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  1. James Stone! Get it right!!!
  2. This is by FAR the worst throw of his career.
  3. No. They would've turned on Ryan.
  4. The timing was off. He was just kicking to kick. He was never going to miss that kick.
  5. Come on now...
  6. Bro if we can't find one to run Four Verts then I don't know wtf we are gonna do.
  7. You don't think they need the reps? Maybe that's why they are passing more?
  8. Considering he just used to use a speed rush, I don't think he's just relying on the bull rush.
  9. Wow. Wasn't expecting that! He will definitely have an opportunity to play in NE. Good luck to the young man.
  10. I like how you took this completely serious.
  11. Kobe too. But the most famous football player probably doesn't have 1/8 of the popularity of a LeBron James or even Jordan to this day around the world.
  12. I went 3 years in a row for a couple days each. I was really glad they moved it to the mornings that **** was hot af in the afternoon. I love it there. Its free, food is only a dollar, you can see your favorite players up close, and sometimes free stuff is given away.
  13. Drop passes that lead to a buttload of INTs.
  14. Really? **** bro. Did you miss that year?