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  1. Tangentially, wouldn't this affect Gibb's decision, considering he wants to play early?
  2. Congrats man! We are also expecting our first, girl as well due between Sept. 7-10th. My wife and I both have September birthdays so it will be a great birthday present for us.
  3. As does North Dakota State and BC,but then again they have no one else to follow in those places.
  4. He didn't pass?
  5. Just saw this. Kevin Brophy went to high school with me in Savannah. We shared the same group of friends and he was an outstanding guy. Every time I would come to Athens I would stay with Kevin and go out with several 6'6"+ tall bball players; that was fun (Brophy was my height)! Brophy passed while traveling home on I-16 on a wet day and was killed in a car accident. I remember getting the phone call and could not believe it. I had no idea that UGA has been putting on a "Do it for Broph" memorial 5k every year since his death. That is outstanding! RIP Broph!
  6. Anyone have two (2) UGA/GA Tech tickets they are trying to get rid of?
  7. I will have to admit, C. Washington played pretty well inside last week against UF. I was sure, based on history, that he would get blown off the ball but he made some penetration on several plays. Some of this can probably be attributed to Jones and Jenkins taking on pressure on the outside. I wonder if Grantham will start the same defensive front this week vs. Miss.
  8. Garrison Smith played a great game. Would have liked to have seen Drew as well but we did not need him, which is a good thing.
  9. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on SW's comments.
  10. CW can excel at rushing the passer, but his run defense is non-existent. He cannot get off blocks, takes bad angles and never gets penetration. The thought of him playing inside is scary. He will be a third down defender in the NFL and that is it.
  11. Wait, your FAU alum friends made a bet that FAU would win? Not just cover, but win? Some education they are selling down there... You can go ahead and order the most expensive thing on the menu!
  12. Really looking forward to seeing gurley and marshall. Ive seen some say rb is a weakness for uga this year but I think it is a strentgh. Just got to pass block...
  13. Brent Benedict named starter at VA Tech.
  14. Missouri's back-up QB (first string through Spring practices with Franklin recovering from shoulder surgery) arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. Not expected to play in SEC opener vs. UGA. Schedule is getting more and more friendly by the day. Lets just hope our guys can stay out of trouble until then....
  15. Ahh. that's right. I had read somewhere that he was not practicing and hadn't heard much more. NM