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  1. “Believes”? You were calling it, you done had two days to watch the film and you aren’t any more definitive than that? I hope that’s out of context. And here’s my laugh for the day. Good day, gentlemen.
  2. This is actually supposed to play right into the design of the defense. You can’t press the ball down the field if you’re throwing it that quick and you can’t get beat by checkdowns... unless you can’t tackle and aren’t sound in coverage.
  3. Sounds like you feel the same way about these jokers as me.
  4. Sooooo, you can change the essence of a man if you beat the **** out of him?
  5. What's Chuck's username? I know he on here somewhere. Saw a couple of mentions made a few days ago on the board about Vic skipping OTA's and how disrespectful it was.
  6. Everyone’s been trying to give Kubiak credit for that offensive surge. Personally, I like him, but I’m not sure he’s seasoned enough yet for the big job. He hasn’t even had a full season as a playcaller, then you couple in he wasn’t really on anyone’s radar at all before last year. He wasn’t a complete unknown as a QB coach, but it’s not like he’s had a rep as a rising star who’s been waiting in the wings, like say Mike Tomlin did when he was building his rep as a DB coach before taking over as Viking DC for only one year before he got hired in Pittsburgh.
  7. I could agree with you up until a few weeks ago. Even when we came out the gate falling all over ourselves, I kept pointing out when we did force teams to throw, we were doing a solid job of breaking down the pocket, even though the sack numbers weren’t there. The problem was coverage wasn’t forcing QBs to hold the ball. But it’s been a different story the past few weeks. Front and back have been totally inept. Agreed on MM. I’ve mentioned Jerome Henderson a few times not getting enough heat for this mess. He’s supposed to be the secondary coach and passing game coordinator and we seem to be getting worse by the week.
  8. Always been a proponent of drafting the best players irregardless of need. Drafting for need will have you doing some stupid stuff. Truth is, my friend, it’s probably a lot of both: DQ, whose wheelhouse is supposed to be the defensive line has come up short, and TD hasn’t drafted well in that spot. And we can go way back on that one, long before Quinn got here.
  9. We haven’t ignored the problem but we haven’t attacked it with the ferocity I thought we would either. We scoop up Freeney, which was a big get but then we let him walk the next year when he had some football left, when Clay got healthy. Clay has a productive year in ‘17 then we let him go to the Patriots. We bring in Irvin then let him walk. We seem to be content with letting Takk and Beasley be the focal point of our pass rush, with a supplementary veteran in the mix when neither one of those guys have shown they can do that with consistency. I’m sitting here thinking about what we could have done in ‘17 if we had doubled down and had Freeney and Clay rushing with each other. We’ve never looked to stack the deck on the edge and build a true rotation.
  10. MNF

    I hope he misses that field goal. It’d serve those chumps right. Hands to the face my ***, and can’t even challenge it.
  11. MNF

  12. MNF

    And they aren’t doing anything particularly elaborate by way of “scheme” as most people think of it. It’s all pretty straightforward stuff.
  13. MNF

    Love the way the defender slapped down the receivers hand trying to throw that stiff arm on that reverse. Great technique. This is a well coached Detroit defense.
  14. MNF

    Interesting little detail. One play ago #42 got up too high on this pass rush and allowed Rodgers to step up and make a big throw. That’s not that BB defense. They rush to a spot then constrict the pocket. The scheme is more about holding ground than bending the edge. They executed it perfectly the next play and didn’t give ARod anywhere to escape.
  15. MNF

    Tried to tell folks years ago deception ain’t everything, that defensive players knew how to key run or pass before the snap more times than you’d think.
  16. MNF

    Still not a fan of Patricia, but I like what he’s putting together in Detroit. It’s impressive how quickly he’s got that defense up and running. #Envious
  17. MNF

    Matt Stafford has the prettiest throwing motion in the NFL. He gets a little sloppy with his feet sometimes and sometimes he’ll drop his arm slot but when he stands tall and steps into it; thing of beauty.
  18. Define “improvement”, because that vagueness doesn’t sound like a mandate for wins. Holding teams under 500 yard a game, keeping the Rams under 40?
  19. Or Mike Shanahan. Didn’t even make it two full seasons with the Raiders — got fired with an 8-12 record.
  20. Well not just Hoop. Delanie Walker in Tennessee for example came alive when he got under MM. He’s got a pretty solid rep around the league for his tight end work.
  21. If I were a new coach coming in, I don’t see anyone whose work on this current staff I’m impressed with. Mularkey, maybe. I’ve always liked what he’s done with tight ends and he’s getting a lot out of Hoop right now, but that’s about it.
  22. There is no template. Tight ends coaches have been elevated (Mularkey was the TE coach when he got elevated in Tennessee) running backs coaches, offensive line coaches, assistant head coaches have all been named Interim HC’s over coordinators before. It could be anyone.
  23. Maybe but when DQ goes, he can go right with him. His second tour of duty here has left a lot to be desired.
  24. He struggles mightily when that first 15 runs out. Its the same show each week.