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  1. I have no reason to believe that the franchise has been totally destroyed from top to bottom after the GB game. So I think we will rebound, not only win the division next season(or next possible) but actually win a game or two in the postseason.... then SB whenever its our time
  2. Come on guys this is football. lets not make cyber love or anything
  3. easy to say for you since Saints won it all last year
  4. "It will come in time, but if he fails to get Atlanta to the playoffs or is one and done for a third time, there will be a lot more criticism than there is now." That makes sense since Ryan is controll of everything.
  5. I hope we work on the secondary, and teach players how to sack the QB once they get to them.
  6. I think we lost to Green Bay because we were overwhelmed by their intensity, and we hit the panic button. Nothing to do with the weather.
  7. I'll tell you why some say we "choked", the expectations were way to high for our team being the #1 seed. We could have been 10-6 team if not for some miracle plays. Our offense relied on slow long drives with many 3rd down conversions with NO turnovers. The defensive strategy was Bend but dont Break all year besides a few. I think people expect a #1 seeded team to at least make some noise in the playoffs, but if you watch football then you know that it isnt that rare. You can bust on the fans all day because some are dumb as ****, but the Falcons didnt choke they overachieved all year.
  8. Great, now go spread all your vast football knowledge with someone who gives a ****.
  9. Yea you are right we need a better QB, we should trade RYAN for Tom Brady. Brady is super accurate he has lots of rings, the front office should just make the trade now. Then we wont have to deal with Ryan losing all those games for us and throwing all those horrible INTs. Your a genius!
  10. The only difference is both of those QB have top defenses that they can rely on. If Ryan had that luxury he would have won some playoff games as well, maybe a SB, who knows. I know im not going to criticize Ryan for not winning in the playoffs. Ryan was thrown into a no win situation 3yrs ago and here we are 13-3 record, hes done his job beyond expectation. So now we are relevant to other NFL teams and have established ourselves good on all 3 phases. So is the job done? No, but now that we have an identity we will begin to work on our weaknesses. This year most Falcon fans will be disappointed because of the situation Atlanta put themselves in but to be criticizing on the Falcons this year because of one lose that happened to end our season just shows how much ignorance there is in the average football fan.
  11. Im looking forward to when we build the offense around around the QB and not the RB why are we afraid to make some plays. Iv seen enough of the fundamental work for each down mistake free game, sure we have a good chance to win if the other team makes more mistakes than us, but if we are playing against a high caliber team playing their best football(playoffs)we usually dont win those games no matter where we play. What im saying is no more relying on getting the W by getting all 3 sides to play mistake free football everyday. We should get the most out of the Falcons strength in every game.
  12. Iv been reading what our fans have to say about the Falcons on the forums for a long time but never signed up until now cause all I see on here is how bad the Falcons are only because we went one and done in the playoffs after a suprising 13-3 record and all the sudden the majority of the Falcon fan base here (or at least the ******* that were ready to celebrate our SB victory all year) are talking about how Ryan will never accomplish a playoff win in his career or if we only could have a coach that would unleash all our talent on the field, All because we got whooped by a **** GOOD Packers team in the GA dome. Unfortunately almost every ATL braves/falcons/thrashers/hawk fan is that way, theyll represent the team during the good but then crap all over them if they get disappointed. Bottom line is this wasnt our year, I had high hopes for us of course but being relistic I wasnt betting my soul on this team winning it all this year.....maybe next year Now that I got that off my chest... Thanks its nice to see a civilized complement from a NO fan, no offense but most NO fans Iv seen posting on here just piss me off. I agree that our inability to make any big plays is the a big reason why we were considered pretenders by a lot of people. To **** with anti RYAN people, their dumb as **** I mean 28td to 9int so many last second wins with no big plays or yds after catch but somehow still puts up 3700+yds passing with a team that runs first. He is the only reason we were 13-3 Ryan deserves some **** respect for what he has done for this team in 3 years. If we have to blame someone blame our DC for making us look like the 6th seed playing the 1st seed, or our OC coming up with the most obvious game plan for the Pack great defense. So much to say lol I would have made a seperate thread for all this but wouldnt let me so there you go.
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