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  1. I have kinda tuned out the Falcons once it was clear that DQ wasn't let go after the Seahawks loss. The defensive situation appears hopeless. Has there been any word on offensive changes? Does anyone know whether Ito Smith or Brian Hill could be given a bigger share of touches to see what they've got for 2020 and beyond? Is Ito even healthy?
  2. The fact that DQ cannot understand or explain what's going on is why I want him gone yesterday. This reminds me so much of Smitty's time in 2013-14 when we'd have run defense busts and RBs take off for long TD runs.
  3. TD has always been terrible at drafting the trenches and building depth. Both were key factors in our downfall. We need a fresh start. I do fear that Arthur doesn't have the desire and stamina to push the reboot button and if he ends up firing DQ but keeping TD, we are no better off
  4. He should be fired tomorrow. Most owners would fire him before the bye week. Arthur Blank would likely fire him after week 17.
  5. Yup I know he was more of a DL coach than DB, but his initial success here was with good DB coaching. Now that's his biggest weakness
  6. Smitty never misses an opportunity to needle us, but he's definitely right this time. I hope our players see this and play with a tiny bit of pride. Maybe Oliver and Rico can limit themselves to two coverage busts per game instead of the 6 or 7
  7. I can't help but feel that DQ is in way over his head right now. Many of us have been there in professional situations, where we take on too much, someone on the team leaves and everything starts to go bad. I mean, DQ was known to coach up his DBs well and all of a sudden Tru looks like he's never played Zone coverage before and even Allen looks confused in easy to read situations. In retrospect, DQ should've resisted the urge to fire ALL his coordinators at the same time and perhaps kept Manuel.
  8. If the Vikings were able to get Kubiak as an advisor, you can't tell me why the Falcons couldn't have done the same. I have zero doubt that Kubiak would've been much more successful than Dirk Koetter.
  9. Do we really want to salvage this dog's breakfast of a season? Why? I'd rather go 1-15 and get a high draft pick for the next regime than pick in the middle again.
  10. I love Takk. He seems to be a player who cares. I hope he can be a beast for us
  11. Vic Beasley should be cut and all the money we paid should be taken back from him. Every time I see his smug smiley face it aggravates me. His re-signing is the true essence of the Quinn/TD era futility.
  12. I see us finishing a frustrating 5-11 or 6-10. Not bad enough for a high draft pick and not good enough to avoid being the laughingstock of the division. 2016-18 was our window before we had to pay our stars and we missed it. We'll be lucky to have another window within Matt Ryan's career span. Crappy and depressing but at least we're not the worst team in the league. Wait. Are we sure we're not the worst team in the league?
  13. I started a thread on this same topic too man. This is an offense without an identity. "Matt Ryan likes me and I'll let him audible" is not a scheme
  14. Kubiak landed with the Vikings, right? That just means that we didn't try hard enough.
  15. Watching a team with Julio, Ridley, Hooper and Freeman struggle made me wonder, what exactly is our offensive scheme? I know the Vikings are probably going to disappoint, but their offensive transformation is undeniable. It's no coincidence that Kubiak actually has a scheme (Shanahan ZBS) and has brought in players that fit that scheme. We had an offensive philosophy with Shanahan and continued it with Sark. What exactly is Koetter's offensive philosophy? "I've got chemistry with Matt Ryan and will let him audible" is not a scheme. Is it any surprise that when push comes to shove, we end up with busted *** plays to the likes of Luke Stocker? When your offense features Luke Stocker, you're basically saying "I just work here man" We need a reboot with a creative offensive mind. Koetter needs to be cut and can take Quinn with him.
  16. Fire everyone if we lose this game. Even the janitor and the mail carrier. Nuke the stadium from the orbit.
  17. End this effing season and disband this effing league. I'm sick of this ish
  18. This is a great podcast of a couple of Eagles beat guys. Fast forward to the 7:00 minute mark and listen. The Eagles D is vulnerable on the perimeter and the only way to beat them is to come out throwing and putting their DBs on skates. I swear if we come out trying to %$%$^ establish the run, we will get smashed and I want DQ to be fired on the spot.
  19. Cam's shoulder has surely been turned to dust. I haven't seen him chuck it deep in ages
  20. Me too. This game gives genital herpes to your fantasy teams
  21. If we lose this week, we could be looking at an 0-5 start. The Colts are legit, even without Luck and the Titans D gives us fits. And Deshaun Watson at his crib can carve us to pieces. I'm just hoping we dig deep and pull out a win this week. The Eagles secondary is still vulnerable and we just need to get off to a fast start and put them on the defensive. Forget about establishing the run, just come out swinging. If they are able to dictate the pace, they will control the LOS on both sides and we're toast.
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