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  1. That is truly the ideal scenario this year. I would love it if bama played UCF.
  2. Yesterday was a terrible traffic day in Birmingham. I think there were honestly 8-10 accidents reported over the radio during my commute. I heard them describe this accident on the way to work and heard who was involved on the drive home. Prayers for her family.
  3. It's pretty easy to pick on Campbell when your other option is Baker
  4. Yea I called for this in the game thread. Campbell is a great talent and he’s gonna grow so much from this season but having him out there every play is gonna be a liability against bama.
  5. I’m rewatching the auburn game right now and I’ve got to know if anyone has any opinions or speculation on our recent goal line issues. Most of the issues in the last couple weeks have occurred on drives where we’ve marched it down the field so I don’t think the problem is the line. To me, the play calling hasn’t been an issue either. I think over the several weeks this has been an issue we’ve mixed up run and pass well and we haven’t been calling any cutesy plays. I thought we used JF really well in early goal line situations vs auburn but we’re just not winning the matchups we need to to score. So is it play calling, lack of focus or toughness, certain tendencies or maybe we are tipping our hand in the red zone in certain formations or in signaling in the plays? At this point I almost see it as some really weird fluke since I can’t put my finger on the problem elsewhere. Feel free to offer up any insight, thoughts, or pure speculation because it’s got me stumped at this point. On a side note, about to watch swift and Holyfield fun all over that defense in the second half again edit: final thought...I was pissed when auburn scored on that trick rb pass initially until I realized that was their only TD of the game.
  6. Chubb was always built to be an NFL workhorse. Hope he has a long and healthy career. DGD and great person.
  7. I'm sure Justin sees the field plenty. I just hope he gets the chance to throw and run the whole offense a lot.
  8. Auburn's daddy. Best one yet
  9. Between Richt and malzahn, Kelly Bryant may save a coach's job next year
  10. Maybe if Auburn didn’t have the HH series with uga and dropped that game Gus would be gone. Maybe you were right about how bad that is after all
  11. How exactly should they perform to impress someone beyond a shutout? Kanell is a tool
  12. I heard that the injury today was just a cramp/Charlie horse and not related to the knee. As far as the knee goes it's a sprain and it's on his non plant foot so I don't think it's anything more than a nagging injury.
  13. Not a huge fan of the fake typically but I would have loved to see us complete that one.
  14. Doing everything we can to keep Auburn in the game
  15. Stokes needs more snaps, imo