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  1. Ill see what I can do a little later. I think I know exactly what you're talking about too.
  2. Yep. I remember! That was one cool aspect of Mularkey's scheme that was based in that Earhardt-Perkins system, the plays were all concepts. And you could call them with a single word.
  3. I was always partial to ICE CREAM ARTHUR!
  4. Yes absolutely. The indicators are constantly changed. That's why i say it's not that huge a deal. Sure just for the sake of extra caution he could cover his lips but playcalls are mainly given away by down and distance and small changes alignments that teams pick up on. Like for example if it's second and short and Sanu's split is cut down by even a few feet that could be a tell maybe he's running a deep over or something like that and the D should key pass. That's the kind of stuff that can really get you into trouble.
  5. Lol... I was waiting to see who was gonna reference that game first. Well played sir.
  6. Ehh no biggie. If you really wanna steal playcalls it's really not that hard if the lips are covered or not. Heck during no-huddle the quarterback calls out the play at the LOS nice and loud for everyone to hear.
  7. 5 sacks already, Jeezuz... I knew Flowers was bad but wow. McAdoo just seems like he only knows how to do one thing schematically.
  8. Yeah man. That one year he had Suh to work with they wound up #3 in points and #2 in yards. They were something.
  9. He's got a really excellent scheme. Lions haven't always given him the best set of tools to work with but he always seems to tailor a system to fit what he's got.
  10. Giants offense looking like some McAdoo-doo right now. Lions ain't that good. On another note, it's time for someone to give Teryl Austin a shot at the big chair.
  11. I read this a little too fast and my eyes played a trick on me. I saw, "The Lions and Raiders might jump us in the shower tomorrow..." whew..
  12. Is that Worrilow getting sucked up by play action then making the tackle 8 yards downfield? Ahh, I remember those times.
  13. Right but then they let Jones get out of there, too. Now they got nobody playing on the other side of A.J.
  14. Cincinnati let Sanu and Marvin Jones get out of there. They sholl messed that one up.
  15. I like the defensive schemes of both these teams. Very creative and diverse.