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  1. I really like Phillips. I think he could be something.
  2. We got several defensive line free agents and it wasn’t like we had a ton of money to work with anyway.
  3. Who says we could have got Lindstrom in the 2nd? Y’all don’t know that he would have lasted that long. Mock drafts and projections don’t mean squat.
  4. Colts drafted a Guard at pick 6 in the last draft and it helped turn their franchise around.
  5. Good solid pick..these picks build championship teams
  6. Pump your breaks everybody....he still has a lot to prove. Y’all acting like we just signed a 28 year old Richard Seymour lol.
  7. I can get behind Lawrence. I think he could be better than people think. I still also love Simmons. Not saying we will get him but I think he will be a game changer in the nfl.
  8. I’m not a big Wilkins fan for us. I don’t see him as being a big enough impact in the run game.
  9. I still want Simmons even though he had that ACL injury.
  10. I’m not a huge fan of Holyfield. Jacobs is more well rounded.
  11. I want Gerald Willis from the U
  12. I saw a snippet where Dilfer said he was better than like half the QBs in the NFL while he was in high school lol. Lawrence will be talked about like Luck was probably at Stanford.
  13. I would take his buddy beside him Wilkins before him after seeing that game.
  14. You didn’t take in account the injury they had to their 1st round pick Wynn for one thing. My main point is that you need to invest more into your trenches, and especially your o line. If that means a first or second round pick or both then do it.
  15. Alford can bounce to unemployment. They hiring at the Varsity.