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  1. Luckily we play more than one front.
  2. I've seen too much first hand to know that the two don't always go hand in hand.
  3. My opinion would be wholly based on how each game played out.
  4. What's missing is that there are other things outside of practice that account for variance in performance. kiwi hit the nail on the head and Larry has been elaborating on it too... fans deal in absolutes. For some reason we just don't want to accept that a team, a unit, or great players will have inexplicable drops on performance. ^^^^ The very first pass Matt Ryan threw in our gorgeous new stadium was intercepted. Does anyone remember that? The first preseason game against the Cardinals (I believe)... pass went right off of Toilolo's hands. And it continued the WHOLE season, just one thing after another. I mean Matt Ryan had a pass get intercepted off a guy's a** at one point... ... Sometimes funky, star-crossed years just happen. That's just the way football goes.
  5. Not to get in the middle of this back and forth, but this part needs to be highlighted. It's like people are over-thinking this stuff a little too much -- not picking on you specifically Flying Falcon ... ...but it's like we've never heard of a case where a team loses a Super Bowl then has a dip in performance the next season.
  6. Funny you post this referencing big plays over time of possession because that's exactly what Kyle's offense emphasized. At some point I'm just going to have to a thread about just what a week of practice looks like because there's a pretty wide gap in what people think goes on vs. what really happens in the NFL. Just a little primer, though, during the season, your practice days and aimed at installing the gameplan. Fundamentals and techniques make up a relatively small portion of each practice. And when I say small I mean like 15 minutes.
  7. LOL... right. There are a couple players right off the top of my head that come to mind. "Unforgiveable sin"...
  8. Still more "player-speak"... there's nothing there in that quote that I haven't heard multiple top tier players say time and time again when they come off a season that didn't meet expectations. That's still a heck of a stretch to get to the practices were disorganized and lacked structure. And this right here leads me to my ultimate point. Practices in the NFL are so sacrosanct that if there is any shred of credibility that Sark didn't know how to run an NFL practice then I have some serious doubts about Dan Quinn as a head coach. And when I say "serious" I mean he himself should be on the chopping block because there is no way that you as a head coach in the NFL should keep an offensive coordinator on staff who cannot run a practice. That's a guy who should have been fired mid-season, let alone given another year.
  9. That's a standard PC "franchise quarterback" answer. That's the answer you get from Peyton Manning, to Tom Brady, etc... Look, I get what you're driving at, my man, but none of this is as ****ing an indictment as you intimated. That first SI article was written by Robert Klemko. He's a pretty good writer. Practice is no joke in the NFL and if two anonymous players came out and said straight up that the practices were disorganized and lacked structure, that ****ing rebuke would have been explicitly spelled out in the article so as to leave nothing to interpretation.
  10. I like the speed bag. Everybody in the NFL like to at like they got hands. Speed bag is a truth teller.
  11. H's been yelling at players his whole career. I still remember like it was yesterday him cursing at Harry Douglas in the middle of the NFC championship game against the 49ers.
  12. Within the context of that article it was referencing playcalling.
  13. Yeah, that’s the article I was thinking about. Was curious because I don’t remember anything about practice being mentioned. That was always a board narrative. Not being able to structure a practice at this level is fireable on its own if it were true.
  14. If im thinking of the same SI article can you highlight the portion that said the practices lacked structure? Or is that from another source?
  15. I'm busy at the moment my man, but... ...these two things don't correlate. Whatever play is called and whenever, it's the players' job to go out there and run it. Julio didn't drop a wide open touchdown because he was confused.