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  1. He's still hurt over Eugene Robinson. Don't take it to heart.
  2. Dude is awesome. He's turning into everything I thought his brother would be coming out of Fresno State. And you ain't lyin' about that arm. This throw took my breath away when I saw it. 60 yards on the run, all arm.
  3. double post...
  4. /Stolen...
  5. I'd hate it because he is such and ideal fit for the style of defense Quinn wants to play with his length and physicality and three starting quality cornerbacks are always better than two... but yes. You're gonna have to make tough decisions somewhere along the line and with Alford and Tru locked up, someone has to be the odd man out.
  6. With the way the cap inches up every year, and the creativity you can use with the bonus I'm confident it'll all work out. The pros of being a developmental coaching staff and building through the draft is that you're always cycling in hungry young guys, so I wouldn't worry about the defense being crippled. There will be enough leftover to secure Beasley and presumably Jarrett.
  7. Um... no. That doesn't make any sense with all due respect. You just can't have it both ways with this one. If you are delaying an order you are by definition not complying. And if there is one set of rules you are taught from the jump as a person of color, especially a young man of color is that you comply. It's "yes, sir", "no, sir", you don't talk back and you do exactly what you are told. All this "delaying" and "let me explain", I'm just gonna put it like this as delicately as possible... those aren't options that are readily available to all members of this society.
  8. So, basically the victim "shares" some blame here because he didn't disregard the command of the supposed professionally trained peace officer to produce his I.D.? That's interesting because usually every time I see one of the these incidents the usual refrain is that they can be avoided by listening to the cop.
  9. Yes... well about 5 hours ago.
  10. Like the idea, but not feeling Lindeloff for this one. I think he redeemed himself with the bangup job he did with The Leftovers, but I'm still feeling some type of way over Lost and Prometheus. Just doesn't seem like his lane even though Watchmen's aesthetic was never what could be considered mainstream storytelling. I'd feel better with someone like Bryan Fuller was at the helm.
  11. No, I'm not saying he's going to be #2. I was just saying there is precedent and this list isn't just about 2016... it's really supposed to be the best players today as in the best heading into the 2017 season, but of course '16 has to be factored in.
  12. A couple of years ago Calvin Johnson finished #2 overall, so it's not unheard of for a preternaturally talented receiver to be held in that high a regard. The question is do peers hold him in higher regard that Matt. I know Matt is the MVP but he's not finishing #1 in front of Brady and seeing as how the vote took place largely in December, he might not finish in front of Rodgers. I could easily see Julio in the top 5 just off the strength of hat performance against the Panthers which had peoples heads spinning across the league.