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  1. I don’t know why Elway wouldn’t want him. He’s been an asset everywhere he’s been and they’ve always been close. Only thing I can think of is putting him in that position of OC before you’ve hired an HC might give the impression he’s a defacto HC and whoever the next actual HC might feel undermined. Especially given Kubiak’s history with Denver. You always run the risk when a head coach can’t put his own staff in place that there’s a constant unease and it’s not truly his team. Putting Kubiak in a kind consultant role somewhat alleviates that... but not much IMO. If Elway is that dead set on bringing him back then he should do everything he can to talk him into taking the head job again. If it was me I wouldn’t take a job where the GM has put his old friend in as an OC without any input from me.
  2. I’d rather them bring the right guy and take the learning curve than settle for a Kubiak who we’d have to hope turns into something he’s never been. EDIT: I was in the middle of something and read this too fast. I thought you typed Greg not Gary... for some reason I always used to get Knapp and Kubiak mixed up: hail yeah I’d be all for Kubiak. That would be perfect.
  3. I thought he got a bad rap. That Seattle passing game really evolved into a dynamic attacking scheme when they had to move away from Marshawn. He adjusted to what he had to work with, which wasn’t much. Pete wanted to go in a different direction but he’s sharp coach and he’s gotten it done a variety of ways. Not sure it’d be a seemless fit but I’d could see it happening because of his history with Quinn:
  4. Well if we’re just talking about spacing type concepts— every offense incorporates those because you just can’t stay trying to stretch the field vertically the way the original number system did.
  5. Depends if they’re still chasing that Shanahan system or going after the best guy. Bevell would probably be the best “fit” for what Quinn wants to do. But Gase just off the top of my head might be the best offensive mind out there with the track record to match.
  6. Gase doesn’t run the west coast offense. He’s more off that Martz tree with the number system mixed with a little bit of Tom Moore’s stuff that he ran with Peyton.
  7. Seahawks run the same scheme they’ve always run. They play a little more Bear front — which they used to always to situationally against certain run heavy teams like the Harbaugh 49ers. The single high philosophy of base cover-3 is unchanged. Only thing Norton has brought is they’ll play a little more quarters especially when they get backed up.
  8. Pretty much. Falcons stopped playing about a month ago, so I stopped paying attention.
  9. Well, hey, the way they’re scrambling right now to get the running game going, I’m sure we’ll see more of that sooner or later, especially as Sark gets more of his offense in.
  10. Referencing something vel pointed out last year... We were #1 in time of possession per drive, #2 in number of plays ran per drive, and #3 yards per drive, and #7 in points per drive last season. An offense doesn’t move the ball like that if your offensive coordinator were anywhere near as bad as this board tried to make him out to be.
  11. They can’t pass block either. We’re 11th in passing attempts and 26th in rushing attempts. Matt threw the ball, what, 39 times last game? There’s only so much more unbalanced you can get behind this line considering they’re still in the bottom 5 for most quarterback hits allowed. It doesn’t always look it but what few rushing attempts we do have keeps the defense honest and actually helps out the line when we do go playaction. You tip the run/pass ratio any further Matt loses what little protection he’s still got. Matt’s already doing enough chuckin’ and duckin’ as it is.
  12. If he does we’ll just complain how he did it against a weak line.
  13. Nowhere close to that unless your trade partner is Jerry Jones.
  14. He had better players in Chicago. Just like the defense DQ coordinated in Seattle that finished one year with 39 turnovers had better players.
  15. When you mention bend but don’t break you are taking scheme. What happened to Lovie’s teaching in Tampa because they didn’t produce turnovers there, even when he did can Leslie Frazier and take over the defense.