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  1. Goddell is just the fall guy. He IS the Nfl shield, protecting owners from the backlash to their internal decisions. Was it Goddell who told the Browns to hire Kareem Hunt after he was on tape beating a woman?
  2. Both Mahomes and Brady have better cases.
  3. The Patriots wouldn't pay the 15 mil, I do know that. I am always suspicious of pay top money when a player has an outlier season right before their contract is up. Grady has always been good, but not 15 mill a year good until it was almost payday. The fact that he suddenly became a monster in the Superbowl, and his play dropped off from that level afterwards until recently, underlines that fact for me.
  4. Ownership would be split up between his ex-wife and heirs who would then turn around and sell a majority stake to the Atlanta Spirit LLC. Warrick Dunn would then increase his ownership stake from .001 percent to .005 percent.
  5. Nearly unstoppable
  6. Cedric Richmond is a Democrat, but wanting Goddell to testify over a football game is far less stupid than a Republican president shutting down the government and putting 800,000 + federal workers and untold number of contractors out of work over a wall another country was promised to pay for.
  7. Oh no, the South would actually have to pull its own weight then. "Southern Pride" apparently means using up more federal tax money than you could even hope to contribute.
  8. No way in **** that Georgia boy gonna shed tears for the freaking Saints. MLK would support Black Lives Matter, Kaepernick and the kneelers, which would p*ss alot of you off, I do know that.
  9. Have they already gotten back their money to crowdsource the wall?
  10. Boosie's kid is cute. Too bad his daddy thinks you should beat people up over losing a football game.
  11. Well I'm not being paid for my work right now because of a certain sentient can of vienna sausages, so I'm a bit salty haha.
  12. He's also a huge Trump supporter....so there's that too.
  13. I would be in, just for the chicks she would get as cheerleaders lmao
  14. So not even the days we smashed the Seahawks and Packers en route to the Superbowl? Tough crowd.
  15. Haha you should have had a bigger breakfast this morning. Climb down off the ledge