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  1. Where can I go to find the recruiting board picture while I’m in research mode?
  2. So to sum up your arguments so far: - two wrongs don’t make a right - I’m rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. you do realize you’re in an internet message board with grown *** men and not in a 3rd grade classroom right?
  3. To add to this discussion, how do we know CSC didn’t pick up the phone and call Kirby. Lot of speculation that Cochran has been trying to get out for a couple years. What does it say of Saban that he couldn’t find a position on field for a guy that has been loyal to you for 13 years and the lifeblood of your program? If I was Cochran and I’d made my intentions clear about being a head coach some day and I couldn’t get a shot at an on field position I’d be making phone calls too. There’s no evidence to suggest that Kirby did anything underhanded at this point. Any argument made by digging up past rumors (true or not) to fuel an argument over this situation is weak and petty. From where I’m standing, the only guy that did anything wrong is Saban by not letting a coach who’s been with you from the beginning address the team before he leaves. That’s about as petty as the whiny Bama fans.
  4. I think this narrative of Coley not being great at play calling is another false narrative. Apparently other big time coaches think that too. Rivals also stated Baylor may come calling for him as well now. I’m glad we brought in someone to help with the offense but I hope Kirby didn’t cut off one foot to spite the other. Coley is an asset to the program and was a big part of stocktons recruitment. Hope he sticks around but I don’t blame him if he decides to move on. I didn’t have a problem with coleys playcalling in the second half of the year but the offensive production this year was still a mystery to me.
  5. Looks like it’s time for all of LSU’s hires guns to move on. What looked like something special for them turned out to be a rent-a-ship type year.
  6. I know what monken has done in the past. I want to know how his offense will fit around our personnel.
  7. Great hire. I wonder how much we can expect the offense to shift. I hope we don’t get too far from the power run attack our brand has been built on over the years. Also wonder how long we can expect to hold on to monken. Hopefully he’s willing to stick around for a couple years at least. We need some continuity in the program.
  8. Bingo. This time last year, most folks were saying the offense would roll this year and despite losing so many key pieces and a coordinator, wouldn't miss a beat. At this point, we have no clue what this offense will look like this year. We are still waiting on a hire and we don't have a legit qb option that has taken a snap at UGA to this point. I'm cautiously optimistic but, realistically, this offense needs a lot of new faces to gel in a short amount of time to be what everyone wants to see. Last year was a struggle to watch because my expectations for the offense were never met. I'm coming into 2020 with much lower expectations and hopefully I can enjoy the season more knowing this offense may not break out again. Not saying it will or won't but perception drives reality.
  9. So May's dad smashed his own finger and is suing the school? WTF is wrong with people And I don't think Coley is a big reason for guys leaving either. If he was, we wouldn't have brought in the WR talent we just did. I'm just hoping some of these things point to a more open offense. Mostly wishful thinking on my part.
  10. I've said before that we had trouble with running this year because our line was able to block (keep guys out of the backfield) but struggled to open up holes on the interior. I think our size limited our ability to be more open on offense so I'm looking forward to more athletic line.
  11. I'm not jumping ship or anything, I just expected Fromm to be back and had no idea Cade was considering transferring. I wish both players well and I think we will be fine overall but losing quality players never feels good. I felt like Fromm would be a 3-4th rd guy and that's why I expected him to stay. With a 2nd round grade, jumping makes sense.
  12. In your opinion does Mays and Fromm leaving have anything to do with a potential change on offense? I feel like CML may be looking for a different style of player than Pittboss and a smaller more athletic line would fit in with a more open offense RPO or spread concept.
  13. Not a good day for UGA
  14. Yea other than the fact that he hasn’t enrolled in classes, this seems equivalent to a guy getting kicked off in the summer or fall camp. Unless there’s some special stipulation for this I don’t know that we get his spot back.
  15. I get what you’re saying but the NFL is full of guys like Fromm. NFL teams continue to reach for average to above average qbs and hope to develop them into something special. They’ll do the same for him. Fromm has had a great college career overall and has a chance to do something special next year if he comes back and gets his **** together but he never moved the needle for me as an NFL qb.