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  1. This team can win with Coley as OC next year. He’s shown enough for me to feel comfortable saying that. To get better we need to address what’s going on with Fromm and we need to improve the running game. Whatever is going on with Fromm is affecting his entire game. He’s got some mental demons that are affecting his mechanics and decision making that have to be corrected. I’ve been saying for weeks I hope we bring a qb guy on staff to help him. An off-season with the WRs should help. We have to get better in the run game as well. Fromm deserves a lot of criticism for this year b
  2. I hope we hire the OL coach from Kentucky. I know he’s got health issues but he’s done a heck of a job there.
  3. I think a huge part of the problem is this team has no real playmakers on offense or defense outside of swift. And he hasn’t been much of one this year. There’s plenty of potential guys freshman who can be those guys next year but it almost feels stifles those types of players instead of letting them make plays. Because we definitely recruit them.
  4. I would love to read an article one day about how Kirby picked up his phone and called Bobo right after the game and said come back. Whatever you want.
  5. Even Blankenship is getting shown up by a freshman.
  6. Fromm missed that TD so bad he almost threw Roberson out of bounds.
  7. Fromm is totally off. It’s not just his mechanics either. He is making terrible reads, not making the right check on run plays and just overall sucking. We never stood a chance in this game with the QB disparity.
  8. LSU is is the best team at executing these receiver run play.
  9. It would have been nice if Landers could play with two hands.
  10. We’re losing because we’ve played like garbage.
  11. **** Landers. Can anybody on offense make a play.
  12. Was Kirbys plan to save swift for the second half? Because he just missed half the 3rd lol
  13. Lewis Cine is gonna be a stud next year. He is having a heck of a game.
  14. The only reason that was PI is because burrow threw it behind him.
  15. Very annoyed we are losing this game to burrows legs.
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