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  1. Getting to the quarterback is such a particular skill -- edge rushing being perhaps the most particular -- I say, no, you can't have enough. With the system that we have we should always be in the market.
  2. DILLEY DILLEY! To one of the board’s finest gentlemen...
  3. My thoughts exactly. Show me some videos with some bags or a sled. This right here is what he needs to be posting the way he was overrunning plays last year.
  4. I guess this is a step up from pulling an SUV up a street. At least this work is actually functional.
  5. This type of thing is never a problem if you build your team with the right kind of players. If you're going to a team that take is to the next level and can sustain a high level of success year after year then there comes a point where the players take over and take ownership of the whole deal: policing themselves, keeping guys in line, carrying the message from the coaching staff. Slogans become incidental at that point.
  6. I like Sherm, but this is one of those things that doesn't really hold much water as far as calling it a college philosophy. Bill Walsh used to make the same point to all of his understudy's (Pete Carroll formerly being one of them) that it's best for a coach to only stay in the same job but for so long as the message begins to fall on deaf ears. In a way the salary cap era is the perfect antidote for that as it necessitates turning over your roster virtually every 4 years or so.
  7. I really liked this guy about 6 years ago. Actually showed some upside when Titans played him at 3tech when they were a 4-3 even though he was undersized. Then the new coaching staff came in and made him play at End where he was totally out of position as an edge rusher. Then another coaching staff came with the 3-4 and he scrambled again to settle into a position. He’s been more or less a JAG since.
  8. Happy belated birthday, Dawn. I second this.
  9. Happy birthday bro!
  10. That was actually 2 plays. Everything after "Can" is the second play.
  11. What you're talking about already exists as standard operating procedure across the entire NFL. I know there is this misconception that exists that the OF is responsible for putting together the entire gameplan. That could not be further from the truth. Each week every offensive coach is assigned different responsibilities. The line coach could be responsible for protections and blitz pickup, the WR coach responsible for 3rd down, etc. Every coach is assigned different aspects of the opponent to study and break down then they are expected to contribute plays to install into the actual gameplan.
  12. Welp there goes our shot to avoid paying Matt’s $30mill...
  13. If LaCanfora is reporting it then I’m sure that means he’s about to sign a 10 year extension.
  14. Couple of reasons that have already been mentioned but a big part of it is next year they’re going to have to make some tough decisions on their core players. Sherman’s contract is up, K.J. Wright’s contract is coming up, Frank Clark who is their future at end — his rookie deal is up. And then they’re going to have to think about pricey extensions for Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner who are the two guys who aren’t going anywhere under any circumstances. They know there are at least a couple of big name guys they just aren’t going to be able to keep. So whether it’s this year or next, big changes are coming and a guy like Bennett who is 33 will never have more value than he does now.
  15. Don’t know when the falloff is coming but this guy is still a nightmare to gameplan against. Dominant player against the run and constantly impacts the passing game from multiple positions. He’s the ultimate chess piece.
  16. Not to mention every other entity in the equation from the networks, the sponsors, the League office, the owners, every one of them is in this to maximize every dollar possible for themselves yet for some reason it’s the players (the actual product literally risking their lives) that should be the ones to take a discount for their services. Never got that “logic”.
  17. Pretty much. But I always enjoy hearing DQ talk scheme, at least when he gets away from the coachspeak. I'm interested to see if he elaborates any further.
  18. Here’s the part of the press conference I’m looking forward to listening to.
  19. Yeah, I just caught this in the article... If this is the road they’re going down then leave it alone. I like letting guys play.
  20. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to this, but mainly because of how poor the officiating was across the league this year. Couple of games come right to mind that were directly affected by bogus PI calls. Would be better to fix the zebras but still... and I know a couple of defensive backs that have come out publicly in favor of 15 over a spot foul.
  21. ^^^^ You said a mouthful there.
  22. Saw Schaub’s name mentioned a few times. Just a little FYI, a backup quarterback’s value goes way beyond just being an insurance policy. Your backup is crucial to your weekly preparation because he’s the one that’s going to be taking the majority of the practice snaps against your first team defense. It’s not a small thing to have a real professional back there who can give a defense a real look. I can’t quite remember who it was who mentioned it during the season — it was either Rico or Keanu — but they directly credited Schaub as one of the reasons the pass defense improved by the challenge it was going against him in practice with the way he could move them with his eyes.
  23. If only the wide receiver position was about speed...
  24. Enjoy.