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  1. The media is still at it....let's see, how did this get started? #And who is perpetuating it?How else to could they continue to insult and needle us, but by fostering a state of animous between the owner and fans... smh Let's see where the facts take us, and deal with it then. Until they take the dirty bird bus and fly away, I remain a Falcon loyalst....Atlanta Falcons that is....
  2. Here is the deal with this one: Butt hurt. In the true sense of his screen namesake, he could not pull a shakedown from AB and the Falcons...take your rainbown and follow it...yr
  3. Could not agree with you more Tandy. Then, we would have to look no further than, players ability, or desire...skill, or will AND the very basic of coaching philoposhy. Smitty told us he was going to do things different this year? Did he really? The spoils if victory favor the bold, not the timid... I saw timid and underwhelming...I would rather die by the sword in battle, than perish w/o so much as a whimper. No way the Falcons should have gagged up this game!
  4. Why is it some coaches fall into a barrel of pickles and find a pickle, while others come out with a rotten Koch?....is it just bad luck, or a product of not knowing the difference between the two? So apparently the same argument fits both Mark Richt and Mike Smith? Catching the opposition off guard?...failed x 2!
  5. What a year! Braves, how we lost. Chipper retiring. Dawgs, how we lost. Falcons, how we lost. Tony retiring.. Hawks, sorry, don't care. Anyway, I enjoyed my interaction with you guys and appreciate the fact that for the most part, we seem to enjoy a lot in common. With that said, good luck to our teams, and to you guys as well...we will be alright! Roger... aka. Falcon Talon, broken
  6. I'm one that has been with the Falcons since 1966, so, Fulton County Stadium was my second home. Braves and Falcons...I have two of the original seats in my garage. Yup, 57 and full of whiskey. I do like Smith though...
  7. Next HC is in the next state over to the West. A proven winner with cred. What say Julio?
  8. Next HC is in the next state over to the West. A proven winner with cred. What say Julio?
  9. The fans did everything that was asked of them...we left it on the field (figuratively speaking of course) and what did we get? Anyway, I suppose a half of loaf is better than no biscuit at all !!
  10. Smh... At least $500.00 or r.t.o....then it's more. Lol
  11. They didn't get what they wanted...they played to the script. Folks face it...the NFL is nothing more but a script for Hollywood, going back about 12 years of so. Falcons just ain't got the juice, just yet. Are we not hip enough? Are we seen as old man, old style football? Do we need to do something outrageous for attention? Perhaps the first Female HC, or GM??? That would be good for Hollywood/NFL/media don't you know...always a gimmick. Brother vs Brother, retiring player that was implicated in a murder that credits God for his transcending the event and a tatted up dude with bible verses
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