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  1. I understand that hype and expectation comes with being a highly rated recruit. All I said was that I don't think he is the same caliber player as Champ. Time will tell.
  2. Of course it won't, just as me saying I don't see TC being on the same level as champ won't have any affect. But what the unrealistic expectations do do are to get people to call a player out as a bust for not living up to the hype, or for not being that impact player early on.
  3. Yep, who knows.
  4. Who said anything about knowing for sure? NOBODY knows for sure about any of these kids. What I posted was an opinion, no different than you giving your thoughts on how you *think* a player is going to turn out. As someone pointed out earlier, these grand comparisons to some of the best players in UGA history do nothing but put unrealistic expectations on these kids, that very few are ever able to live up to.
  5. I hope he ends up being a stud cb, but if it doesn't pan out, I think he could be a dominant safety.
  6. I don't see him being anywhere close to Champ, but would be extremely happy if he were a tad better than Baker and still very happy if he were on par with DB.
  7. Not sure what it is now, but this time last year it was 415.
  8. Which is it, nothing major, or Kirby having locker room problems with Cook? I guarantee this is a non issue once he gets on campus. Kirby will address everything well in advance, just as he is going to have a conversation with Quay when he gets to Athens. Let's not make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  9. He was offered the title. He was not going to be calling plays.
  10. No way to tell, but I wouldn't trade what we just got. I think several of the guys we got in the 2018 class will see time on special teams and might get some mop up duty work, much like what happened with the 2017 class. I think in the 2019 class, Trezman is one guy that is physically ready to contribute early, while OP probably would need a year. Same goes for Bertrand.
  11. If we land Bertrand, Trezman and OP, that will be insane. I love Trezman's film and could see OP being that sideline to sideline backer similar to Roquan. Trezman is already a monster and is a downhill, fill the gap thumper. Really like Bertrand's film as well. Could see OP playing at 225.
  12. Yeah, he's an absolute stud.
  13. Apparently Muschamp was trying to sign him, but he didn't have the grades.
  14. https://www.seccountry.com/alabama/lane-kiffin-lands-commitment-former-alabama-running-back-bj-emmons
  15. A couple I could see go are Madden, Chigbu, Keyon Brown and Jarvis Wilson. Unless they want to cut loose one of the dozen db's we took last cycle.