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  1. Pickings are a little slim this year but it’s not so much about finding a fit for Ryan as it is finding a fit for the team/organization.
  2. Brian Flores. You watch his team play, they’re not there yet, but you see the stamp he’s putting on that Miami defense. Ditto for Vrabel, even though he never coached for Bill. Matt Patricia never put together anything resembling a competent defense in 3 seasons and did nothing but try to pass blame to the prior regime.
  3. I might be missing something here in context but Matt Ryan won’t be 38 until 2023.
  4. Del Rio petered out as a head coach, but man can be coach up some defense. He doesn’t get mentioned enough when we talk about top tier defensive minds. Always loved watching his units ball.
  5. That young man embodies everything right about sports and he has represented himself and this organization in a first class manner since he became a Falcon.
  6. 😂😂😂 it was worth it keeping DQ for another year just to avoid McCarthy. Sweet Jesus.
  7. Not to mention, if you’re faking an injury, would you really go back in late in a game to pick up fourth down to keep a meaningless drive going?
  8. It’s frustrating to look at but he’s doing his job there. He doesn’t know what route is coming. He doesn’t know if a sail route is coming or if a receiver from the other side of the formation is coming. Ideally, you’d like him to not get as much width there when you see that tight end stay in to block and maybe be in a little better position there to contest, but the middle of the field is Deion’s there. The Mike is literally the middle safety in that coverage. And Rico; I look at him in context. He’s a grinder, but he’s not an overly instinctual type athlete back there that I expec
  9. Oh no doubt. I don’t fault Deion there. He’s the reason you can make that call in the first place. But anytime I see a linebacker running vertical with a wide receiver that far downfield with no safety in sight I take issue with the call.
  10. Coverage was Tampa 2. You can tell by the way both safeties split at the snap to get width. Not a fan of that call vs. that formation. You win some you lose some though.
  11. He has a skill set for sure. I could see him hanging around the league. I watched a few Wake games last season. He was better than I expected but he didn’t leap out at me as an heir apparent to Matt.
  12. Well he missed bad on that one if that was the case. If you can play you can play. Carson Wentz went #2 out of North Dakota state of all places, and Wake’s offense ain’t bad this year.
  13. I remember that part, I just don’t remember what precipitated it. Was he in the dog house? Was be gonna lose his job to Hartmann?
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