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  1. He has to take his share of blame for the problems -- which he does. Some of the turnovers have been fluky, refs haven't done us a lot of favors, I think the line has had issues at the worst possible times, but Matt is the reigning MVP of the league. He can't miss wide open receivers. As hard as it is to win games in this league and as tight as the margin of victory often is, he just can't.
  2. If I'm we just taking the question all by itself on why I think the execution has waned, you won't like the answer because it goes against the nature and the innate curiosisty of man and does not leave you with an easy answer. The answer as to why the execution has waned is this... football. That's it. That's just the way it goes in this game. Sometimes it's not your year. Sometimes there is a perfect storm of events that just conspire against you in the most unrelenting way. Why did Kurt Warner only throw 13 picks in 1999, win the MVP, and the Super Bowl, then come back the next season with the same playcaller, in the same offense with the same cast and throw 18 ints in only 11 games? Did he all of a sudden forget how to play football? Why did the New England Patriots the year after they won their first Super Bowl and with no major injuries and the same staff fall to 9-7, dipped 4 placed in scoring output and miss the playoffs, when theoretically they should have only improved on the previous season's 11-5? That's just the way it happens sometimes. Now I could get into other reasons like Matt Ryan publicly tweaked his mechanics in the off-season. Anyone think that could have something to do with him not being as money? I mean even on passes Matt completes, I can point out more than a few that aren't dimes or ideally placed. A quarterback constantly delivering the ball to different spots on the receiver can definitely have an affect on synchronosity between receiver and QB. I could mention how Julio had offseason surgey and couldn't attend Matt's passing camp and was sidelined for part of training camp... see but that's all getting into speculation and I think that's counterproductive when the real answer is sometimes that's just how sh** goes in football.
  3. Hue Jackson is great playcaller and designer. He's routinely taken chickens***t and turned it into chicken salad. Those offenses that he designed in Oakland when that organization was a top to bottom mess were beautifully choreographed and he did it with a bunch of spare parts. First year he was in the building he took the offense from #31 to #10. Second year there when he took over the head chair he had them on the edge of a playoff berth. Quarterbacks kept going down and he kept the thing rolling until the injuries just piled up and Mike Davis took over and ran him out of there. He always designed his scheme around the pieces he had. In Oakland he had Michael Bush so it was a power scheme. In Cincy they were more zone. In Oakland he had more speed on the outside to the scheme was more vertical. In Cincy he didn't have a big armed QB in Dalton so they attacked the intermediate area and worked the middle of the field tease the coverage to clamp down in the middle of the field so he could set up a shot play to A.J. And at every stop, each week there is always something new to the offense, different formations, different pre-snap shifts, different packages to create mismatches.
  4. Funny you mention that because the top guys right save one are currently HC's. This is off the top of my head and in no particular order and the current ranks of their offenses. These are the guys who are just flat out brilliant and have an intuition and a gift for designing offense: Josh McDaniels #1 Bruce Arians # 20 Kyle Shanahan #17 Bill O'Brien #13 Sean McVay #8 Sean Payton #2 Jay Gruden #15 Andy Reid #6 Hue Jackson #23 Mike McCarthy #25 w/an honorable mention to Doug Pederson
  5. My response is still immaterial to my point about execution unless you can explain to me how Matt throwing interceptions in the back of end zone is the fault of the offensive coordinator. And since I answered your question, you answer mine. Show me some games where the players executed cleanly and consistenltly like they are capable of and we still failed to win.
  6. Sorry, doesn't change anything. My thought process doesn't work that way. One post you're asking me if I like Sark or not, the next you're asking me to give him a letter grade. How about list all the offensive playcallers I think are better than Sark?
  7. Sark is not a top 10 coordinator. I don’t even know why you are trying to frame the discussion in those terms because it is totally immaterial. Those of us who are on the other side are putting the focus where it belongs, on the players who are failing to execute. A top 10 as you seem to want to assert isn’t going to stop Matt Ryan from tossing a ball right into the waiting hands of a defender in the back of the end zone like last Thursday. If this season weren’t plagued with boneheaded plays like that we would be scoring around 27 a game, which would be top 5 and you wouldn’t be mentioning anything about the coordinator.
  8. I addressed this earlier in this thread.
  9. Schwartz I didn’t say point me to one play. I said point me to a game, a whole game where the players executed the gameplan cleanly and the results weren’t there i.e. we lost, or we failed to put points on the board or drives got bogged down. I’m not talking plays that didn’t work or got stopped. Im talking show me a game where Matt Ryan didn’t miss wide open receivers, where receivers didn’t let passes go off their hands, or where we protected the ball and actually played like professionals and still failed to score points. Because oddly enough I can show you some games where the players did execute and lo and behold you come to the boards and everyone is talking about seeing shades of the 2016 offense and posters are dropping threads like SARK HAS FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. Thats the point I’m driving at. This thing comes back to execution. And execution is on the players. Whatever anyone feels about Sark, the plays have been there to be made. I didn’t just post a bunch of one-off plays that worked. Go back and look again. I posted a bunch of plays that didn’t work. I posted plays that were perfectly set up and designed to take advantage of the defense and it didn’t work because of an overthrow, or a drop. I posted a bunch of plays that left points off the board some of which wound up being the difference between victory and defeat.
  10. So I have to gif and entire game of plays to make my point? How did I know that would eventually be the response? I put out a very easy way to challenge my assertion that the plays have been there to be made and I have yet to get a response so I’ll put it to you schwartz... if why Sark is doing is so poor. If he really isn’t and NFL caliber play caller and what he is doing is holding back this offense then point to me a game or games where the execution was clean and the results were not. Point to me a game where the players did their jobs and we still didn’t score. Very easy. Because once again we’re getting into the baseless assumptions like Matt is forcing balls because he doesn’t have faith in the play design. The play designs haven’t changed.
  11. Could not believe it when I heard it. I knew he was playing otherworldly but that might be one of the most impressive stats I have ever seen.
  12. Wes Schweitzer is playing miles better today than he was when the season started.