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  1. The idea is to force them to execute 8-10 times or more on a drive to score instead of letting them score on one mistake or blown coverage. If you’d rather gamble all game and give up scores quickly then okay. I don’t trust our secondary against their receivers.
  2. I think we’re gonna see a lot of soft coverage and deep safety help most of the game. Our biggest weakness has been giving up big plays in the passing game and Mac jones throws the deep ball as good as Tua if not better. I think Kirby will force them to put long drive together and use the short field going into the red zone as an advantage. offensively we need to street balanced but we absolutely have to establish the run game. If we can get up early and play with a lead we can sic the kraken that is our lb core after the qb and let them take the game over. Our front 7 is talented an
  3. Our front seven is absolutely filthy. Especially when we’re playing with a lead. offense needs to find some consistency but they have the ability to make big plays and score fast. we had a shaky start and a sloppy first half but this team looks like a sleeping giant ready to break out.
  4. Agree on this. I think that big hit shook him up early and may have rattled him a little. I said after the first drive the oline was going to be a big concern. We have big road hauler lineman from the Pittman regime and we’re trying to run a spread offense. I think the line will struggle for a while.
  5. Agreed. It’s hard to rush and contain a guy like franks.
  6. They’re spreading us out really well. Bryles and franks are getting it to playmakers in space.
  7. Already liking the look of the offense to start despite the penalties. I am a little worried about our big bulky oline in this spread offense tho.
  8. So to sum up your arguments so far: - two wrongs don’t make a right - I’m rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. you do realize you’re in an internet message board with grown *** men and not in a 3rd grade classroom right?
  9. To add to this discussion, how do we know CSC didn’t pick up the phone and call Kirby. Lot of speculation that Cochran has been trying to get out for a couple years. What does it say of Saban that he couldn’t find a position on field for a guy that has been loyal to you for 13 years and the lifeblood of your program? If I was Cochran and I’d made my intentions clear about being a head coach some day and I couldn’t get a shot at an on field position I’d be making phone calls too. There’s no evidence to suggest that Kirby did anything underhanded at this point. Any argument made by
  10. I think this narrative of Coley not being great at play calling is another false narrative. Apparently other big time coaches think that too. Rivals also stated Baylor may come calling for him as well now. I’m glad we brought in someone to help with the offense but I hope Kirby didn’t cut off one foot to spite the other. Coley is an asset to the program and was a big part of stocktons recruitment. Hope he sticks around but I don’t blame him if he decides to move on. I didn’t have a problem with coleys playcalling in the second half of the year but the offensive producti
  11. Looks like it’s time for all of LSU’s hires guns to move on. What looked like something special for them turned out to be a rent-a-ship type year.
  12. I know what monken has done in the past. I want to know how his offense will fit around our personnel.
  13. Great hire. I wonder how much we can expect the offense to shift. I hope we don’t get too far from the power run attack our brand has been built on over the years. Also wonder how long we can expect to hold on to monken. Hopefully he’s willing to stick around for a couple years at least. We need some continuity in the program.
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