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  1. Trask got lucky on the pitch. It worked but it was so late he should have never made it. And he almost threw a pick on the 2 point. He looks like a better passer than franks but not too worried about him yet.
  2. Fields is a great talent and is tearing it up at OSU like most everyone expected. It’s a shame he didn’t want to stick it out and win with the good guys. Fields will likely be a first round pick whether he played at UGA or OSU. He may get drafted higher playing at OSU but he likely would have been more prepared for the NFL had he stuck it out with us.
  3. Watching the game for the first time this afternoon. It's a shame we're only going to get 3 years to watch Pickens in red and black. That kid is going to be something special. I can't wait to watch this team go against some better competition and see how good we really are.
  4. Jake Bentley hasn't progressed in 3 years.
  5. TAMU would be essentially committing recruiting suicide to do that to Evans. I’d be shocked if that was the case. No telling why that was leaked but the CBs are out so he needs to get it over with if he wants to hold any semblance of a surprise commitment.
  6. I hope we use Cook and White early in the season to make things difficult for teams with game planning and zeroing in on Swift and to keep him fresh for the stretch. Cook needs to be lined up all over the field and put into motion a lot. He's a touchdown waiting to happen and forcing a defense to put eyes on him is gonna make them a step late and a couple steps out of position.
  7. After all the whining Auburn made over the road and road game every other year at UGA and Bama at the end of the year, the SEC gives them LSU and Bama in consecutive weeks to close out the 2020 season. At least they had a cupcake week between UGA and Bama.
  8. Matt Castle, Matt Flynn, Zac Mettenburger, Gardner Menshew
  9. This isn't really newsworthy to me either because everyone does it. They've given Clemson credit for showing up plenty of times. As far as the excuses go, every team and every fan base is does this as Yo said (we didn't show up against Texas). Ultimately, I would want Georgia and Kirby to come out after a loss and say there were things we failed at or didn't do our best on. We believe we were the better team but we didn't do our best. We're going to address our issues and come out better next game. Being able to channel thoughts and emotions after a loss into correctable problems within a program is a lot more productive than saying the other team is just better. I don't care who UGA plays or how good the other team is. We should be focused on Georgia and how to make Georgia better. Internal competition and measuring your program against itself is what Kirby and Saban preach so I don't have a problem with them saying it publicly.
  10. I'm glad that's all there is to it. It sounds so simple when you put it that way. I can believe the states didn't do this years ago.
  11. I don't see how this can possibly be resolved at the state level. Legislation will have to be passed at the federal level to ensure equality in compensation across all states. If California does pass this I imagine the NCAA will ban Cal schools from post season play and it'll end up in federal courts anyways.
  12. The jokes and trash talk all came natural to Spurrier. That's why he has so good at it. It feels like Mullen sits in his office all day trying to come up with his material
  13. Seems more like a poor spurrier shtick to me.
  14. We can't afford to put a back up qb on the field. We've got plenty of guys who can make plays in space.
  15. You're stuck with Fromm for at least the next year so you might as well get used to it.