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  1. Ok, lets me clear one thing up here.yes it is true for all you fans eho want to say,hey we lost the first game of last season too.....that is true, BUT we also lost the FIRST game of the playoffs we were in as well! Thats nothing to brag about, nor is it something to look foward to.our cordinators both on O and on D need to hit the road.our defense blows. Last year if it wasnt for the pure talent of our offense we probably wouldnt yave even made the playoffs.most of our wins were close games. Not like we was blown people out too often like the patriots .so dont think for a second we dont need
  2. While its true its "only"the first game of regular season.its also true ,that this team looked just like they did in the playoffs last year.....cant hang with a good team.yes we lost the first game of last season, then won the division, then couldnt hold our oppnents jock strap in the ONLY playoff game they had last year.thats not something to brag about if u ask me.we looked sloppy in the preseason, now to start off season, we looked aweful all except ,micheal turner and john abraham.next week is a loss, go ahead and chaulk that one . We wont fix all these problems in time to face another goo
  3. I agree with adensui,Gordon is the only one that needs 2go.that defensive play calling was solo vanilla.just " playing it safe"got us burnt time and time again.even the announcers noted they were hardly blitzing at all. There was no pressure on Rodgers,no wonder he converted on every third down play.yes ,some say, when they did blitz some guys missed the sack,and that's true. But,it only happens a few times because Gordon only called the blitz a few times,give them more chances to hit the quarterback and I bet they will.besides ,if the quarterback hardly ever even feels like someone is coming
  4. We need a good defensive coordinator,and right now the one we have,clearly doesn't know what he is doing.no matter how much better Matt Ryan and the offense gets,it won't be enough without some good defensive players and a good defensive coach.period.without those types of changes ,the falcons can give up their dreams of even playing in the NFC championship game,let alone the superbowl.I hope the owners and mike smith can clearly see this and make the right changes for the team and the fans.don't let friendships ruin what could be a great team!
  5. Hey ,I hear mike Vick is a free agent next year,mat be we should rethink getting him back and maybe try to get a whole new defense,including defensive coach.you know, one that might actually stop our oppents. No point in making it to the first round every year if all we gonna do is lose it every year.that was a sorry excuse for a playoff game. Especially for a team that won their division.dang guys, that was so sick!
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