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  1. Jiminy Cricket
  2. Dan Quinn is a joke he was never a good coach .
  3. We are not good I will say that as of now we are the worst team in the NFL but yes its still early
  4. If our players are in good position to make plays they would be fine. I am telling you its not our players its our system
  5. Falcons 24 Titans 10
  6. Both are ok I just hate the uniforms since 2003 plus really 2003 how come it is taking so long to change things. They have not even tweaked things. From 1990 to 1999 they had several changes but now 2003 to present day 2019 not one thing changed , BRING BACK ANY THROW-BACK PLEASE AB
  7. No stripe on the helmet but other than that its cool , I hate the 2004 to present XFL uniforms . Miss all the old ones. any of the old ones I would take , and the old logo also
  8. Browns vs Jags cant remember the year look up bottlegate
  9. If Vic looks bad in his first 4 games he will be done . He looks lazy on game days
  10. Relax we need to beef up the o line
  11. This is a good thing.