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  1. 2 hours ago, GAbred said:

    Those are good reasons. But not choosing that route after four or five years is fine as well especially if they have a degree. I admit I assumed they had their degree with summer school and four years. 

    I disagree with criticising them as if they are foolish for wanting to move on. 

    I agree. I try not to get into criticizing player’s decisions for staying or going. We are fans and usually look at it from a purely fan or purely football perspective. There are always many reasons below the surface that someone could chose to stay or go that most of us will never know about. Not everybody will make the right choice in hindsight but it’s their decision. At the end of the day I cheer like **** if they come back and root for success in wherever life takes them if they don’t. 

  2. 11 hours ago, GAbred said:

    Yeah. I guess it's crazy. If their seniors I just don't see why they would be criticized for not coming back. They are seniors right? 

    Does that not make sense? What does coming back do for them? Maybe Daniel could get more PT.

    Maybe they want to finish degrees, start grad school, play for a National championship, improve their chances in the draft? All of those seem like valid reasons to me. 

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