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  1. The importance of depth in the sec can't be understated either. Getting these young guys quality snaps will pay off later in each season and early in the next. When you can roll out fresh bodies (starters and subs) in the 4th quarter of sec and playoff games is huge.
  2. It was for a half
  3. We haven’t exactly needed to pressure the qb much to be successful. 2/3 games have been against teams where the game was never in doubt and you don’t want to show all your cards too early. Mizzou has no idea what we will do on defense because we haven’t played a “normal” defensive game yet. Like Sac said tho, we will need to turn up the pressure against Locke and if we can’t I’ll start worrying. LB is definitely our weakest unit on the field right now and we can’t send walker every time we want to pressure.
  4. Not only did Auburn marry themselves to Gus but he just donated 2 mil to a football only facility so when the hotseat talk starts up again that will be pretty awkward.
  5. Ed O owes half his paycheck to Auburn. They’re keeping him employed.
  6. TCU is imploding
  7. Stidham looks a lot more poised this year. He's still inconsistent but making some big throws. LSU is looking pretty good.
  8. Favorite stat was 7 penalties in two games. Kirby has these guys focused and playing great ball.
  9. Not sure I understand your argument. Sounds like you're claiming UGAs revenue is low because there's several other teams in it's market. But UGA has the same number of fans and booster (or more) than any other team that you listed. And It's not like the UGA fans and boosters are not spending money on UGA tickets or gear because they're spending money on other teams. I don't know what the answer to the OP question is but a fractured market isn't the reason.
  10. Hard to rank the top four but you've definitely got the right teams there. I'd leave Clemson in the 5-6 range tho. They didn't play great but they've got more talent than Wisconsin and can beat Auburn (and probably the rest of the top 4) on any given Saturday.
  11. I hope FSU makes honorable mention in the week 2 meltdown article.
  12. Man what a great Saturday. Not only did UGA dominate but Florida goes down to Kentucky. We looked like a championship team in the second half. When we get momentum rolling with the run game it fuels the offense and defense and makes this team nearly unbeatable. The OL is what turned this game around. They started opening holes and giving Fromm time in the pocket. It seemed like he was never able to set his feet in the first. The defense has some clear weaknesses in pass pro but they held a talented offense in check. Defense will grow a lot each week. There's no reason this team shouldn't steamroll everyone until Auburn moving forward. And possibly LSU.
  13. We should win the East as long as we can continue to field a team
  14. I hope for their sakes there's an offensive line hiding in the turnover backpack