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  1. That's my bad, I meant signed with us.
  2. Winston's repeated incidents with women likely end any possibility he gets signed .
  3. Shouldn't this dbag have let Brees announce this?
  4. The OP asked which players should we pick if we had the number 4 pick in the draft. Even he didn't say that the Falcons players could have decided to lose in purpose to get a higher draft pick, so you repeating the point that they wouldn't do that is...perplexing. And I really don't see how I am trying to "convince" you that any professional athlete is trying to lose games, I really don't see anywhere where I wrote that. I personally see a coach resting his starters for the playoffs as an incredibly immediate form of tanking. You are sacrificing your chances to win a game that doesn't matter for your future goal of winning a championship. There are people who have decided that doing anything other than trying to win every game each season violates their sense of sportsmanship, but even they usually agree that in certain cases like preseason or right before the playoffs, winning the next game isn't the most important thing. Once again, not implying the players having anything to do with making those decisions in case I didn't make that clear.
  5. I may not be a genius, but I am able to argue a point without putting words in people's mouths. Can you show me where I said a "professional ball player" would have the incentive to tank? I clearly said this is something that only a front office with the support of the owner can do. And even disregarding recent evidence like the Miami Dolphins, any fan of the NBA would know that tanking is absolutely real in professional sports.
  6. Dude calm down, he's making a lighthearted thread asking what people's picks would be, and a couple of people are losing their **** to say tanking doesn't exist. If we decided to trade Austin Hooper and Trufant for thirds given our performance before the trade deadline, I would have considered the front office absolutely to be tanking. This could only happen with Arthur Blank on board, because he would have to assure TD and Quinn their jobs were safe for a year regardless of the team's final record. For the actual thread topic :At 4 I would seek to trade down to about where we are, and hopefully have another 1st rounder next year. If Kinlaw is gone at 16, I'd still trade down and try to get more picks next year.
  7. Too many bad QBs in NFL, if decently healthy he gets way more than vet minimum.
  8. In terms of physical ability, if not to-date production, John Cominsky is superior in every way. We have overemphasized tweeners since Dan Quinn got here, he has been chasing the next Michael Bennett for half a decade. Give me a pure edge rusher or pure defensive tackle in the first.
  9. I need to see our draft first. And even then I want an idea of what the heck kind of system we are running with Koetter in year 2.
  10. As soon as my county actually got some tests in, the number of positive cases increased exponentially. Imagine that.
  11. I didn't understand the Senat pick to begin with. An undersized Nose Tackle was a bizarre use of valuable draft capital.
  12. Our incompetent government declined the COVID-19 tests offered by WHO, putting it weeks behind in diagnosing this virus, which has 10 times the lethality of the common flu. If we had the number of tests we need, we likely would be floored by how many Americans actually have contracted this vs. the number reported. I predict this thread will not age well.
  13. So Chase Young would be emptying your savings account, slapping 5 grand on the bar next to the hottest chick there and saying "It's nice. How much?" Or are the Redskins her boyfriend in this scenario, and you pay him? I need a shower after this metaphor