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  1. That reminds me of about four years back or so the Dolphins were coming in — they’d just picked Jay Cutler up off the scrap heap and fired their offensive line coach the same week for doing Coke off his desk on a live video to his stripper girlfriend. They were in total shambles. I just knew that was gonna be an easy W. Them fools came back from 17 points down on us.
  2. Aaron Glenn is in a bind. He knows he can’t defend that passing game with single high and he can’t stop the run with two high. Sheesh.
  3. All that off-season drama had to have taken a toll.
  4. Devondre’s already in mid-season form.
  5. I kinda like what Detroit is doing here. They’re really looking to take the load off of Goff and control the line.
  6. That was an outside zone on that play by the Lions btw… not a sweep.
  7. Nah man little inside joke referencing a gem of a thread from last week.
  8. 3 man rush on second and ten? Okay, so it’s gone be that type of game for Detroit.
  9. He does look as good as advertised. Lions are lucky they don’t have an owner that makes them draft players like Kyle Pitts to sell season hype.
  10. Dan Campbell looks like he chops wood all day and eats dinner in run down strip clubs.
  11. Devondre Campbell is still in the league?
  12. Okay Jared Goff… and look at that pass pro. So that’s what that’s like.
  13. I so hope they play in snow in those uniforms before the season is over.
  14. These Lion uniforms look like those TNF color rush joints. Too much white. Who signed off on that?
  15. Didn’t hear “soft souls” once. Kudos. He isn’t a cliche machine.
  16. And there was a back in the backfield. This two weeks in a row our protection schemes have been suspect.
  17. Da f*** kinda half-a** block was that Calvin Ridley? Ya man’s coulda had the first down!
  18. Yep, little too predictable there. Been going to those curls a little too much.
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