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  1. Kirby’s gonna be getting some heat from the boosters after this one I bet.
  2. I think we came in expecting to dominate on the ground and cincy stepped up. We clearly didn’t have a backup game plan and that has been my biggest issue with Kirby and his staff. If our game plan doesn’t work we never seem to have anything else prepared.
  3. We have good field position. If we put together a drive here we’re right back in it despite how awful we’ve looked.
  4. Their defense is teeing off on our oline.
  5. Somebody tell me how Pickens gets called for unsportsmanlike on that. I’m sure he was jawing but the ref was nowhere close to hear it.
  6. He acts like the college football fan on a team message board everyone else is embarrassed about.
  7. Whether he can coach or not, he’s gonna have to recruit against the likes of Saban and Kirby. The SEC is a different animal and world’s different than BSU. I’ll be shocked if he can keep up.
  8. I don't think Clark would take the Auburn job regardless of control. His son coaches with him at UAB, his father is struggling with colon cancer and his wife thinks he doesn't spend enough time with his family as it is. The responsibility will only grow at Auburn. On top of that they just put in a lot of upgrades to their home in Birmingham for their family and they bought a new lake house just outside of Birmingham. I know Auburn is not far down the road but unless he can change his wife's mind, he's not leaving UAB. On top of all that, I still feel like Steele was and is the lead candid
  9. Im not even sure I can laugh anymore. This coaching search is just embarrassing at this point. In all honesty what is a worse look for the program? Hiring a backstabbing DC or getting turned down by every respectable coach in the country?
  10. I get what you’re saying about earning it in the field vs in a board room and giving everybody a shot but I just don’t remember a year where I’ve looked at the number 7 or 8 team and thought they have the ability or resume to compete against number 1 or 2. This playoff committee’s objective has been to crown the best in college football as national champion. In my opinion that objective has been met each and every year. Now when Alabama, Clemson and an occasional challenger no longer sit a notch above everybody else and there’s more parody at the top I could see the need to expand. I’ve always
  11. To me this year is another example of the four team playoff working. Tell me honestly who is going to beat Bama or Clemson this year? Most years the first round games have been duds anyways so why expand it. I can’t remember a year where I’ve seen more than 3 teams I thought could play with the eventual champions and had the resume to prove it. Putting Bama our Clemson against a 7 or 8 seed isn’t a playoff it’s scrimmage.
  12. Oh I definitely agree. When I heard first heard that Steele was a target I laughed out loud. Then I laughed some more and then I thought that totally sounds like an Auburn thing to do and I’ve been convinced it’ll happen ever since.
  13. Don’t forget to include a franchise QB in that pitch.
  14. Birmingham radio reported that the auburn jet touched down in Monroe Co. Indiana. Looks like Tom Allen is in the mix.
  15. This thread needs a cool down. Anybody want to discuss whether Kirby mishandled Justin Fields 😅
  16. I never tried to take credit for looking her story up. The point is that nobody would have known her story if she never stepped on the football field. And because her story is being put out there to thousands more people girls have someone else to look up to. That’s what people are celebrating. and yes Vandy is in shambles for a lot more reasons than a girl kicker. Pushing the narrative that Vandy cancelled the game due to this girl is being intellectually dishonest.
  17. I didn’t know that about Sarah’s foot and rehab. Neither I nor thousands of others would know her story if she hadn’t stepped on the football field. That’s the thing you’re missing and what everyone else is trying to celebrate. stop acting like she or anybody at vandy took something from you or cost you something.
  18. If it’s Steele is that a long term hire or just a stopgap? I just can’t believe you would pony up 21 mil to hire your DC.
  19. That does suck for the seniors and I would like for us to get as many game reps as possible even if it’s against Vandy. It’s also a good opportunity for guys interested in turning pro to show out one more time. On top of all that our guys have been very disciplined in how they’ve handled covid and the protocols required to play. It’s a shame this keeps happening. Hope we get a game to watch this weekend and our boys get a chance to play.
  20. Yea I don’t get why you swallow that buyout just so you can promote your DC. I wonder if Steele’s contract would even match Gus’s buyout.
  21. Maybe he became a legitimate candidate suddenly because he was suddenly cleared. I keep posing the same question and nobody wants to answer. Do you honestly think Kirby Smart isn’t doing everything he can to win games? Have you noticed how competitive the guy is? Just watch him on the sideline.
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