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  1. I still want Simmons even though he had that ACL injury.
  2. I’m not a huge fan of Holyfield. Jacobs is more well rounded.
  3. I want Gerald Willis from the U
  4. I saw a snippet where Dilfer said he was better than like half the QBs in the NFL while he was in high school lol. Lawrence will be talked about like Luck was probably at Stanford.
  5. I would take his buddy beside him Wilkins before him after seeing that game.
  6. You didn’t take in account the injury they had to their 1st round pick Wynn for one thing. My main point is that you need to invest more into your trenches, and especially your o line. If that means a first or second round pick or both then do it.
  7. Alford can bounce to unemployment. They hiring at the Varsity.
  8. I agree. He has been better lately, but I watched his Bama tape and they was blowing him off the line a good bit.
  9. We seem to be fixing the problem with duct tape and glue. Use our first or second pick on a lineman if you deem one worthy. It’s a reason why a team like the patriots stay in the playoffs. Their number one priority in most drafts is the trenches.
  10. Tampa Bay could go back in time and get Jerry Rice from the 49ers and still suck.
  11. Heckkkk no they better not tag him
  12. Well if that’s the mindset then why have him be head coach?
  13. Point is as the HEAD coach you can’t just key in on one side of the ball. It’s great if he called the plays on a top tier defense, but the offense was stale under his watch.
  14. When he was with the jets?
  15. Stop undervaluing the o line. The colts spent there first two picks on the o line last year and look like legit Super Bowl threats now.