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  1. I'll take your word for it. I do remember those Jake Locker threads, but woo, that Tyrod one was historic. That might have been the worst thread I've ever seen around here and that's saying something. You know the funniest thing about that? He came up in here a few weeks ago on gameday and started a thread right before Ty threw a int on what could have been a gamewinning drive and somehow convinced himself that we were the ones eating crow. I do feel bad for Ty, though. He's one of those guys I always thought needed to find a fan. If he had been lucky enough to get up under a coach who really believed in him and was commited to building an offense around him, I think he would have had a different career. 7 offenses in 7 years, you just can't get any traction like that.
  2. Born and raised in Tidewater. Been meaning to come back for the longest. Actually had a trip planned to D.C. earlier this summer that didn’t happen. I make it back through, we’ll definitely have to catch one.
  3. Nah not anymore. Moved a little over ten years ago.
  4. This game isn’t definitive in any sort of way to how his career will play out but I’ve never seen it with Darnold. He’s got some moxie, some feel for the game, but what you just saw is what he’s been doing since he was a freshman. And he’s a turnover machine to boot. Edit: now watch me just now saying that, he leads them down for a game winning touchdown with no timeouts.
  5. Lostinmexico. He started a thread before Matt signed his extension saying we should let him walk and sign Tyrod instead. And he was dead serious with it too. It wasn’t just a throwaway thread. He’s still dug in on that one to this day.
  6. Thursday night stinker done turned pretty entertaining with Baker in. Looks like the Browns might really have something with him.
  7. I’ve been watching Tyrod Taylor play since high school. I actually like him, always have. But some of these dudes round here the way they post’ll make you hate anyone. really, bruh?
  8. My lord. That blitz wasn’t even executed cleanly and they still got there. Come on man, get rid of the ball. Now you don’t even get the field goal.
  9. Just checking in to see if Tyrod’s biggest fan has shown up yet. Btw, this game is horrible. I think sometimes gorgeous defensive battles get mistaken for bad offense. This ain’t one of them. Another Thursday night stinker.
  10. I’ve had a calf injury and while I wouldn’t say it’s worse than say an ankle it can severely impact your ability to cut and explode. The good news is if you rest you can usually shake them off in a matter of days assuming it’s not on the more severe end of things. It’s one of those things where you just never know. He could be totally fine by Sunday or still walking with a limp.
  11. Big and slow gets hurt too.
  12. Not with Sark still calling the plays.
  13. Wagner is hurt tonight.
  14. And if we had capitalized on the plays that were there we would have done the same thing. Plays were there this week, plays were there last week. Difference is we capitalized today.
  15. Tough to know for sure but it looked to me like Ridley ran the wrong route because I could have sworn I saw a similar double out concept at another point in the game where you had the outside receiver high and the inside receiver low.