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  1. True. Some guys stay in trouble whether they did anything or not because of the positions they put themselves in. In his case, he's been protected and they are coming down hard on any sexual harassment of any kind recently. If that rape charge would've happened today, the whole thing would've played out very differently.
  2. Ryan has always been top 5/top 3 against blitz.
  3. What!? He throws passes All the time. Y'all are killin me.
  4. Has it been confirmed he's taken control of the playcalling or is this just speculation.
  5. He's still on that Matt Ryan/Andy Dalton ********. **** him.
  6. Dallas? Lmao! Giants? Nah. San Fran? **** NAH!
  7. It makes me question if these are actually grown men with families, jobs, and responsibilities.
  8. The only reason I think it's legit is because sometimes I see the attendance over capacity for certain events.
  9. It does though. That's tickets through the gate man.
  10. It does though. Just in my section at the Dolphins game I went to the bathroom and there were TONS of people walking around. I think a lot of people aren't grasping the concept of a brand new stadium and people wanting to explore. It might not have been 100% but was for sure 95%.