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  1. No way Georgia should be in as a two loss team that didn't win the SEC
  2. I'd say the Browns make your head spin with how quickly they'd hire Mike McCarthy. They would imagine something like the success Reid is having with a change of scenery in Kansas City
  3. He looks like he's been putting on a bit of weight
  4. These are the type of moves the Falcons should be making. Aquiring physically gifted players who might need a change of scenery for discounted value. We are not the team to do this trade in particular given the contraversy with Apple and defensive co-ordinator
  5. The good players are selected by Pioli, the bad ones by Dimitroff.
  6. I wonder if there is an iconic Koetter lurking behind Smith photo, like then one of Blank....
  7. Last video I saw where a db was insisting to a teammate he was gonna get an int and did was Ed Reed.....just a little anecdote. He, Debo and Takk can be the three pillars of our D going forward.
  8. He wont be coming out this year. He's a sophomore.
  9. I think those people who do "lose a wink of sleep" would counter that Freeman and Trufant were overpaid, and their contracts have hamstrung our team's ability to bring in help this year. Grady seems to have fewer flaws than the frequently concussed rb with poor blocking and the cover corner with no ball skills, but we have been burned twice recently, so being worried is perfectly reasonable.
  10. Him saying "another" makes it sound like he thinks that happened though. The only other first round d-linemen are Peria Jerry and Takk. Nobody would call them too friendly...
  11. Are you seriously blaming TD for Jamaal Anderson??? This board. This freaking board.
  12. If this is true, the O.P. has some splainin' to do.
  13. Other than Peria Jerry (who fell down steps), who are you talking about?
  14. A lot of it is we have been watching Aaron Rodgers torch people with the back shoulder fade for years, and that's really not something we've seen from Matt through the years. Still, he has had a nice one to Ridley already this season.
  15. Make every QB wear Flak jackets like Cam.