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  1. By FAR, the worst LB we have ever had....Aundray Bruce is somewhere laughing his *** off
  2. Great question, I think we have already planned for it...Knappster will take over the worse things get. Maybe just a series here or there, then maybe a quarter...half..game...next year Sark GONE.
  3. No way Falcons admit that mistake that early, Riley plays.
  4. That's pretty spot on, felt that way for a while. Hard to believe Buck/Kincaide still going....I like Hugh , but totally agree- I almost rather listen to commercials. Problem is - Steak/Sandra/Finn are just a smidge better...been music in the mornings for a while. Grown to know Steak isn't ever leaving the Atlanta market.
  5. Nope, but we had a tight end throwing him the ball. Couldn't and still can't get to even his second read. Ridley would be wide tf open and get over/under thrown. His numbers should have been way better. Our RB caught the second most passes this year(17). Ridleys stats went down every year. His first and only year with Coker at qb he had 89 catches and on his way to break all records.
  6. Don't know if said...but here is my conspiracy theory... 2015 Julio signed (as I remember it) somewhat of a team discounted contract to help bring in some FA (Chester/Tamme/Schofield/Clayborn/Hankerson/Durant/Reed/WIlliams-etc) As of today he is the 8th highest paid WR. Matt hasn't signed his extension and obviously handicapped our ability to bring in any FA (Fusco/Paulsen/Bethel) JJ is/was training with TO, I heard an interview where TO somewhat stated how important JJ value is even when he is not targeted, which I agree. Noway, Gabriel gets his new deal without his year here (never would have happened if no JJ) or our other wrs have the numbers they do. Matt Ryan would NOT be the QB without JJ, he does so much for the offense, at times triple covered. Matts' or his agents' unwillingness to get the deal done to help the team bring in FA so he gets his $ (on the back of JJ) when JJ got it done (even if after) for the team may have hit a nerve we are not used to seeing in JJ.
  7. I guess...more realistic is probably those "ifs". I mean that could lead to something, you need a lot of things to go your way.
  8. Yep. Hope not. But I assume you have watched every game this season? Anything there tell you we couldn't lose?
  9. Crazy..."if" huh? Probably some of those "ifs" on the teams we beat too? We just aren't playing good football in any game this year-minus 1st TB game and GB. Which tells me we are lucky to be where we are now and most likely will lose both games.
  10. Still don't think so, he turned and from that angle where else does he block him. And you cant say don't block him...different mentality at his position. Was it a bad hit, of course ...flag/fine and that's it.
  11. Agreed, he is a middle LB- a savage for sure, dirty player not even close. Split second call, in no way dirty.
  12. We missed on Sark...Quinn had to whiff on one, too bad it was a big one.
  13. Great call on Hoop-gonna snatch him in my fantasy league ...gracias.
  14. Agreed, not really sure what Rico brings to the team...want to see Kazee get those reps
  15. Think the thing I like most is he has that crazy, not sure we have anyone else that has the ability to be sick mean. Gotta have at least one on your DLINE if your gonna make some real noise.
  16. Here's to Foster falling....but IF we trade up its for Harris, otherwise trade back.
  17. Same , by a long shot. Always liked MLB position and really we have never had a STUD, apologies to Jessie Tuggle. To see him flying all over the field and natural instincts is awesome. As an admitted Rico hater, I find myself watching him a lot too- just f&cking up a lot.
  18. No way on earth R. Allen gets a legit anything ...ever ...anywhere, especially here. His replacement will be here by training camp if not FA.
  19. Breadslicer had the sickest sigs...lol like mine that I stole from him, great poster too. Where did he go?
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