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  1. Any player would go back in if the staff is letting him. Cam has unbelievable raw talent but luckily for us I don't think he'll ever learn to develop it. He's a college player. By now he should be making all the big boy throws but he's too inconsistent. Good for us though having to play him twice a year.
  2. I'm fine as long as it's not a skating rink. You better believe though after seeing us play in Chicago and LA they will want that field nice and nasty.
  3. It can work either way. In 2010 Mike Smith got flamed for resting guys then in 2012 they played the whole game and Abe got banged up. I think it comes down to each individual team and I think the coach knows his team better than anyone else.
  4. It's all on Allen imo. I'll feel better if he plays nickel and Kazee plays FS in nickel and dime situations. Wreh-Wilson will probably be active but for some reason Goodwin will play over him. If Allen can limit Thielen it will go a long way.
  5. If the Seahawks lose one more game we're guaranteed a spot with 11 wins. If the Lions lose one more game we're guaranteed a spot with 10 wins.
  6. It seemed to me that Washington essentially moved the ball at will they just couldn't play defense on the other end. However, I was thoroughly impressed they held LA to 7 points.
  7. So the Vikings are better than the Falcons but it's an upset if they win? Say what?
  8. Absolutely no reason for this. Your backup should be a guy that can come in and at least not give the game away. Keep you afloat for 1 or 2 games. If Ryan goes down for any significant time we're done anyway. Plus I'd take just about anyone over Eli right now.
  9. I laughed so hard last year when the Bucs had a little winning streak last season and the media was talking about how good Mike Smith's defense was. Then...the other shoe dropped. Hahaha can't say I didn't warn ya.
  10. Rhoads is very good for sure but what exactly is "shutting down Julio?" Cause a bad day for dude is like 7 for 70.
  11. I say Matt has a good 5 seasons yet playing at this level. Julio with him being perpetually banged up, I'd say the length of his current contract at elite level. Gonna be a tough decision on resigning him in a few years with all the defensive guys.
  12. Is it just me or our we much more aggressive defensively without Tru? It seemed like last year when he went down we played more man and went on a tear.
  13. I actually like that our pass rush is more spread out this year. Last year Vic had like half our sacks. Good to see multiple guys with 4+
  14. It's definitely coming down to the nitty-gritty in the 2017 NFL season. Unfortunately, our Falcons have put themselves in the position where they have to rely on other outcomes to obtain a #1 seed. Obviously the best case scenario is the Falcons win out while the Eagles, Rams, and Vikings lose out. However, that's not very realistic. So here are the teams you need to root for in week 13... BUCCANEERS over Packers This one is basically to get GB to 7 losses and put them way out of the picture. No one wants Aaron Rodgers returning to run the table. RAVENS over Lions Handing the Lions their 6th loss makes it extremely difficult for them to make the playoffs. 10-6 might not get it done in the NFC this year. EAGLES over Seahawks It may seem counterintuitive to root for the top team but at this point it's highly unlikely the Falcons catch Philly. With a Seahawks loss, it would guarantee a playoff spot for ATL with 11 wins. Meaning we could still drop one more and get in. SAINTS over Panthers Now, a tie here would probably be best but that's a rare bet. The Falcons control their own destiny with both of these teams but I'd actually prefer to see the Saints in the playoffs than the Panthers. CAR has a tough stretch with potential losses to NO, MIN, and ATL. And once again 10-6 might not make it. Last but not least... FALCONS over Vikings No explanation needed.
  15. Please stick with Cutler. He is TRYING to get benched so he doesn't have to work for that $$
  16. I look at it this way... We've probably ran 250+ offensive plays so far this year. If three of those plays, THREE of those plays go a different way the story is much different... 4-0 33-35ppg 19ppg allowed Falcons win despite being not having top 2 receivers and Julio still hasn't even scored a TD. Sounds pretty good eh?
  17. Imagine the partying he and Tunsil have done together!
  18. Obviously it's a small sample size but Watson looks like what Vick should've been.
  19. From the moment I saw the schedule I had @CAR circled as a loss. Final game of a 3 game road trip...coming off an emotional game a few weeks earlier...division opponent...nasty. h However, I think we win our next three leading up to that putting us 6-2 halfway through the season. I'll take that.
  20. This. We have the "problem" of having an historic offense. Honestly how many times do you see a team up 30 points in through 3 quarters and finish that way? Hardly ever. We finished the GB game exactly the way we should. That one drive we let them chew clock and then tightened up. And on offense we ran the ball effectively. Didn't do that in the SB.
  21. Teco improved tremendously from 15 to 16 and if he improves the same from 16 to 17....we'll legit have 2 of the top 5 backs in the league...scary!
  22. At least let the guy play out his rookie contract which is like a jar of peanuts and a six inch sub.
  23. Mo has been perfect since coming here. What I love about our offense is everyone has a role. Sanu plays his perfectly being that tough catch, chain-mover.
  24. Just imagine if they had Thomas, Cooks, Stills, Graham, Sproles, Ingram...thats close to rivaling our current O.
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