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  1. Yah... 3 Super Bowl Trophies will do that for you. The "window" in which a team has a chance to win a Super Bowl closes after so long. You look at what's happend to the PATS of the last 3 years, it's been one and done. Hopefully, we've got another 2-3 years left to get it right before the window shuts.
  2. You twisted this around and ended up talking about Vick.. We're going to keep Ryan... He reminds you of Carson Palmer :unsure:
  3. Ryan had a whole lot to do with answering those 92, 80, 80 and 76 yard drives with drives of his own. Bad night for the leader of the team to have a bad night. You're right the defense sucked, but Ryan really sucked when he couldn't extend plays with his legs, like Rodgers did..
  4. Yep..lots of blame to go around. Why don't we start with the pick Ryan threw just before the half. IMO that's what really hurt the Falcons: -We lost the FG try -We give up 7 pts to GB Even Ryan admits he blew this one....
  5. I like Ryan and Vick..... So let's be honest about who lost the the game for for the Eagles: The Kicker lost it. 2 missed FG's Let's see?? 2 missed FG's + 16 pts. = 22 pts Philly wins 22-21
  6. Strong arm and mobility. He can't extend plays with his legs like a lot of QB's.. No pure pocket passing quarterback will make it to the Super Bowl..You gotta be able to extend plays.
  7. IMO - We can look forward to Cincinnati Bengal type ball in Atlanta for the next 10 years. Ryan is more like Carson Palmer than anybody...and we all know how good he is. :unsure:
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