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  1. Now the eagles get the distinct honor of losing to the pats in the SB
  2. Keenum gonna keenum
  3. Good thing we don't care about UGA in Atlanta
  4. Bring it on! They did not impress today. Only thing scary about the saints are the Katrina refs
  5. Neither of these teams look scary at all. Can't see either beating vikes
  6. McCaffrey looked open enough to get the 1st
  7. Panthers are straight trash
  8. Tomorrow I believe
  9. nah we would have found a way to fumble the lead away anyways... but yes, refs screwed us we just screwed ourselves worse
  10. refs screwed us but it doesn't matter because we screwed ourselves worse
  11. we suck today so might not have won but we never stood a chance with the refs
  12. of course they throw a flag on us
  13. ive never witnessed such blatant cheating