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  1. I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.
  2. **** Gritz I just saw on Twitter. My heart breaks for you man. Stay strong. You have all the prayers.
  3. Fire been around for a while, OG
  4. Bro we beat the dog **** out of them. Perfect payback for that abysmal playoff game the year before.
  5. Rico is REALLY good depth. It would be awesome if he wasn't starting at all but come in for spells or injuries. At least you know he isn't a wildcard and will play solid enough football.
  6. When you forget how good Larry Fitz was
  7. Tired of your fail threads
  8. love all it honestly. Cracks me up that his priorities are so screwed up that he had to write all of this because of jerseys.
  9. Yes we use the three step drop. No we don't use it as often as we should or maybe not in the right spots, but we do use it.
  10. This ..is... incredible.
  11. Tampa Bay is actually a good QB away
  12. No purple for me lol
  13. We are not the top receiving corps lmao stop it.
  14. Makes an OP... No one agrees...Gets mad