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  1. Let's hope we get to 1!
  2. Brees just trying to make sure he never wins a MVP lol
  3. Katrina refs?
  4. Not surprised. Just glad it wasn't a bad beat down. Could have been much worse
  5. Let the bounty year go. You won a Superbowl that forever had an asterisks next to it
  6. If you think Sean Payton is one to call the dogs off you're crazy lol
  7. Nah they just seem ok. Good not great
  8. At least they don't look that scary. Way better than us but not that good
  9. Saints fans awful cocky for a team who hasn't made the NFC championship in almost a decade. Keep acting like y'all are the Patriots lol
  10. Hoping for a rematch in the Superbowl
  11. I still have a feeling saints will find an improbable way to blow it in the playoffs like last year. Saints haven't made a NFC championship game in almost a decade.
  12. Saints D also sucks but all 3 are scary
  13. Fire him. DQ is a bum
  14. As long as Quinn is coach our window is firmly shut
  15. Hope he rips them apart from the inside