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  1. No doubt about it!
  2. Not much you can do if a player isn't willing to wait their turn, or sees an opportunity to play elsewhere.
  3. Um, Jacob Park has 935 passing yds, 155.2 qb rating and 8 td's to 2 int's so far for Iowa State. He transferred out, but it wasn't like he was a bad prospect.
  4. Did Vaughn make the trip to ND?
  5. Personally, I'd like to see the Mailman getting 2nd team reps.
  6. Seems to be a better fit at tackle and has some quality players just ahead of him. Sounded like he had a pretty solid camp.
  7. If we don't need Wilson, I'd rather not burn a year of eligibility on garbage time. I want to see a lot of Fromm, hopefully 3 full qtrs. Additionally want to see more of Swift and the young wr's, plus crumpton. Curious to see what Webb looks like at cb, as well as seeing more from Gibbs, Speed and Poole.
  8. Would love that to be the case.
  9. The video in that link was pretty awesome. Watching the Dawg Walk and all those people there was unreal.
  10. Sony has to be a nightmare to cover coming out of the backfield.
  11. That is great to hear. Seems like nobody really had any insight for the longest time as to what was going on. Glad for the positive update.
  12. Nice! Where did you see that?
  13. Absolutely.
  14. true
  15. No doubt. Both fly to the ball. Odell was probably a little more physical, but not much.