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  1. Ryan also had made the pro bowl 4 times and an all pro and has been snubbed about 2 more times.
  2. Thank you man! It's off season so I'm just lurking these days. I'm not a big college football guy so my knowledge of draft things are severely limited. I usually don't speak on things I don't know! I'll be around. More so when the season is approaching!
  3. We can always count on you Jesus 🙏🙏
  4. No bro. Seattle was not junk yards. Even still...two games? Chill on the rhetoric. Yea, his skills might be "fading" but 26-11 and over 4500 yds when we were in almost every game means he isn't near done.
  5. How were they junk yards? We were in almost every game. Literally only one game wasn't winnable and the was against Green Bay. I know you're not a fan but come on dude.
  6. Doesn't he have a rib injury? Y'all need to chill lol.
  7. Ryan has little better arm that. That wasn't even 50 yds in the air. They played tough though!
  8. Y'all out here really blaming Ryan for the last two games 😂😭
  9. It's true. He's had 3 crap games in a row which I've never seen. Time for him to go.
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