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  1. Still boggles my mind how folks saw all the dropped passes and still blamed the play caller.
  2. I would have taken Leonhard as DC.
  3. I liked Gannon. He was one of the names I was hoping we would land, but like I guessed, he was ready to do his own thing and run a unit without anyone over his shoulder. They’ll be a few candidates who could step in (Bush comes to mind)... maybe not young and innovative though. Just as long as we don’t get stuck with his son. On another note, if we were going this route, we shoulda plucked Jim Leonhard from Wisconsin.
  4. I’ve been warming up to the thought of Surtain at 4. I keep going back and forth on who I think BPA is at that spot, but with what I know Pees likes to do on the backend I think him with Terrell would instantly change our defense... but if you can get an extra 1, that might be too good to pass up when a corner and a pass rusher could be added.
  5. Not so much down as my expectations are just tempered. Dean Pees got that new car smell right now, but a lot of this is just coachspeak. I know what Dean Pees is and isn’t, and I think some of blurbs might be getting people into thinking he’s bringing some dynamic, attacking defense ala Rex Ryan, when the truth is it’s a lot more bend-but-don’t-break. He’s a good coach. He knows his stuff. He’s an upgrade over what we’ve had, but all of this units issues aren’t going away off the strength of him alone. And, yeah, I like the Frank Bush hire.
  6. We also stopped Philly in ‘19 from driving for the game winner... after we let a receiver get behind us along the sideline for what would have been a walk-in TD but he dropped it... ... but you didn’t hear that from me.
  7. Being a fan of this team will traumatize you but we’ve had a few... and not enough. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/video/can-t-miss-play-reed-sacks-glennon-for-game-winner-19345957
  8. Well I hate to tell you, bro ... ☹️Pees’s defenses ain’t above giving up a lead.
  9. Lotta y’all gone wind up disappointed if y’all think that’s what Dean Pees is bringing.
  10. Linebackers are his thing. Even when he was a DC, his scheme really featured his linebackers. I really like coaches that let their backers play downhill instead of read and react. I mean his guys used to attack gaps. His linebackers fly around and when he ran his own stuff he ran the Under, so it’s a perfect fit for Deion and Foye. They won’t have to learn a new language per se and the scheme’ll play to their skill set. He’s got experience as a play caller going all the way back to Houston and he’s coached in a variety of defenses. He very well could take over, but more importantly he
  11. Right man for this staff. Right man for Parsons. Loved the way he used his linebackers. Blends wonderfully with Pees’s scheme.
  12. Outside of age and the fact that he’s retired twice, I’m not totally in love with the way his defensive lines are used in certain sets where the 3-tech is tasked with reading the protection instead of attacking. That’s just personal taste though. My big reservation is that I’ve seen one too many times in the back nine of this career where he didn’t have answers in big spots.
  13. Nothing really to add. Scheme and creativity is never going to be an issue with scheme. He knows his stuff. My reservations lie elsewhere.
  14. They’ll fit. He used smaller linebackers in Tennessee. Both Brown and Evans were 225-230ish.
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