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  1. This title and post are so confusing that clicking on the link can only make things worse.
  2. Not sure how this team would fare at connect-four at this point.
  3. Other than Jeff Ulbrich, is there a single coach he has brought in on defense that has been impressive? Raheem Morris was inherited from Smitty, remember. He generally seems to go with guys he already knows. Even on offense, the one time he picked a coach based solely on how scary his offense was is Shanny, and you saw how much a difference that made. Sarkisian was a friend, and Koetter was a retread who the team/QB were "comfortable" with, not an offensive visionary who would challenge our team to grow.
  4. And Demarcus didn't set the world on fire early on either. He has obviously been working on his hand usage and bend since he has gotten into the league. The cool thing about it is that is something you can improve. It's not static. If Takk focused on becoming more flexible (Von Miller uses hoop drills and has done yoga) as well as diversifying his attack, he could become as big a contributor as JA55 was during his heyday. The fact that he keeps not-so-subtlety hinting he wants out of ATL is why I don't waste too much time projecting his development in future years. He should just put in his Twitter bio "Future back-up DE for the Dallas Cowboys" at this rate.
  5. His abysmal three-cone also gave a hint that he had a stiff lower body. This is born out by the number of times he has beaten/ been allowed to beat the man in front of him, and failed to sack the quarterback. If we could have cut and pasted Vick Beasley's torso and down onto Takk, we would have created potentially the best pass rusher in the NFL, and released the worst one in the NFL.
  6. I'm more of an Aquemini if we are keeping score.
  7. I'm an average fan! Maybe Aaron Donald and Bud Dupree will pay money to learn pass rush from me this offseason. Or maybe you will get lucky and they show up at your door! I'd settle for Quinn bringing me in to pick my brain about fixing the defense tbh. Whoever becomes the NFL pass rush consultant this offseason buys the rest of us a beer, deal?
  8. If he could put on the weight, I'd like to see him as a SLB. Let him press and cover TEs all day long.
  9. Exactly, if an owner is on board, tanking is absolutely an option. The NBA are old pros at this concept.
  10. Rodgers is a malcontent, now he gets to complete the circle lmao.
  11. Yeah I'd hope I could pull off turning Khalil Mack into Arden Key and practically stealing Antonio Brown for a 3rd and 5th rounder.
  12. If the raiders wanted him, you know he will be a hall of famer.
  13. I agree. Also trading players that can help you win games for future draft picks is bad sportsmanship. Trying to help your team in the future at the expense of the present is just plain wrong. Sitting your starters so they can be fresh for the playoffs, also bad sportsmanship. It makes you much more likely to lose, and those fans paid their money!
  14. The tankers refer to the fans rooting for the team to lose meaningless games for a higher draft slot, not the players intentionally losing games. Neither fans nor players can tank though, only a coaching staff/front office can.
  15. You wanted a chance at Javon Kinlaw falling to you, or being in striking distance for a Brown or Henderson! Instead you got a guy we'd be kinda happy we got in the 2nd at 16th overall! Don't you look dumb, all those wins after we got eliminated from the playoffs sure were worth it for this gem of a pick! And we get him for 5 years! You must really hate this team to want an playmaker in the draft in exchange for those sweet, sweet, meaningless wins! Can I get an amen from Falconsfansince1970!?!
  16. Lindstrom and Neal were good, non-flashy picks. McGary and Takk, I agree 100%. Both have fatal flaws for their given positions, and were immediately justified by another team REALLY liking them.
  17. That will be the spin like every year. It apparently can justify the dumbest reaches imaginable.
  18. This same braintrust brought you a defensive end that has no lower body flexibility and a short-armed offensive tackle who excelled in a college technique that doesn't exist in the pros. Georgia is a state that loves embarrassing itself. Whether its the Superbowl, the College Football National Championship, or even avoiding a pandemic ,we are there to make every other state feel good in comparison.
  19. People on here always expect teams to give away their young talent for peanuts....
  20. Takk’s win rates and even pressures are fool’s gold. Dude. Can’t. Bend. OTs can let him beat them outside all day, he can’t reliably stick his foot in the dirt and bend to actually sack the quarterback.
  21. Isn't Takk practically a one year rental at this point? He can barely contain how badly he wants to leave for Dallas.
  22. It's kinda funny how we gave up a second round pick to secure a tight end who is worse than the one we drafted in the third round and need to replace...
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