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  1. Wyatt
  2. Possibly, but most grad transfers don't do so to be the #3. Would be great for us to have another qb with some experience.
  3. I hope he gets a shot somewhere after juco. I sure wish we could have kept him, but don't blame him one bit.
  4. I think there were numerous issues at play. All reports have been very cryptic. My guess (based on what the 247 mods have said for a while now) is that the staff is not counting on him being there next year. If he is, I would love to see him redshirt.
  5. Rusty said not to put too much stock in that news and to temper expectations. Seems like both Rusty and Jake still have their doubts about Gibbs being with the team come fall.
  6. Sentell doesn't know because OP doesn't know.
  7. TT with the Browns.
  8. Sucks about Gibbs. Had all the talent in the world.
  9. Listening to you in this thread certainly makes me think that you believe that.
  10. This is a great problem to have, with 2 quality qb's. For those thinking that fields will pass Fromm once he learns the playbook, you are forgetting that Fromm too is developing and Will continue to get better. This competition will elevate both players and we are very fortunate.
  11. Wow, 1 play told you everything you needed to know?
  12. Yep, but unfortunately that Clown Reed is the leader.
  13. I understand that hype and expectation comes with being a highly rated recruit. All I said was that I don't think he is the same caliber player as Champ. Time will tell.
  14. Of course it won't, just as me saying I don't see TC being on the same level as champ won't have any affect. But what the unrealistic expectations do do are to get people to call a player out as a bust for not living up to the hype, or for not being that impact player early on.