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  1. Lol yea the more this builds up the harder they will come crashing down to earth
  2. I hate the saints but this is hilarious. They should run with it and see how far it can go.
  3. More fuel for the recruiting fire. Georgia and LSU are tied for the lead in consecutive years with a player appearing on a Super Bowl roster at 18 years. Link
  4. Hope it works out. We really missed having a full back when we ran from under center this year.
  5. Think of keto as a more refined Adkins diet. Adkins just primarily gets you to cut carbs. Keto doors it with a more structured approach by nailing down your macros. And keto puts more emphasis on healthy fats. I've done both very successful and for long durations. Killing carbs is the key for me. But carbs are so intertwined with the American diet it's difficult to remain social. Especially around holidays.
  6. Keto is the best. I love the foods I can eat and I don't have to give up alcohol The down side is you can't cheat. Once you cycle off its so hard to get back on. At least for me. But the weight loss and the energy levels I get are great. Been off for about 6 months. Being married makes it more challenging since my wife doesn't do it. So I cycle on and off for a couple months at a time just to keep my weight in check.
  7. That's impressive even if it was at Bama.
  8. Not always worth it. I would have finished my engineering degree in 3.5 years if I didn't have a two semester senior design project. Bringing in a lot of classes means you step onto campus taking the harder degree related classes. You also don't get the GPA boost from some of those entry level classes. If your daughter is fortunate enough to be on scholarship I'd at least consider not using some of the college credits from high school. That can help with Grad School admissions in the future. My brother took even more credits into college than I did since the high school was paying for the AP tests at the time. Almost cost him grad school admission. As Porter said below, dual enrollment is a great option.
  9. How do bowl game gifts relate to transfers and NFL careers?
  10. Didn't Dean just ball out at his all-star game too? I didn't watch but I remember reading he was completely unblockable at least early in the game.
  11. The silence is pretty frustrating as a fan but I've got mad respect for how Kirby is handling the staff search for defensive coaches. He's making connects and doing his due diligence. I hope he gave the same care to the offensive side with Coley. I also like promoting from within when appropriate. It makes it easier to get a kid to buy into the program when even if a coach leaves, the philosophies will stay the same so a kid doesn't have to worry about being pushed to the side if their skill set doesn't fit a new coordinator or coach.
  12. I would love to have Raymond for his DB coaching alone. But to have the opportunity to potentially get some of those top Louisiana recruits that seem so hard for anybody to land would be Yuge!
  13. Abita is my favorite brewery. Andygator for the win!!
  14. Some may say "I handed off good as ****" a little punk-ish
  15. Again, I'm not part of that group. I've read it all and I have no desire to go back through it. I just don't get how you can champion Justin's rights for 50 pages and call a kid a punk for a few tweets in another.