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  1. Enjoy.
  2. I was literally in tears reading this one. This thread has turned into pure comedy.
  3. I asked and I guess this answered... yeah you don’t. Knapp’s version of the WCO off has always been described as long handoffs so if you’re thinking the horizontal elements of this offense are being replaced then you’re in for a rude awakening. You can remember all you want about the Vick years, go look up the yards per attempt at each one of his stops as OC.
  4. You really don’t know anything about Gregg Knapp’s offense do you?
  5. And yet the 2010 Colts offensive line only surrendered 16 sacks and were #2 in the league with the fewest quarterback hits allowed.
  6. You've come up with a conclusion and now you're trying anything you can to find evidence to support it irregardless of context. The Colts issues don't have anything to do with how long they kept Peyton Manning (see JD's post) . You want to know what the issues are with the Indianapolis Colts, you can trace them directly to the retirement of Bill Polian and the emergence of Ryan Grigson. The Colts were an AFC elite team, a year removed from a 14-2 season and a Super Bowl appearance when you say they should have up an traded Peyton Manning. They were an AFC elite, and I'm not talking about a top 5 AFC team, they were legit 1-2 with New England. They were perennially contending for the title and you're saying in the middle of all that they should have up and pulled the plug for no good reason other than so they could contend again in 4-5 seasons.
  7. How in the world did the Colts hang onto Peyton Manning too long? The year that you’re saying they should have traded him he was completely healthy and his play showed not even the slightest hint of dropping off. 4700 yards, 33 TDS. What in the world would have been their impetus to trade him? Unless you’re saying they should have seen the situation with his neck coming in which case you’re being totally unrealistic with the hindsight.
  8. Wow we was talking about Favre Atlanta?
  9. Right but if he wasn’t coming off neck surgery their season wouldn’t have collapsed, they wouldn’t have had the #1 pick and they would have gladly paid that number. That confluence of events starting with the lost season because of that neck pretty much forced their hand.
  10. No one looked at Young — who only played in Tampa because the USFL folded as a franchise quarterback at that point in his career. Check your facts because none of the examples you cited even remotely correlate to the present state of the Falcons.
  11. And was only released because he was coming off major neck surgery and they were sitting on the #1 pick with the chance to draft Andrew Luck.
  12. Steve Young wasn’t traded. He was retired by a concussion. Brett Favre was going on 39 years old when he was traded. Hardly the prime of his career. Peyton Manning wasn’t traded either, and he was 36.
  13. Makes sense if you look at how a defense is structured. Linebackers are run defenders first. They have to respect any run action, so if you show run they can’t just fly back into coverage. They key isnt necessarily the fake from the quarterback but to make the play actually look like run up front by the o-line where the LBs are reading their keys. I remember years ago Kyle Orton with the Broncos had the best play-action attack in the NFL despite their run game at the time being near the bottom of the league.