty with the CB for Zykevious Walker to UGA.
  5. Yep, I'm good with that!
  6. Pittman got the associate hc title. Dell got the run game coordinator title and Hankton the passing game coordinator title
  7. Co-DC, along with Schumann. Lanning will make 750K and Schumann will make 550k
  8. I would love to get him. His film is great.
  9. Jake Rowe with a cb for Arik Gilbert to UGA.
  10. This.
  11. I wanted to see more Fields too, we all did after the LSU game. See the thread below where everyone mentioned as much and I even mentioned about Fields being up and down in practice. As for me, i spoke with the person who is at every practice on Christmas Eve. I also have friends from college who are still close with Kirby and I get bits and pieces from them occasionally as well. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4065899-justin-fields/?page=2 *** I mentioned what Jake had said based on practice, so that was prior to any announcement and coming straight from 247 folks.
  12. Kipp with the cb for M Lloyd to UGA. Rusty also said we are going after Tank Bigsby harder than he had thought.
  13. Sure, but it's tough to say that you know for a fact that someone slandered Miami, without knowing what was said. I still find it odd, that for someone who follows recruiting like you do, follows Miami football, and attended Mimi, wouldn't ask the question as to what was said by Kirby to "slander' Miami.
  14. I would flip flop the bold statement.
  15. OK, so what I said, is exactly what Sac heard from people he also knew to be at practices, so though I wasn't there, his sources were telling him pretty much verbatim of what I had posted . Not to mention, my contact is family through marriage, not a hs coach from a school in Miami, who might be disappointed that one of his kids is leaving not only the city, but the state as well.