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  1. Any other year and you would have a point. Up until "Run the table" the Packers were floundering, and his play was a major cause. You can't take credit from Matt by pointing to his offensive scheme, given they had it a year before and had nowhere near the same results. Mack and two new wideouts helped, but Matt working on his craft with 3dqb was the spark of the 2016 turnaround. Brady will get it for the great abbreviated season and the epic Superbowl comeback, but Matt was the more consistant postseason QB.
  2. This video alone justifies the internet's existance.
  3. I think if he takes another step we'd move Rocky tbh.
  4. Would you be comfortable with a scenario where we lose Jalen Collins after next year? The NFC South gets taller every draft.
  5. Matt didn't stand up to Kyle in the Superbowl, be interesting to see if he would stand up to Tom Codon. He supposedly fires clients who reject top dollar, but Matt is a d@mn large cash cow to dump at this point. And thats assuming Matt gives an f either way about helping the team capwise lol.
  6. Lol, bye Free. But seriously we should push for like a 6 year 128 million, with an absurdly high guaranteed number. Its not a Tom Brady level hometown discount, but hopefully Matt will be interested in helping retain this young defense longterm.
  7. Our defense is basic as heIl. The rough part is the install, which they mastered 3/4 into the 2016 regular season. Now they can focus on fine-tuning their technique, boosting their communication, and absorbing the opponent's offense. With Poe and an improving Hageman, you wont even be able to get to Deion, who is 10 lbs bigger. Keanu Neal is evolving his training regiment and is working on flexibility and durability. The NFC South is about to be littered with even more carcasses this time. Barring injuries, this is the season the Falcons threaten to detrone Seattle.
  8. I seriously doubt it. We need to extend Ryan and Matthews, keep either Poe or Hageman, and think about Jarrett and Collins very soon.
  9. Good to have you back parmesan.
  10. If Free hadn't fractured Alex Mack's leg we wouldn't have lost. If Free hadn't whiffed on that block we wouldn't have lost. As honest as hes being, it doesn't help the team from a trust standpoint. Teams that point the finger, even when justified, tend to fall apart. I think its time to admit Free is more like his agents than we want to admit.
  11. I liked his hustle, but even healthy I didn't see him justifying his pricetag.
  12. Lighten up Jim, seriously. Nothing that I wrote is being "stupid" with money. You can enjoy your money and set it away to grow at the same time. Its called being a millionaire.
  13. They only do 10 a week....it's a long offseason lol
  14. They will be better. Giants>Cowboys everywhere except o-line/runningback. Eli has so many quick, shifty guys now, they don't actually need the o-line to hold up long. They can checkdown and feast on y.a.c. all day long. After a season of film, will be interesting to see how Dak does. And of course the gap in their defenses is freaking massive.
  15. Andy be having me hype as a mofo for this season. Hi H.M.F.I.C.