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  1. Our offensive and defensive lines will need to play a lot better than they did in our 1 loss. Both were horrible. Pass protection is critical and that was such a glaring deficiency vs Auburn.
  2. Sounds like we are going to see Cleveland with the 1's.
  3. I didn't realize that Jenkins was that big. I thought he was around 6'3.
  4. I'd like to get him for sure. Any chatter about Moore? Thought I read that there was talk that he might decommit. And if you have heard anything regarding that, is it him wanting to look around, or are we looking to take someone else? Seems like we need 2 wr's in this class.
  5. I think he is saying that at this time he they aren't getting an official, because they don't have a coach, so there would be no point.
  6. I think we have a good shot right now, but if the next coach really wants him, I see him going back that way.
  7. Looks to be getting work at both guard spots.
  8. I wouldn't want him.
  9. Maybe he's this years Gaillard, just reversed.
  10. Our 6-5 qb could not have done any more in this game. I imagine had he been in there, he would have been sacked at least 1 more time and probably would have been forced into throwing a pick. Fromm has proven he can throw the ball when given time, which he didn't have in this game. He had a wide open Mecole on that 1 play and that would have been a td, unless he pulled a Ridley.
  11. Did you happen to watch the game? Qb play wasn't the issue, getting beat up front was.
  12. I was excited about him. Hopefully he gets it worked out and can come back around to us in 2 years...and if not to us, somewhere.
  13. Yeah, he apparently has a considerable amount of work to do.
  14. Sounds like Tennessee is very much still in this, depending on the hire.
  15. Was Caleb Tannor's decommittment us cooling on him, or was he just wanting to go elsewhere? *** Sounds like he could be the defensive academic casualty that was alluded to a week or so back. Also talk that he will most likely be going the juco route.