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  1. Combine that with him being such a great tackler and it's almost unfair.
  2. I'm good with that.
  3. Awesome news!
  4. Reggie's pretty funny.
  5. I think UF is thinking they lose the OV.
  6. Would love to have him in Athens.
  7. Wildgoose no longer a commit.
  8. If the staff thought Eason was going to give us the best chance to win, he would have been given his job back, especially knowing that he would be transferring at years end. Eason has the higher ceiling and more tools, but I think he lacks what Fromm has between the ears. The easy choice would have been to give the 5* starter his job back when he came back from injury, but obviously the coaches realized that Fromm was ready to lead the team and had the players trust. No, we would not have been in the NC game with Eason as the starter.
  9. Would love to have had him stay, but good luck to TT in the NFL.
  10. There is certainly a scenario where we end up with davis, walthour, wildgoose, bush and reese, or johnson. I feel great about our recruiting, but you have to keep recruiting these guys up until the end, because you never know.
  11. I think they see Reese as a S that grows into an lb. Would love to get Sandidge. No chance Wildgoose comes in as a PWO.
  12. As Kirby said, they have to be able to get open if they want balls thrown their way. As I recall, Nauta wasn't giving the effort the coaches were looking for in practice, early in the season. Woerner was coming on as of late.
  13. He still isn't enrolled, correct?