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  1. Big and slow gets hurt too.
  2. Not with Sark still calling the plays.
  3. Wagner is hurt tonight.
  4. And if we had capitalized on the plays that were there we would have done the same thing. Plays were there this week, plays were there last week. Difference is we capitalized today.
  5. Tough to know for sure but it looked to me like Ridley ran the wrong route because I could have sworn I saw a similar double out concept at another point in the game where you had the outside receiver high and the inside receiver low.
  6. I was gone save this for later because I didn’t want to be the one to say it but yeah. The game Sark called today wasn’t really that different than week one. Difference was we won the LOS, which allowed us to establish the run which allowed us to totally get into our offense.
  7. Yeah but the issues last week weren’t the issues that plagued us last season.
  8. It was too soon last week but that didn't stop anyone.
  9. They were mixing it up. A couple of times they were spying him, a couple of times he was in a contain rush where they don’t really set the edge rushers to fly upfield but rush to a certain spot and make sure the QB can’t escape out either side. Ill have more thorough analysis later. I’m still a little charged up.
  10. I’m gonna go back and look at it. I might have that one wrong. My testicles were climbing into my stomach right about that point in the game.
  11. If it’s the play I’m thinking about there’s no way they’ll call that with the running back in the General vicinity, even if the ball darn near went into the stands.
  12. They were but this isn’t the first time our pass rush went incognito when we needed it the most. Some of those plays at the end they were just straight getting stoned... and not the good stoned.
  13. The guy from the Bengals who got tossed in week one didn’t. Hopefully they don’t decide to set a precedent with us.
  14. Believe it or not they didn’t do what they did today. They were still manning up and trying to contest, and mixing it up. NE just kept making plays and once again we ran out of pass rush when we needed it. That issue is getting old.
  15. We had to know it was gonna be hard without Deion, Keanu, and then Kazee but man they didn’t do themselves any favors today. Should have been an easy 14 win.
  16. And dammit if he didn’t almost catch it! SMH 1-1 beats 0-2 any day though. I’ll take it.
  17. That’s the thing I kept coming back to this whole offseason. We simply need another guy... or three.
  18. He hasn’t which is telling they’re going with a rookie in this critical situation over him.
  19. Zero pass rush. Zero against this makeshift line. I know they’re getting a little tired but this is disgusting.
  20. Oh lawd here we go. Falcons can’t ever just take an easy win. That wasn’t a true prevent btw... but they played off and a lot softer on that drive than they have been.
  21. He got a couple of good pressures on this drive.
  22. I don’t think they will but this is time to work some stuff. And we’re gonna need our pass rush to come alive if we’re going anywhere.
  23. Yeah my bad on that one. I turned away right after the td. effn Browns man.
  24. I’m not saying this one is over yet but I want to see the pass rush come alive this drive. This is everything this d is supposed to be built for. Get the lead and unleash that speed to close out games in the 4th.
  25. Dang. I Browns gone Brown Dang!