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  1. Fire everyone if we lose this game. Even the janitor and the mail carrier. Nuke the stadium from the orbit.
  2. End this effing season and disband this effing league. I'm sick of this ish
  3. This is a great podcast of a couple of Eagles beat guys. Fast forward to the 7:00 minute mark and listen. The Eagles D is vulnerable on the perimeter and the only way to beat them is to come out throwing and putting their DBs on skates. I swear if we come out trying to %$%$^ establish the run, we will get smashed and I want DQ to be fired on the spot.
  4. This game
  5. Cam's shoulder has surely been turned to dust. I haven't seen him chuck it deep in ages
  6. Me too. This game gives genital herpes to your fantasy teams
  7. If we lose this week, we could be looking at an 0-5 start. The Colts are legit, even without Luck and the Titans D gives us fits. And Deshaun Watson at his crib can carve us to pieces. I'm just hoping we dig deep and pull out a win this week. The Eagles secondary is still vulnerable and we just need to get off to a fast start and put them on the defensive. Forget about establishing the run, just come out swinging. If they are able to dictate the pace, they will control the LOS on both sides and we're toast.
  8. Talk is cheap. Let's see them protect Ryan for a change. Sunday night we're going to face an opponent that has the magic touch with respect to OL talent. The Iggles' backup O linemen can start for many teams. You think their OL success has something to do with their current team success?
  9. Wait till we go 0-3 with a butt whoopin by Jacoby Brisket and the Colts
  10. The Vikings and the Iggles are probably the two toughest matchups for us. Both teams have our number because they can whoop us with their DL. The Eagles can whoop us with their #1 offensive line as well. Hopefully our guys play with some pride and can keep the game close.
  11. Something is wrong deep down in this organization when the more time we have to prepare, the worse we look
  12. Most players get complacent when they get paid. It's only human. We don't have enough good, young players on their rookie contracts who are still hungry. It doesn't look like we have any locker room leadership. Things can go sideways super fast.
  13. The Xs and Os don't matter if you don't have the Jimmies and the Joes. We don't have any depth anywhere and if Lindstrom is out, we are toast.
  14. Pull out all the starters please
  15. Is Ito on the roster bubble? Why is he getting snaps in this game?