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  1. Dude what are you talking about. McNabb could never beat out Doug Pederson until the 11th game of the season in his rookie year. There is that better now that I destroyed your entire argument. Carson Palmer couldn't beat out John Kitna in an open competition. I guess Brett Favre can't play because he never got on the field in atlanta with the great history of QB's in the early 90's the falcons had how ******** are you?
  2. and LOL at Schaub being better than Vick on what planet? Vick's first year after dedicated himself to football put up better numbers than on a per 16 game average than Schaub ever has in his entire career with the best WR in the league, a great TE, and Arian Foster. Stop talking.
  3. you're an idiot and with your own moronic logic just proved my point. They thought Tom Brady was a 2nd string QB guess he can't be any good.
  4. i said it once to you and i'll say it again. Do you think before you type? I just destroyed one of your arguments and that comment made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. You're just being a Ryan hater.
  5. lol i love you guys. Vick is better than Ryan right now end of story. That does not mean that Ryan sucks or that the falcons can't win the SB with him end of story. you don't have to bash one to like the other.
  6. and by the way i guarantee when chris redman was the starter there were plenty of empty seats and i don't mean in the last few games when petrino decided to leave i bet you the home opener was not sold out. and there fans of everyone's team everywhere only in atlanta do they actually get to by tickets because they are available. sorry. You think there are no packers, giants, and cowboys fans in philly? There is a reason they don't go to games in each other's stadiums.
  7. falcons fans sold out one playoff game in which at least 25% of the tickets sold were to the other team congratulations.
  8. even before his knee it's just not his game. Still a great player you just need someone on the other side of him that can stretch the field a little bit. Doesn't even have to be the greatest WR ever just some more speed. The Falcons struggle with teams that have a lot of team speed ala steelers, eagles, bears.
  9. so what? first of all football sells itself and every game sells out every where except in places like jacksonville and oakland. Your fans couldn't sell out at Turner Field when the Braves were in the playoffs last year and when you had the incredible run of division wins you couldn't either. Falcons fans are atrocious at showing up. it's why you guys have a big city but all your teams have to act like it's a small market because they can't get people to show up. It doesn't make them horrible people it's just not a great sports town.
  10. do you actually think before you type? Tom Brady couldn't beat out a statue in his first year I guess he stinks.
  11. which by the way i signed on the board to actually defend matt ryan who for no reason is getting attacked. He's had two bad playoff games it's ridiculous. As I said in another thread you guys need a deep threat WR to open it up for Roddy White (as great as he is doesn't stretch the field) and get better defensive backs. I know you signed Robinson to a big deal but he sucks and so does your safeties. The Falcons are a good young team that played well above it's head this season and they've learned from it. If you had Ryan for all 16 games last year you would have made the playoffs 3 years in a row with probably 11+ wins each time. Kid's a great player only going to get better.
  12. you're right it's not common knowledge it's actually a fact. You guys don't show up at your home playoff games you can deny it all you want but then I'll just show you the attendance based on capacity that they give after every game and compare it against cities the same size. Stop being so defensive.
  13. i love how none of you tried to defend because you all know it's true. Like i said, it's just the truth i don't get why people have to defend a whole fan base i'm not talking about anyone on here but it's common knowledge that atlanta fans don't go to games you don't have to be a saints fan to know that.
  14. don't blame you philly fans are garbage. i'm not stupid our fans are horrible.
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