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  1. I didn't realize when I was pledging allegiance to the flag as a kid, I was pledging allegiance to the U.S. military or the local police department. I figured I was in front of a general symbol of my nation, and the populace therein. So when I see people kneeling, I see people trying to make a point that the COUNTRY, not the military, has a major issue that they want to hold a mirror to with peaceful protest. A similar issue is people who pretend that "Black Lives Matter" means "ONLY Black Lives Matter" or "Black Lives Matter MORE", than what is obvious to me "Black Lives Matter TOO" It seems like willful ignorance designed to deflect from the actual issue being presented. That said, I think the entire point of the protest has been so obscured by the controversy around it, so the point of it now seems to be defying the president,and the millions of Americans who think just like him.
  2. Jesus eating pork? I need to update my conspiracy board
  3. "(John Mccain's) not a hero. He got captured. I prefer people who don't get captured." "Veneral disease was my own personal Vietnam" These "patriots" voted for that
  4. You're a bit soft. Having you around isn't a good look for the fanbase. Thanks for doing this bro
  5. Both Newton and Winston are apparently sexist douchebags The future of the NFC South is bright
  6. Anybody got tickets in the one-fiddy range can let me know.
  7. He's not the QB we deserve, but the one we need right now.
  8. Between this and Jax blowing out the Ravens, England suuuure is getting their money's worth. Great product on display there, Rodg.
  9. soN, rEAding is fundamentaL
  10. Didn't a few of his TEs have good years in Washington and get drafted?
  11. Way far out there topic of discussion: What if Kazee picks off Taylor twice this game? Do we really bench him for the proven vet, or ride the hot hand?
  12. I bet the Stanford-educated Sherman could at least spell "uncultured"
  13. Need me to take your virginity?
  14. I could see a weird game with the Cowboys or Dolphins. They can play keep-away with their runningback, and we have yet to see how Sark responds to being severely on the wrong side of time of possession.
  15. Yeah but look at his 3-cone score