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  1. neither is in yet. talk is that beal is close. no word, or updates on wyatt in the last few weeks.
  2. I think a bunch of people are in the same boat. There were also plenty who felt he was scum, but were able to ignore it, due to the recruiting and a few big wins.
  3. You should be relieved to be rid of that fraud...what a hypocrite he was. From reading some of the boards, a lot of people knew the kind of person he was and are excited that he is gone. I hate seeing someone acting all religious and preachy, when in reality, they are the opposite of what that they outwardly portray.
  4. You can take Monday off the list.
  5. Kipp was asked who he would compare Cook to and his response was Mark Walton. I would be fine with that.
  6. Hopefully he signs with us and doesn't go the baseball route. Hated losing Lombard to the Braves.
  7. So how can you put him ahead of Cook?
  8. Yep. I really wanted Teague.
  9. If you think Cook is stiff, I'd love to hear your opinion on Joiner.
  10. Can't argue with any of what he said.
  11. I'm not relying on my judgement, but that of actual coaches who know what to look for in kids and feel enough about the player to go after him.
  12. He isn't as good as his brother, but he's a **** of a back. Fortunately our coaches aren't relying on posters on message boards to do their scouting.
  13. Would love to get both Zamir and Teague. Both will be studs at the next level.
  14. Kelly could end up back in college, I just don't see it in the SEC. Additionally, I think letting it be known that he is not ruling out college coaching jobs is the smart thing to say, as he did well in college and his name will constantly be mentioned for college openings. The continuation of his name being mentioned could force an NFL team to try and grab him up, knowing he has others options.