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  1. Pro bowls don't really mean anything anymore.
  2. Looking back at these makes me realize how good Matt Ryan is now. He has improved so **** much. I want Ryan to have trust in Hooper like he had in Tony.
  3. How were they impatient when they had him blocked. You can't see the future.
  4. You were a fan. You aren't anymore. Fair to say? You want them to leave Georgia so you don't have to "root" for them anymore. Bashed in the head? It's a game. Nothing more than that. The loss doesn't carry past the final whistle for me. (The Superbowl stung for a few days) there are more important things in life.
  5. This explains a lot about you. You aren't a true fan at all. Just *****ing just to ***** constantly about anything and everything.
  6. Bill Bellichek for not starting his best corner and trying to run Philly special with slow *** Brady?
  7. This is the big thing for me. Matt Ryan is a next level QB right now. In 2012 he was on the cusp. 13-15 had setbacks because of the the ridiculous Oline injuries along with practice squad wide receivers, and a terrible defenses. 16-18 he might be close to his final form. Frieza would be proud.
  8. If it's nice out, Yes. If it's not, Nope.
  9. I'm digging Hill the more I see him. He definitely has that skill set.
  10. They also have average to below average backs on that squad.
  11. I agree...lol
  12. 14th unless you're not counting Atlanta.