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  1. My point exactly. They've already got it good, especially considering many would not otherwise have the opportunity - whether due to financial limitations, academic limitations, or both - to even get into one of these schools, let alone walk out with said degree. And tuition, as you know, is just one of countless perks that comes with an athletic scholarship. Now if you want to make the argument that at this point in time, the notion of the "college athlete" (especially as relates to big time football) is a total farce anyway, I absolutely agree. You're right, the system sucks, and is stupid. But flawed as it is, I don't believe upending what's there in an effort to benefit the "vast majority" who believe they'll be playing Sundays (vast majority at the football factories maybe, but certainly not the vast majority of D1), would improve things at all. Probably just the opposite actually. After all, this is the NCAA we're talking about, so of course they'll get it wrong.
  2. The 3 year rule? That's an NFL rule, not NCAA.
  3. Yeah, it's a part of it. But what's the average number of annual draft picks for even the biggest football factories? It's a relatively small number (let's say 5-7), while a plurality if not majority of D1 schools might have a single player (or none) taken in the draft each year. I'm not saying I don't think players deserve more freedom - in many ways I think they do - but the argument that Kirby isn't selling scholarships to kids like Tyrique Stevenson discounts the fact that many college athletes, football players and otherwise, know that graduation will be the end of the line for their playing career. Most people could only dream of the opportunity these kids have. I'm not sure how wise it is to upend a system, flawed as it is, to benefit a small handful of players, such as Justin Fields.
  4. That's actually not why I don't like it, though I am happy that certain archaic rules are changing (for the benefit of the players) or likely soon will. However, if college football evolves into what would essentially be a semi-pro feeder league to the NFL, but with far inferior talent, I'd prefer to just follow the NFL.
  5. I agree with this totally. Same regarding how the Haselwood thing played out. Probably dodged a bullet there. Frankly, I like Pickens more anyway, and definitely prefer his attitude.
  6. I really don't care about the waiver apart from the potential Pandora's Box the NCAA just opened. But in light of how he managed to secure his waiver, knowing he'd still be in Athens had he been successful in taking Fromm's job, this statement rings hollow and insincere. Because despite what some here are saying, it was anything but an amicable split. So while I wish him no ill will, I can't understand these dawg fans who say they wish him all the best. Screw that. But as you said - he's no longer our problem.
  7. He didn't clarify a thing regarding the circumstances of his transfer. Probably should have said nothing. The whole thing is disingenuous to the core.
  8. When Fromm committed Georgia hadn't sniffed a national championship game in 35 years.
  9. He's not even in the SEC anymore. I don't care at all what happens with either of those guys.
  10. Thank god this saga is finally over. Kirby has some adversity right now. I personally think his inexperience has contributed to it. How he responds will be telling.
  11. So the statement says Urban didn't 'condone or cover up' the abuse allegations, then goes on to say how the abuse allegations were essentially covered up. Hence the suspension. What a load of ********.
  12. Well, what's his excuse now?
  13. Guess so.
  14. Trust me, I despise UT as much as the next dawg - I just don’t see how anyone can say it’s a foregone conclusion that the staff Pruitt has assembled won’t work. Sure,Volnation is populated by idiots, but doesn’t that go without saying? There’s a lot of talent and experience on that staff now. They certainly didn’t downgrade. The biggest question mark in my mind is the head coach.
  15. I agree it’s hyperbole compared to what’s going on in Athens right now, but contrasted with Tennessee’s previous staffs, they have cause to be excited. Rocker didn’t get us where we wanted to be, but I was VERY excited when we hired him (and many other UGA fans were too). He’s a renowned coach with an impressive track record. He was an upgrade over Rumph. So I can understand why UT would be similarly excited. And from a recruiting perspective (and I’m probably wrong on some of these) wasn’t he on d line when we brought in Thompson, Rochester, Marshall, Carter etc.? Yes I realize those are Georgia kids and excluding Rochester probably Georgia leans, but he didn’t let them get away to Auburn or Alabama or whatever. Not a bad haul. Point is both coaches were good for Georgia, and are likely massive upgrades for UT. I just don’t understand belittling those hires, especially by a program like UT.