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  1. Oh so you're a full blown troll with no shame. Got it.
  2. So he's lying?
  3. Redskins game was NOT a nailbiter. Not even close.
  4. He had to make it soo dramatic
  5. Ryan needs to stop dominating. Throw a few gimme picks and fumble a few times while we are up in a game. Maybe even have a couple of fake arguments in the sidelines and throw some subtle shade in some interviews.
  6. He will get you once a game.
  7. My bad for making the angry, trolling Falcon fan mad everyone. As one poster pointed out, hes been negative all year. Then he was crying and whining ALL game Sunday as we we're blowing them out. Called him out to get him riled up
  8. Actually all those nlmight be true BUT the gap between QB and WR is VERY substantial
  9. It was my first at FedEx and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the falcons fans rolled DEEP. I love it.