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  1. Out of the two options that JT wasn’t medically cleared by all parties to play and smart purposefully benched our best chance to beat Florida, you’re going with the latter? Just because you want something to be true doesn’t mean it is.
  2. So it’s only choking when Georgia loses but not other teams. Got it. and as far as this season goes I’m not sure what to tell you if you expected us to compete against Bama with a walk-on qb. They have destroyed everyone so far.
  3. And Georgia won the previous 3 years. So what’s your point?
  4. Cook just glides. He makes it looks so easy it’s almost like he’s not trying.
  5. Shaffer spends more time in the backfield than our rbs.
  6. I think we’ve also had to peel back a little on the pass rush due to weaknesses in the secondary.
  7. I can’t handle this fan base. It looks like we finally have an answer at qb and instead of being excited about that we are clinging to some absurd theory that Kirby would rather tank this team than play the better qb option. If Kirby is so desperate for a Bennett/Fromm game manager why does he keep recruiting guys like JF, JT and BVG.
  8. There’s two problems with this. First is you are telling kids they are entitled to something before they earn it. When you do that you set up situations where kids slack off or don’t work their hardest. You also send a bad message to the kids that bust it every day. Second you set yourself up for negative recruiting because if you do promise anybody anything and that doesn’t happen whether it’s the kid’s fault or the coach’s fault you can best believe it will get floated around and used against you. So it’s best to put everybody on the same playing field and let the best players earn
  9. It's been almost comical how the qb situation has played out over the last few years. UGA can't seem to catch a break. Daniels has the skill set to get us back to competing if he can get healthy and win over this team. Hopefully someone can step up for us this year because its been gut wrenching to watch the qb play lately.
  10. Every kid you recruit should hear the "you gotta compete mantra". You don't give special treatment to anyone or you set yourself up for disaster. Everybody should have a chance to earn it.
  11. I agree with all this. Our QB play has been hot garbage and it needs to get better. There’s plenty of reasons for why we are at this point but at the end of the day we need to get better. 🍻 Here’s to hoping JT can step up and play this year. I’m truly disappointed we haven’t had a chance to see Monken’s offense the way he wants to run it.
  12. Fields is a great qb with all the skills to win a championship. Did he have great stats, yes. Again, nobody is arguing with you over this so why do you keep bringing it up? I think if Fields had chosen to stick it out at UGA instead of leaving his team, we'd be competing for a NC this year. He didn't get more opportunities because he hadn't learned the entire playbook and in that respect he wasn't ready to lead a team that was competing for a NC. I think Fields let his ego get in the way and thought he knew better than the coaches. His attitude was well documented at UGA and at Harrison. And o
  13. Other than the don’t lie to the guy part, this is the worst recruiting take I’ve ever seen.
  14. I haven’t seen one single person question Fields physical abilities. As I’ve said many times before, I wish Fields would have stuck it out with UGA. This team has moved on and so has everybody else but you and the OSU troll. Personally I’m glad we have a break this week and hope this team takes the opportunity to get healthy and better. I’m excited that JT is finally healthy enough to be a factor because we’re in desperate need of a turnaround on offense.
  15. You won’t change his mind. His kid went to high school with fields so he can do no wrong.
  16. Let’s not forget that this is Kirby’s first HC job. How many years did Saban coach before he made it to his first NCG? It took Saban years to come out of his defensive shell and it also took multiple years of experimenting with offensive coordinators and philosophies before he found something that works.
  17. When you start a separate thread for your hot take, you’re supposed to post in all caps. That’s what all the cool kids do.
  18. I’m so glad I never got emotionally invested in this season with everything else going on. The pain is still real tho ☹️ This board is probably going to be filled with the trolls and the haters for the next couple weeks. They’re already coming out of the woodwork tonight.
  19. Monken May be calling a good game but Mullen and Trask are creating and exploiting mismatches in this Georgia defense like I’ve never seen before. I know missing Lecounte is a big issue but mMullen is schooling our defense as much as I hate to say it.
  20. How do you lose faith in your starting QB in less than a half of football? Did you see anything from Mathis that made you think this isn't the guy? I sure didn't. But it's been pretty obvious with Bennett. He has been a turnover machine his entire career those problems have resurfaced the last couple weeks. Stetson is in the game as a game manager and if he's turning the ball over, he doesn't provide much benefit to this team.
  21. So it’s Kirby’s fault that one QB just came off brain surgery and the other had a setback on his knee surgery? Does Kirby deserve some scrutiny? Absolutely but you’ve got to accept that we’re partly in this situation because of several things out of his control. With that said, where things go from here are up to Kirby. If Kirby’s focus is on winning championships he cannot continue to trot out Stetson. That tells me he’s more focused on adding Ws than championships.
  22. The more Stetson continues to turn the ball over the less excuses Kirby has for keeping him in the game.
  23. I agree about Tua transferring. He was clearly the better option. Kid showed a lot of character sticking it out and not whining throughout the season and it paid off for him in a big way. I think Mathis give us the best chance moving forward. He wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be. He opens things up with his legs and he has a much higher ceiling than Bennett.
  24. If Bennett is our QB again the whole rematch thing won’t matter. I like the kid but he’s not good enough to beat Bama plain and simple. We don’t have a QB on the roster, at this moment, who is capable of beating Bama. I think we’re one QB and one stud receiver away from competing this year. By the end of the year, Burton may step up to be that guy at WR but we need someone to step up in a major way at QB or the rest of the talent won’t matter.
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