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  1. How can you describe one game as a "skid" ?
  2. I was rooting for him too, but saying definitively what the F.O. will do, one way or the other is a risky a.f. I've since decided now that I'm completely anti- leftfooted kickers. Let's not reinvent the wheel while we have Ryan/Julio, as every year should be a Superbowl window year.
  3. I think somebody already told on themselves lol
  4. There were plenty of people on here who were adamant that he was never coming back. Just goes to show you, never say never when you have no say in the matter.
  5. For somebody who posts as regularly as he obviously does, it is far more unlikely he has been able to avoid a thread including this or that falcons-related creator's content, compared to say....a guy under 2k posts. The more engaged you are, the more likely you are to see everything the forum has to offer. Whats so controversial about that?
  6. Carlton and Unintentional Groundings stuff is absolutely littered all over this website , whether its GIF reviews or highlight clips. At 108k posts it may actually be impossible that you haven't viewed some of their stuff, whether you knew it or not.
  7. If you are into NFL metrics with a focus on D-line, you have likely heard of him. His other gift to the internet was "Sackseer" which is similarly focused on projecting edge player prospects into the NFL. He is a well-known member of the sizable pro-am NFL community that is headlined by names like Brett Kohlmann, and includes Atlanta Falcons content creators like Carlton, UnintentionalGrounding and Charles McDonald aka FourtVerts. I would find it hard to believe if you haven't consumed any of these guys' work. Its honestly the path I expect our very own PeytonManningsForehead to take.
  8. Considering the the hold has to change when a Southpaw kicker comes on the field, and so many things can go wrong to make a kick miss, I'm comfortable with releasing the Italian kid and looking for Bryant's replacement next offseason . It's too delicate an operation to try to reinvent the wheel during a Superbowl window year.
  9. He's the guy who created the FORCE player metric to use combine numbers to predict likelyhood of success in the NFL.
  10. My problem with our team is that we have typically focused on fast and agile lineman and linebackers. The middle of our defense has lacked size up front for most of Quinn's time here. We had a year with Poe, but I like to see a super-strong, athletic NT, paired with a big-framed athletic base end to build a line around. It's why my ideal draft was Dexter Lawrence and Montez Sweat in the first, but we have at least secured Tyler Davidson who should help our cause there.
  11. He has the perfect persona for a strength and conditioning coach.
  12. If this had any possibility of being true, I'd trade them Sanu, loser of Brown/Carpenter, and even Devonta Freeman for Clowney. They lost Lamar Miller to ACL and I am confortable with Ito and Ollison. Assuming Beasley won't be back, we should be able to afford Clowney once those other players are taken into consideration. We might have to backload things a bit though
  13. The great thing is, as adults we can reject the philosophy "They did it first !" This thread was complimenting Takk and only Takk, I saw no reason to bring up Vic Beasley just to take a shot at the people who haven't given up on him. Rise Up, ya_boi_j
  14. Falcons stan. Silly to divide fans of the same team into camps based on players, but I guess sowing discord about the most asinine things is just human nature, unfortunately.
  15. They both play for the Falcons, maybe we are rooting for both of them?