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  1. Let someone else try the one strike policy with this kid. Kirby and co got burned on this kid and they know it but they still cut him loose. Tells me I don’t want him to even step foot on campus. This one is a tough pill to swallow for the staff and fans but kudos to Kirby for sticking to his guns.
  2. Yea it’s been hard to figure out what’s going on with Clark. I think he is invested in UAB and is content there. He’s been coaching in AL forever so it’s home to him and I’m not sure he wants to give that up. Maybe a lot of schools know that and know he’s not interested in leaving. I just can’t come up with another explanation as to why he isn’t getting more buzz in coaching services. Outstanding coach and person.
  3. That’s fine with me. We can win with either. I just don’t want to get left holding the bag. You can take that gamble at other positions but not at qb imo.
  4. Tell both guys we are taking the first to commit and then shut it down. Not worth taking a chance on losing both imo. I’d hate to see these two end up at Florida and LSU if we play too many recruiting games.
  5. Good job bashing some college kids on a message board. Way to start the new year strong.
  6. LSU is just on another level right now. I thought Clemson may give them a game but I’m not sure now. They continue to improve each week. I thought at some point that the offense would hit a plateau like Bama’s did last year but they just keep getting better. They appear to be a team of destiny and it’ll be interesting how far burrow can grow in the nfl because everything is clicking for him now.
  7. I was so impressed with how disciplined the defense played and the coaches deserve a lot of credit for how well we rotate and substitute against all these up tempo offenses. I don’t know who is responsible for that in coaching and practice but a lot of credit is due.
  8. All they have to do is get in once and then they get the golden ticket every year regardless of schedule. That and stay in the top 5-10 in recruiting every year.
  9. If christobal gets that thing rolling at Oregon they could potentially be dynasty level good simply due to the fact that there’s no competition on the west coast for recruits. They could lock down the west coast like LSU locked down Louisiana when Saban and miles were in their prime.
  10. I agree with this. There were so many times this year our line was able to stand guys up at point of contact but there were no running lanes for the backs. Very frustrating. More athletic lineman also opens up guards to pull, screens and tosses. as much as I love Pittman his idea of an Oline is an immovable wall. That comes with benefits and consequences.
  11. Staples didn’t cite a specific source or even go as far as saying he was offered the position. I feel like if there was a meeting Bobo would have kept quiet about it out of respect for Kirby and we know Kirby keeps leaks to a minimum so it sounds like speculation to me. Maybe Kirby offered and maybe he didn’t. Either way it doesn’t matter and Bobo is at South Carolina. I’m not sure why Carvell wrote and article about someone else’s article. There was nothing of substance there either. Smells like click bait to me.
  12. I’m not concerned with losing Braun. It sucks that it happened but whoever fills his spot will be a solid player. It’s hard to doubt Kirby as a recruiter.
  13. Sorry that wasn’t clear. I meant he has an opportunity to be a legend at OSU depending on how this season and the next plays out.
  14. It really is a shame fields didn’t want to stick it out. If he was able to take the job from Fromm and lead us to the playoffs he would have been a legend. He may get that opportunity at OSU but it’s different doing it as the hometown kid. Given the circumstances last year I don’t blame him but I still don’t like the way the situation was handled.
  15. It’s one thing to ask who may leave and how it will affect the team. It’s another to first assume guys leaving are making lateral moves and then talk about how that reflects poorly on Kirby.
  16. So you're playing the what if game before anything has even happened? Good job Mr. Hot take. I'm glad you got that out there early so you can point back to it IF something does happen along those lines. Our fans aren't even ready to handle a successful program. If this is what things look like every time we lose a coach to a promotion we are in for a long ride.
  17. Watch what happens to Bama‘s offense over the next 2-3 years. I bet they begin to shift back to a more traditional and run heavy offense. Maybe not what they had at the beginning of his tenure but much more like the system we’ve been running.
  18. I bet Pittman has heard sic ‘em every day since he’s been at Georgia. It’s probably part of his vocabulary. If you put that comment into the context of everything else he said today it’s nothing.
  19. I guess you missed the one where he praised Kirby as a recruiter.
  20. This is a very good point that I hadn’t considered. We need Fromm to get things worked out this offseason because that’s as wide open as the SEC has been in years.
  21. The head coach isn’t really the guy who will be coaching up the players anyways. That’s on the position coaches. I think Luke is a great hire as a position coach. He just doesn’t have it as a HC.
  22. One point people forget about with these offenses today is it all hinges on having elite qb play. Qb is also the most difficult position to evaluate so when you whiff on an evaluation you put your team at a disadvantage. Teams like Bama and LSU who will be breaking in new qbs next year will be in trouble if those guys don’t play at an elite level because they are lacking in other places. Bama was exposed without a healthy Tua and I expect to see a change in philosophy at Bama next year without Tua. Saban will get back to a more conservative style of play on offense. To live and die by qb play
  23. 2015 was only 5 years ago. We were one play away from doing the same in 2017. I’m not saying we have to go back to 3 yards and a cloud of dust but we can still win with a power run game and above average qb play. We already have the pieces in place to make that happen if we can get Fromm straightened out and get the run game going.
  24. If you haven’t seen Coley improve as a play caller this year you haven’t been paying attention. I’m not saying he’s great by any means but he’s good enough especially given the style Kirby wants to play with.
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