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  1. I'll never forget the story I heard Mark Schlereth tell one time. Can't remember if he was playing for Denver or Washington, but he got called into the GM's office right before the start of the season and he said, "this is your new contract; sign it." It was a sizeable paycut. Told him if he didn't sign it he'd be released immediately, and since it was right after final cuts and rosters were set, he wouldn't be getting another job any time soon. That type of business is okay, but in fans' eyes players need to "honor" their contract? And I have yet to hear a sensible reason why.
  2. Do you honestly think that Julio Jones, who is going into his 8th season in Atlanta, has just now started to hang out with rappers?
  3. Not quite sure what this is in response to. But no I’m not mad, you on the other hand seem to be. I was just responding to your repeated assertion that Julio is soft and doesn’t play through pain.
  4. Huh?
  5. Offensive is the reaction some people seem to be havin to Julio asking for more money. I didn’t say anything about the notion of government convenience being offensive. But my question still stands. If contracts aren’t worth the paper they are printed on and they can be terminated Willy nilly by the employer then what’s with all this mess about the player honoring the contract?
  6. I sholl don’t but it that’s the case that a contract can be terminated at the convenience of the government at any time then what is so offensive about a player with a premium skill and the limited leverage that brings, attempting to get more money before his contract is up?
  7. Not the point I was making.
  8. Didn’t Julio play the entire back end of the 2016 campaign all the way through the Super Bowl with a painful ankle and foot injury that he had to have surgery on that offseason?
  9. City/state/federal government also doesn’t terminate your contract with years left on it. No the city/state/ federal government actually honors the full value of the contract. Are we going to seriously sit here and act like that’s the case when it comes to NFL franchises? ^^^^^^^^^ exactly. Jeebus summed up the rest for me.
  10. You know what I find most amusing; the board seems to be up in arms any time a pretty good to marginal player isn't paid or is let go and winds up on another team. But get rid of Julio?
  11. Yeah, I understand your POV, but from a player standpoint, that's about the only "leverage" they have.
  12. I a see a lot of folks in this thread have never asked for a raise before.
  13. If it is I’m very disappointed. You know parm had those long thread titles that almost got to three lines of unbroken stream of conscious. This guy barely made it to the second line.
  14. How long were you inside bro?