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  1. Relax we need to beef up the o line
  2. This is a good thing.
  3. I see a lot of new changes in coaches on the Falcons this year. Can someone tell me again what is DQ job now????????????????
  4. You are dead on ,, You can not win with a high paid WR, The patriots know how to spread out the money to build depth and win championships . Julio will get paid high money.
  5. This is sad news , Well good luck finding a good consistent PK. I know from Browns and other teams how hard it can be to find a good replacement for a good PK. The game comes down to kicks a lot. I always think about the super bowl after Julio's great catch and if they only kicked the FG instead of getting sacked in shot gun for a 13 yard loss
  6. There are plenty back ups out there in the market no need to waste a draft pick if your the Falcons too many other holes. Do you think we should draft a young QB ????? I don't think so , maybe in 2 years get a good one , Matt is coming to about 3 more good years
  7. Dan quinn did nothing to stop the stupid play calls in the 4th quarter of the SB anyone can see what to do. Did he actually have any say so on the play calls ??? then ever since 2016 he has failed. I hope I am wrong an I will eat crow but I think I am right he is not HC material
  8. Why would we draft a QB did you watch any of the 2018 Falcons D ??????? and you want to draft a QB Is this post real
  9. Mike is a better and was a better HC then Danny boy. Danny boy is clueless and just stands there and cheers.
  10. When DQ blew the super bowl in the fashion he did . I would have let him go the very next year after they went to the playoffs and failed in the playoffs. He was a fluke of a head coach.
  11. That is me also. Lol
  12. Thanks again for your help

    you know haters gonna hate :)

  13. J A Hows it goin?

    Lets get this show on the road already :) If not then the Hickory stick belongs with the Fans since they never lock out or Hold out on the team or owners .

    Falcons Fan 4 Life


  14. I dont work for that CO. but there is all the info.

    Good Luck