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  1. The new uniforms are way better then what they had from 2003 -2019
  2. Yes who knows what really happen I know Brett was a drunk back then though
  3. This is the year I started watching the Falcons Back in Black
  4. Good pick up at a cheap price one year see what he has left I like it
  5. You wrote Fanatics leak new Falcons Helmet then said I hope they are not the new Falcons Helmet. You are admitting to making stuff up. SMH
  6. Morton Anderson or Tony G Julio is up there and Dion Sanders Matt Ryan tommy nobis You know Julio when all is done will probably be the best its had to pick a WR though but he is great and not done yet
  7. Anyone know the actual date ? Im so happy I can not stand the current logo or uniform
  8. Ok hes is not that great of a tight end but come on maaaaan hes better then that hes young also
  9. Big problem is he wasted a lot of drafts and money on one WR. That makes it hard to find good FA. he did sign Dwight Freeney but he was old by then, TD made some good things happen but also failed at somethings. I think they don't also pick good coaches Mike smith , DQ not exactly good at grooming young talent on the D I say Mike Smith is better then DQ
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