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  1. So, Auburn it is then.
  2. Biggest troll on this board. The guy that started the "fire Mark Richt" thread after every UGA loss. He's been waiting 10 weeks to show up.
  3. Yeah, I do. Program is moving in the right direction, but humiliating beatdowns like this one should always be unacceptable, and especially for a #1 ranked team. In fact, that was one of Kirbys key points in his introductory presser - that these types of games wouldn't happen any longer. This game wasn't the disaster it was because Kirby doesn't have "his guys." And frankly, 9-0 likely wouldn't have been a reality had several key players (you know, guys Kirby didn't recruit) not stuck around. My problem is that Georgia got manhandled for 58 minutes and never adjusted. No contingency plan. Almost felt like the possibility of playing from behind never occurred to them. Tons of blame to go around, but this was a big coaching fail.
  4. I hear what you're saying, but also two very different situations. This was an epic collapse on so many levels. Terrible coaching and gameplan.
  5. In recent weeks, I'd started to wonder if I'd been too critical of Chaney in his first year. But then, we hadn't yet faced any real adversity. He's completely one dimensional.
  6. USCe '12 UF '14 UA '15 thought these games might be behind us but guess not.
  7. You just had to go there, didn't you? On a side note, on the drive home tonight I heard an auburn guy saying Gus' job depends on beating either Georgia or Alabama, if not both. I'm always nervous about this game, and really am this year.
  8. Haven't been on Volnation in a while, but the melt occurring over this is really something to behold.
  9. And first CB in for Mays to Georgia ...
  10. Kipp just put his in.
  11. How much of a shot, if any, do we have at Mays? That would be quite the coup.
  12. Who are the two guys on far left and far right?
  13. No chance.
  14. You've got to give it to Florida though - McElwain was a terrible hire, but as it become increasingly evident he wasn't the right guy, they pulled the plug. The fact that Butch is still hanging around at Tennessee is just pathetic. And this news makes their coaching search that much tougher.
  15. Sounds like Mac's been fired.