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  1. That’s my play right there. If I’m a talent evaluator, that play is all I need to see. That is not normal.
  2. I know I'm totally teasing myself, but I just can't stop thinking about the defensive package we could put together with a guy that can play that many positions. The looks we could throw at an offense, the coverages we could play -- oh my goodness.
  3. I like Epenesa because of the nastiness I think he'll bring, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Delpit. I'm currently driving the Simmons train myself.
  4. It's not an either/or. It all works together and in our case, we could use better football players to round out both levels of the defense. A game changer anywhere is going to pay dividends.
  5. Perfect 4 minute drive. Smart, high percentage stuff.
  6. Troy doesn’t think THAT was pass interference? What!?!?
  7. “Packers climbing right back into this game!” Really, Joe? I know y’all gotta sell this but this ain’t baseball where you just keep scoring til they get you out. Green Bay still gotta put that terrible defense back on the field.
  8. Probably shoulda been throwing at Richard all night eh. And where is the 4th quarter pass rush? This is what you live for if you’re a lineman.
  9. This like when that code kicks in playing Madden where you’re blowing out the CPU then all of a sudden the 4th quarter starts and the A.I. scores at will.
  10. Old fashion football. Just run ‘em right into the dirt. Passing league and the 49ers are lighting up the scoreboard just pounding the rock. I love it.
  11. Kyle just showing off now. Has Jimmy even thrown for a 100 yards yet?
  12. Ok here comes some old fashion outside zone. Let’s see a boot off it.
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