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  1. Why wait until we’re in a win/lose must execute situation to open up the offense?
  2. I think the problem with the playcalling is rhythm and timing. Everything always seems to feel forced. There’s no rhythm and no flow. I remember the same feelings early in Bobo’s tenure. I think his success came when he was able to get a feel for game rhythm because his philosophy and playbook never changed. IMO that “feel” or instinct is what makes a play caller great. I think Kirby has the same issue with flow and rhythm and it presents with his decisions to be aggressive or conservative in big moments. If you’re not born with it, that feel takes time to develop. Kirby is still a young coach but he’s got to reflect on his philosophy and results and makes some changes. Our other big problem, as others have said, is playing in a phone booth. Whether it’s running up the middle or making contested throws. We have too many athletes to not have guys running open in space at least 8-10 times a game.
  3. I just have one question that I’d like Kirby to answer straight up without the coach speak bs. I need to know why we can’t get guys the ball in open space. Is it scheme, playcalling, talent or all of it. The one thing I can’t handle is not being able to get our extremely talented athletes the ball in space. Doesn’t matter whether it’s on the ground or in the air. Everything feels contested. It’s like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Kirby is asking this offense to execute each and every play at an extremely high level with little margin for error. Like others have said there’s too much talent out there to expect this week in and week out.
  4. Where has UT been hiding this guy. Did somebody sneak Peyton Manning into a jersey
  5. Yikes #24 has to find a way to get Perine out of bounds.
  6. What a play. Brown is a beast but may be the most unathletic looking player in college football.
  7. You’re not. That wasn’t anything negative towards you. You’ll just find yourself arguing in endless circles if you get in too deep.
  8. I don’t know if you’ve followed all the Justin Fields threads on this forum but my advise is to let this one go before you spiral down this black hole of a thread the rest of us have been sucked down Its not worth it.
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone has been asking. You’re acting like he’s graduating next week with a heisman trophy, 2 NCs and every passing record in NCAA history. He could very well achieve all of that and more but the fact is he hasn’t accomplished any of that yet. If he gets the crown you think he deserves when it’s all said and done then great for him. He’ll have earned it against the likes of Clemson, Bama and UGA. Like I said before it’s just a shame to me he didn’t want to stick around and do it at UGA. For someone that’s been a dawg fan longer than I’ve been alive and has kids in HS your coming off as incredibly immature and it’s silly to me to get so bent out of shape over some guys on a message board talking smack about JF.
  10. That’s fair. But you sure don’t have an issue doing it with Fields.
  11. Never did that. I feel the same about going for it with the offense vs. ST. Blame for the play call was on the staff. The blame for the execution is on Fields.
  12. I’m honestly having a tough time deciding whether you would rather UGA win a NC or OSU just so you can say I told you so. I think you being right about Fields is more important to you than either Fields’ or UGA’s success. That’s not meant to be a dig. Just an honest observation.
  13. Kirby doesn’t call the fake without the option to audible back to a punt. We got an alignment from Bama that made the fake an option. Bama shifted and adjusted to it before we could snap the ball. The fault there is on the players for not getting set and snapping the ball. Fault also goes to the coaching staff for not getting a TO called in time. After the ball was snapped, Fields panicked and crumbled. He had a chance to make the kind of impact every player wants to make on the season and he folded. We’ll probably never know whether Bama tried to encourage a fake with their alignment and shift at the last second like they do all the time on defense or whether they recognized it late and corrected. Point is, there’s plenty of blame to go around and Fields isn’t exempt.
  14. I also remember Kirby mentioning that we didn’t snap it early enough in the play clock. Idk if that was on Fields or the rest of the players for not getting set in time but that was a big factor also.
  15. I really hope we get the backs moving up the field this week. I don’t know if there’s a lot of defenses that will play football as disciplined as ND but they covered up the check downs to the backs and other teams are going to try and replicate that. Especially off an audible at the line. We need to run some wheel routes and get the backs in the middle of the field to counter that. I can guarantee that Bama and Auburn will key in on that when we play.
  16. I think we keep them out of the end zone. 34-9.
  17. I live in Birmingham and worked in Tuscaloosa for 3 years. It’s **** on earth in the summer but there are places all over the southeast just as bad. I’ve never been to a day game at Colombia, SC during the day but I hear it’s on par if not worse.
  18. I think Bama gets the nod in that scenario. They would have wins over LSU and Auburn who right now look like top 10 if not both top 5 teams. In doing so they would also be showing they can out score a high powered offense in LSU and beat a solid defensive team in Auburn. OOC games aside that’s a stronger resume than ND can put up. Also, given their history I think the committee gives Bama the nod against any team with the same record. Many folks may not like that but it’s hard to argue against. I’m not necessarily saying they do or don’t deserve it but that’s just how I see it playing out.
  19. How do you prove an argument without stats to back it up? Perception? We know both sides are biased to their team so stats (aka facts) are used to build an argument. By removing GT, you’re cherry picking to try and make your argument? Why don’t we exclude Bama’s neutral site games? I’ll tell you why: it’s because those games are relevant to the argument. Just as GT is. Just like Georgia has played half of those games at an opposing team’s stadium compared to Alabama’s 2 in the same time frame.
  20. This is a bad look. Boosters, students, admin and fans should all be upset over this. This is just another arrow in the amateurism is dead quiver. If a coach asked me to do that I’d probably take the redshirt and announce I’m transferring at the end of the year.
  21. I wasn’t arguing it should have been a penalty on us. Like you said our guy was in position first and the ND receiver initiated the contact. FF567 was arguing the no call on us and I was wondering why he would do so considering if that was Auburn he would have been arguing the opposite.
  22. It’s weird we don’t attack the middle. I remember Fromm tearing Bama up on slants in the NC game his freshman year. Considering how ND was playing a lot of 2 deep and trying to press the line with the front 7 the intermediate passing game to the middle should have been open all night. ND has a great game plan on defense and executed it really well. Still, our offensive performance was extremely frustrating.
  23. Yea I’m fully on board with changing the way games are scheduled. It sucks pretty hard we didn’t have a quality game up until last night. I love a good stomping from the dogs but we’re already a third of the way through the season. I feel like something will change soon but as long as tv ratings are good there won’t be a lot of motivation to do so. In my ideal world I’d like to see the top 64 teams form four 16 team conferences or something of the sort. Basically split D1 into two levels. That would level the playing field a lot and give us a quality matchup each game. It’ll never happen but I can dream
  24. Fromm did everything he needed to do to put us in a position to win that game. You can argue whether the defense let us down or whether Tua won that game. Same for Hurts/Bama and Watson/Clemson. The weird thing about this argument of game managers is neither you nor Bdawg are saying Fromm is a game manager. College football is cyclical. After the HUNH came into being Offense was on top. Saban brought back defensive dominance. Now it’s the RPO. Offensive football has been trending up for a while and I don’t think that’ll change with the rules and officials opening things up for offenses but defensive minded football isn’t dead. Clemson has a great offense last year but they don’t win without that sick front 4. Championships are won IMO with playmakers. Defenses don’t have to be dominant every play. You have to find guys that can force negative plays and turnovers. I think back to those Packers and Saints defenses in the mid 2000s that weren’t great but forced mistakes. That’s what it takes, IMO to win with defense these days.