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  1. Not sure, but I do know it's state specific. This paying of players is going to be awful for collegiate sports, unless they figure out a way to harness it.
  2. I think you mean that he couldn't crack his way into the offense. He was fast, but that's about it. He never could get it figured out in Athens.
  3. Probably a good move for him. Wish him the best.
  4. Just saw that Donovan Westmoreland flipped to SC. Was that expected?
  5. AD looked solid, as did Kearis. DR had a strong showing. Smith still looks raw to me. It looked like the guy Washington destroyed was a walk-on db.
  6. Is he going to be that guy that can never get healthy?
  7. It’s football and I doubt UGA’s practices are any more brutal than Bama, or any other major program. Injuries happen and that’s part of it. It sucks, but should they be playing 2 hand touch?
  8. I always worry about guys who the coaches are constantly having to stay on.
  9. Kirby said he (Justin Robinson) gives good effort some times and other times holds back. Not glowing praise, that’s for sure.
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