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  1. Were they vocal yesterday morning?
  2. A top 8 in March means absolutely nothing. Worthless.
  3. Newman won’t be in Athens in 2021.
  4. Someone on 247 posted a pic of Major Burns on a scale and it was reading 191 lbs.
  5. That’d mean we’d have incredible depth.
  6. I like to test myself by getting a scramble dog in Columbus, while passing through to the beach.
  7. I was thinking it was Matthews that butchered that play and then transferred to Auburn.
  8. That sounds like a place that would serve good food.
  9. A bowl full of love. Chopped up red hot dogs, chopped up bun, chili, onions, oyster crackers and sometimes pickles.
  10. Pool hall in Americus that serves a delightful scramble dog. Dinglewood, in Columbus, also has a solid one. Similar set up to Add Drug in Athens.
  11. Is Monroe’s still around and serving scramble dogs?
  12. ....and you left off our best corner, Stokes!