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  1. His behavior the last couple days, this morning's tweets, the videos he's posted ... he appears to be manic.
  2. EDIT: I see he wouldn't need any flips, but would need to hold every other state he won 4 years ago ... which seems like a tall order. And yeah, without Florida, it's over.
  3. Wouldn't a Trump win being decided by PA mean that he also swept those rust belt states again? Otherwise, I'd assume he would need to flip a couple of states that were blue in 2016, which seems unlikely. His chances in WI and MI look even slimmer than in PA, at least right now.
  4. Well if those here who said the real reason Newman left was because he got beat by one of these guys ... then Newman must have SUCKED.
  5. Just can't stop with the political stuff, I see. Anyway, as more schools shift to virtual learning in the coming weeks and months, it will be interesting to watch these games played on empty campuses, exposing once and for all what a joke the whole "student athlete" sham has become.
  6. There are a lot of other threads on this board in which to discuss politics, libs, Trump, etc. I hope we have football this Fall, and many outstanding questions relating to the virus, spread on college campuses, impact on college-age kids, etc. will be answered over the next month. I found out last night that a coworker is in ICU. Not too much older than the athletes we're discussing. The suggestion that covid will be a non-issue after November 3, or that two college athletics conferences postponing their seasons is an elaborate attempt to hurt Donald Trump is ridiculous and offensive.
  7. I tried the A120 when it came out. It IS very hot. I didn't love it (though it was good) but kind of wish I could try it again for comparison. You should grab that bottle while you can! I went into my shop on Saturday and they had 12 B520s on the shelf. I couldn't believe it. Might grab another next time I want to splurge but you're right, the September bottle is right around the corner and I'm very curious to see what that's like.
  8. FWIW, I was talking with a coworker about B520 a couple weeks ago. He told me that as great as it is, he preferred A120.
  9. And as you said - the product doesn't even come close to meriting that price. Good, sure. But $2,000 good? If you try the Larceny B520 please let us know what you think. My shop had a few bottles last time I was in there, but I went for the EC instead. In fact, they still had a few EC B520. I really might have to go and pick up another of these.
  10. I picked one of these up a few weeks ago, and finally cracked it open tonight. I'm generally a fan of Elijah Craig, but did not love the A120 or the B519 (I did not try last year's C). I went into this with tempered expectations, despite the hype. This is an incredible bourbon! This is up there with the best bourbons I've ever had. Absolute perfection, and a steal at this price point.
  11. And I believe those are Thursday's numbers. Friday's report broke their daily record for the third day in a row with over 4000 confirmed cases. Florida has broken their single day record 7 of the past 10 days.
  12. Lesson should be a lengthy prison sentence. Everything in that article is stunning.
  13. I'm team Evans if Kirby ultimately gives the OK. If not, I'm good either way. He's a Crowell-esque liability for sure, and perhaps not worth the risk, but I'd love to see this guy running between the hedges.
  14. Only took a day for Carter to be vindicated. Wow.
  15. I'm glad Bobo landed on his feet so quickly, but man is it going to be weird to see him calling plays for SC. I have a bad feeling Coley isn't going anywhere.
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