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  1. idk it seems like you are a outdoor team if that makes any sense. of course you had that winning streak in the georgia dome, but you style is so traditional. you aren't a shotgun west-coast style team, and once green bay got a big lead, you weren't used to having to ditch the run game and become pass happy. on the other hand our team find every excuse to pass the ball 50 times a game. i just think once you become more explosive on offense and get a shutdown corner or safety you will be alright
  2. The Bucs are on a rise. I'm not sure how far they get next year but I'm going to go on a limb and say they make the playoffs. Everyone should sweep the Panthers til they find a qb. The healthiest team will make the biggest push being that all 3 teams are pretty talented.
  3. As I am a member of Who Dat Nation, I'm aware that some of you might not take my post seriously, but I'm a football fan overall and I figured I'd share my opinion. First, I obviously don't know as much as you do about your team. But from the few games I watched specifically our matchups, I think you are a team that is destined to get a ring. I would mostly likely get flamed from my fellow saints fans for saying that, but like the thread states I am giving my objective analysis. You are a perennial playoff team. Even though we have different styles your organization reminds me of ours: a great foundation of players, coaches, and management. You have a great, young qb, a top 10 running back, and an arguably top 2/3 receiver in White. You have a decent defense and a homefield advantage that can compete with anyone in the league. Don't look at the GB loss as a complete failure, but as a learning experience, stepping-stone, and motivation. It took us 4 years to win a SB with our new staff in 2 playoff appearances. You are on track to compete in the playoffs for years to come. As far as player personnel is concerned, like I said I'm not too acquainted with your team to give an in-depth analysis. You definitely made us work for both games, granted we missed the game-winning kick the first one . GB was just a better team this year than most NFC teams and probably us too. They have a top 5 offense and defense, so you can't get too much better with that. Regarding Matt Ryan and his receivers, I am perplexed at how many times he throws it to White but more perplexed at how many times they complete it. Yall already have pro-bowlers in White and Gonzales. It's really a toss up to me if you decide to pick up another receiver during the off-season, because imo the Ryan-White duo is unstoppable anyway. Rebut if you disagree but I think yall could use a speedy type player maybe in the slot or running back that can spread the defense. Or something like we have in Reggie Bush that can be a huge decoy. All in all, yall have a great team with nothing much too worry about and yall should be optimistic about your future.
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