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  1. It took saban half a season to finally pull the trigger and bench Hurts. And that was only because it was going to cost him a championship. Aside from Fromm just imploding I personally don't think he'll get benched as long as we win.
  2. I just don't think Fromm is the kind of guy to roll over and give his position away no matter how good fields is. I think we see Fromm elevate his game too. And as long as he keeps winning it's hard to take anything from him. He's a warrior. Fields time will come but don't expect that to be before a loss or two. Kirby sticks with what works
  3. Good for him. Butch should be paying to coach under saban.
  4. Richt is a heck of a closer. Especially when the parents are involved. Best of luck to y'all.
  5. Pruitt and Kirby actually have a little bit different taste in players and scheme. But they will still be recruiting a lot of the same players.
  6. It would be the most Georgia thing ever for the NCAA to acknowledge the bad calls and issue an apology and suspend the crew for a game.
  7. You also called the AP poll a popularity contest. Your trying to justify your argument with the poll that just crowned Bama champions.
  8. Wish him all the best.
  9. Don't forget Tom Arnold. He made the same claim on Finebaum last year.
  10. Lol the poll you just quoted says UCF has 3 top 25 wins not 4. Stop cherrypicking your stats
  11. I guess somebody glossed over this reply. No response whatsoever . Of course it doesn't fit his agenda. Seriously though can we just lock this thread and be done with it. Sac please bury this in the AFMB pit of misery along with this idiotic argument.
  12. This one still hurts but what a season these boys gave us. This was the most memorable UGA season I've ever witnessed. I'll never forget this team. Especially the seniors that came back and gave every ounce of soul they had. **** good dogs every single one of them. The way the players bought in to Kirby gives me hope more than recruiting or anything else. I honestly think we will look back on the decision of these seniors to return as a program changing and defining moment. They set the table for years to come.
  13. After they way he reacted to the win last night I say no. He'll keep chasing that high.
  14. I hate to point this out but last time we played Bama in OT we won't in Tuscaloosa on a long pass. Then there's 2012. It's crazy how epic this game is every time these teams meet.
  15. Anyone else notice Parrish gave up on his coverage for the game tying td as well