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  1. Well, hey, the way they’re scrambling right now to get the running game going, I’m sure we’ll see more of that sooner or later, especially as Sark gets more of his offense in.
  2. Referencing something vel pointed out last year... We were #1 in time of possession per drive, #2 in number of plays ran per drive, and #3 yards per drive, and #7 in points per drive last season. An offense doesn’t move the ball like that if your offensive coordinator were anywhere near as bad as this board tried to make him out to be.
  3. They can’t pass block either. We’re 11th in passing attempts and 26th in rushing attempts. Matt threw the ball, what, 39 times last game? There’s only so much more unbalanced you can get behind this line considering they’re still in the bottom 5 for most quarterback hits allowed. It doesn’t always look it but what few rushing attempts we do have keeps the defense honest and actually helps out the line when we do go playaction. You tip the run/pass ratio any further Matt loses what little protection he’s still got. Matt’s already doing enough chuckin’ and duckin’ as it is.
  4. If he does we’ll just complain how he did it against a weak line.
  5. Nowhere close to that unless your trade partner is Jerry Jones.
  6. He had better players in Chicago. Just like the defense DQ coordinated in Seattle that finished one year with 39 turnovers had better players.
  7. When you mention bend but don’t break you are taking scheme. What happened to Lovie’s teaching in Tampa because they didn’t produce turnovers there, even when he did can Leslie Frazier and take over the defense.
  8. Still philosophically the same defense. There's no inherent advantage the Tampa 2 has in creating turnovers that ours doesnt. Quinn's Seattle defense created turnovers. It's players. Not x's and o's.
  9. Mike Smith did. Let Nolan come in and run a scheme totally unlike anything he'd done in his coaching career. Teryl Austin and Marvin Lewis actually have a fair amount in common as far as scheme, especially in the back end with some of their coverages.
  10. You know "bend but don't break" is exactly what Tampa-2 is.
  11. x’s and o’s

    Absolutely. Totally fair assessment, especially if you're high on Matt Ryan as a player, you expect him to make that throw against Cincy to Hooper to ice the game. As well as Matt is playing, and make no mistake, he has really turned it up, there is still another level to get to. Even he indicates that in some of his press conferences. @slickgadawg good stuff. As much as I admire what Belichick has done, the recency bias still bugs me when I see the way some of these other all-time great coaches get lost in the shuffle. Landry was one of the great football minds the game has ever seen. He not only invented a defense that's still used today (60 years later), but he was a cutting edge offensive mind. It's mindblowing to think about. One of my favorite anecdotes I heard was from when he and Lombardi were defensive and offensive coordinators, respectively, with the Giants. When Lombardi left to go to Green Bay, he took Landry's defensive playbook. But when Landry left for the Cowboy's he didn't take Lombardi's offense -- he invented his own.
  12. x’s and o’s

    Yeah, pretty much. I mean there might be some incremental differences but yeah, it's pretty much the same thing. Kind of like how the good ole burst concept is called Burner in Sark's playbook. Everybody wants to put their own spin on everything. I mentioned this a few weeks back, I think when a game was going on, how strange it was to watch college quarterbacks taking more punishment than their pro counterparts. And to think how up in arms I was a few years back when the NCAA made a targeting foul an ejectable offense -- I thought it was gonna ruin the game. Who knew they'd wind up looking moderate in the end.
  13. x’s and o’s

    this is hilarious! Man is an artist running routes. Everybody is wowed by his physical skill-set, I don't think a lot of people realize just what a technician he is. This is why I don't trip over the lack of touchdowns. He's playing at as high a level as any receiver out there right now and making this passing game go. I got a couple of pages from the Falcons actual defensive playbook last season and I've been wanting to get some stuff up, but the D has really been hurting my eyes lately. I'm gonna force myself here in a little bit because there are one or two positives to glean on... well maybe one.
  14. x’s and o’s

    I had a really good view of that play from my seat and Matt just flat out underthrew it. And it wasn’t great ball placement either. He left it short and inside. A go-route like that you’re supposed to put over the outside shoulder of the receiver. That’s been the only disheartening part of Matt’s play this season because he’s been lights out everywhere else... even on that same route to Ridley, but for whatever reason he hasn’t been able to connect with Julio deep.