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  1. I love Devonta. He's one of my all time favs. That said, with his injury history and his style of play, he's not going to last too much longer. We should be looking to draft another RB in later rounds this year. The Judge is similar in style to Devonta and if Hill does not pan out, we will need another big back to pair with Devonta
  2. Technically the 0-16 Lions had a roster and so did the 16-0 Patriots. Paying top price for a QB does not prevent the team from fielding a 53 man roster, sure. But teams with QBs on rookie deals can field a better 53 man roster, as we saw with the 2017 Eagles and 2018 Rams. Extra cap space gives you space to not just sign superstars but it also allows for depth in key positions, like OL, DL, LBs, etc.
  3. Ito's range of outcomes should be between Quizz's 2012 (750+ scrimmage yards, 2 TDs) and a mid level Devonta (1,200 scrimmage yards, 6 TDs). I have a feeling Koetter will use Ito as his Quizz clone, catching passes and converting 3rd downs. I know there is word that Quizz might be in the mix as well, but I trust the younger, healthier guy.
  4. Oliver feels like a potential game changer, but I'd love it if we can trade down and get an extra day 2 pick.
  5. Yeah gentleman so why didn't you draft a Guard last year?
  6. The Rams are able to sign all their FAs because they have a QB on a rookie deal. Anyone have the magic button we can push to get that?
  7. are y'all as mad as me that Matt Ryan didn't even get picked as an alternate? 2018 was about as well Ryan has played that I can recall. In some ways, this year was even better than 2016 because of the horrendous offensive line situation and Ryan was literally running for his life and still making plays. If you include rushing TDs, Ryan had 38 TDs and 7 INTs this year and he had 38-7 in 2016 as well. Ryan had just 20 fewer passing yards this year vs. 2016. The fact that Brees, Rodgers and Goff were originally selected ahead of MR2 was ludicrous. Wilson, Trubisky and Dak replacing the first three ahead of Ryan is Like I said, the Pro Bowl is freaking joke
  8. This draft class is deep on all DL positions. I'd be surprised if we don't take a DL. If not a DL, OT is the position which most justifies a 14th overall pick investment. If neither position is viable, I really hope we find a way to trade down and get some depth. Based on TD's comments, it doesn't sound like we take a DB in the early rounds. There are so many unknowns with our roster. It's not clear whether Schraeder's crappy year was injury related or he just regressed.
  9. Good God guys, NFL HC is one of the most demanding jobs in the universe. I'm glad DQ is able to find a bit of time to decompress and be a normal human being. He's not going to have a moment to relax once he's back.
  10. If the Aints were playing the Nazis, Genghis Khan and Stalin, I’d still root against them.
  11. It was me guys. I sold my soul to you know who to make this happen. You’re welcome
  12. James Daniels and Braden Smith were both impact iOL guys that we should've taken over Ridley.
  13. Man I hope that us missing out on Kubiak doesn't turn out to be the last line in Matt Ryan's 30 for 30.
  14. I have no idea and neither do you on which teams might have considered a trade down but if we had put our pick on the block, there's always a good chance someone wants to move up. There were a bunch of trades right around where we picked. My point is - if TD's claim that we wanted OL is true, we should've taken one if not in the second then in the 3rd or 4th or 5th round. The fact that we completely ignored OL shows that it was not a priority.
  15. DL has fewer holes than OL. We need to get serious about the OL now.