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  1. Not sure why he would. Played 9th most snaps among freshmen. Harris is gone, and most likely Nauta. That leaves Woerner, Ford, Fitzpatrick and Goede.
  2. I read someone on that board say that Webb wouldn't be able to hold up against SEC defenses.
  3. I was speaking more to the fact that I didn't think Carter was placing Williams over Sanders.
  4. I don't believe Carter is saying that, just that Williams is going to be a great back, wherever he goes. I would love to get him if we don't land Sanders. Sanders would be my top choice, with Williams closely behind. Cain is a distant 3rd.
  5. Obviously I'd love to have Sanders, but Williams is one **** of a consolation prize
  6. I'm absolutely good with that.
  7. Sounds like he got it.
  8. Akeem Dent is related to former FSU wr Greg Dent.
  9. Would love to get JH, but more importantly, that we don't have to worry about Nolan. Don't we get last visit, or in-home with JH?
  10. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25500146/georgia-lands-offensive-line-prospect-clay-webb Adding Webb to this class gives Georgia four ESPN 300 offensive linemen, with Webb joining tackles Xavier Truss, William Norton and Warren McClendon.
  11. Do you see Tongue staying at wr?
  12. Would be nice. I would swap out Cain for William's. I don't see us getting Elam.
  13. Did Gibbs get dismissed?
  14. When will the Freeze to Liberty be official?