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  1. I would bet money he wasnt aware of it, I've seen all kids of things he does for sick kids and other people. I don't think he's a bad guy. I would think he makes a trip to see her or at least signs a bunch of stuff for her after the post season. We cant for a second speculate on what he knew or didnt know, maybe he got some bad family knews and had to be somewhere? We don't know.
  2. That's true, you could see after the Packers score to start the second half they just looked completely deflated and almost not willing to work
  3. That was HILARIOUS when they said that they hadnt punted in the 4th quarter and they panned over to Masthay trying to look like he was "getting loose" but really just looked oddly bored
  4. Spot on analysis there, I would add Rodgers to that other QB list, he can drop it anywhere out to 60 yards. Ryan just doesnt have the arm strength, I like most everything else about him though
  5. What's worse though, losing a heartbreaker at the buzzer or getting blown up?
  6. Heck yeah hats off to us, that game was awesome! Sorry it didnt go your way but someone has to lose. I have had a great time on this board the last week and will prolly not be scarce in the future!
  7. I guess when you put it like that, I think he struggles to make some of the throws and made some pretty poor decisions tonight that lead to a sack or two when he could have gotten it away... It's hard to say obviously, he's good at the short and intermediate game, that is for sure. Don't judge him by this game though, they got down real big in a hurry and no one deals well with that. The pick 6 was pretty bad though and honestly I think if Roddy doesnt grab Woodson on the first series that is a pick 6 as well. The next 2 years will tell you if he can get to that level or not. Even if he doesn
  8. Yeah dude... it's his **** third year, people need to stop jumping off the Matt Ryan train. The world is still round, your team is still good
  9. I had mentioned in a different post when someone said the Packers suck in domes that we were actually built for them, great QB and perfect conditions for the WRs... Tonight you guys just ran into the Rodgers buzzsaw, he was crazy good tonight, it should be illegal to throw the ball like that on the move. Get those receivers hot and it's tough to stop, not to mention Starks did an O.K. job keeping a tiny bit of balance. I did not see this game coming at all but it was nice to watch because I wasnt nearly having a heart attack all game. See you next year in the playoffs
  10. I wish I had been more confident I guess, this game, I did not see coming... although it was nice
  11. There was talk of it in some circles coming in yeah..
  12. Can we put the Ryan v Rodgers talent and tier debate to bed?
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