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  1. Yeah when he's had a workload he hasn't done anything. It's not his skill set and thats OK. He's a nice compliment and nothing more. 5-8 carries per game is enough for him. Might even be less because Ito is the better back.
  2. They are gonna be tall af. Wife is 5'9 and he is as close to 6'5 as you can get.
  3. People in their feelings for the dumbest stuff man. I swear...
  4. I just love everything this *********** is doing right now. Proud of him.
  5. Did they run Everytime Jamon was in? Jk! ...But did they?
  6. I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.
  7. **** Gritz I just saw on Twitter. My heart breaks for you man. Stay strong. You have all the prayers.
  8. Bro we beat the dog **** out of them. Perfect payback for that abysmal playoff game the year before.
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