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  1. To me Patterson is the biggest wildcard of the skill position players. Really don't know what to expect from him, if he'll see more snaps at WR or RB even, but hoping he does produce one way or another
  2. maybe another team wanted to sign Vaughters to their active roster
  3. I trust that Arthur Smith knows the offense only goes as far as the o-line can take it, and his deep background in working with o-line and TEs makes me confident that he won't put Mayfield out there to just get steamrolled, and Matt Ryan pulverized in the process. He'll use Lee Smith and now Gallman too to provide the extra protection needed for Ryan to be able to keep his vision downfield. Smith has shown his ability to be creative in running and passing from the same personnel group so that the defense will always be guessing. And I think this is a quality of the offense that he did not want to demonstrate for opposing defensive coordinators in the preseason
  4. Fairly certain that if you're supposed to be viewing the game on your local station, then that game is blacked out on Sunday Ticket because they want you to watch the game on the local broadcast station. If for some reason your local station doesn't show the game that is supposed to be shown, I think it's still going to be blacked out on DTV.
  5. why are they wearing white at home on opening weekend
  6. Ollison is the first NFL RB I've heard of needing to re-learn how to run in the offseason. I know some QBs have coaches for their throwing motion but how does a RB make it to the NFL being a sloppy or inefficient runner? and it's not like he had 4.4 speed either so how did he even get drafted
  7. strength or technique, or both maybe. he doesn't have the right combination yet. if it's technique maybe he can be a quick learner. if it's strength, will take another year or so to build
  8. It's never just one issue to cause a rift like this. money and perceived respect (or disrespect) is part of it of course, but also I think a big factor is the people in his life. He's hanging out with those Migos dudes who he probably has a lot of respect for, for doing what they do in music and entertainment. And they're telling him how bad Matt Ryan sucks and that he could be winning championships with another QB. that kind of thing can really sour a guy, if people that have influence on him are telling him that his QB is trash and that the team will never move on from Ryan and that he's the real star of the team but isn't getting the respect from the front office so he should leave https://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-rapper-quavo-says-falcons-should-fire-matt-ryan-hire-colin-kaepernick/csO9nnxqXyhT1p9J7Q8AKP/
  9. my guess is they are holding the last spot so they can do a shuffle. sign a player from another team's PS to our roster, and then bump someone off the 53 to the PS
  10. After all the talk about Smith's love for multiple TE sets, I would bet that we add a 4th TE. I'm sure we would have kept 4 in this round of cuts, but the ones they liked got injured in camp. I think we'll also see Franks waived in hopes that they can stash him on the PS and they'll either add a RB or bring up one from PS
  11. His ability to stay healthy has always been a concern but he's a good player for sure. Trading draft picks for him means the Rams need to sign him to a new deal, otherwise doesn't make sense even if they are late round picks. And giving him a new deal is a risk due to his injury history and his mileage
  12. I didn't say we have no shot at the playoffs. I said we're not all-in this year. our salary cap is too strained to go all in
  13. I'm positive that if a better option shows up in the cuts to 53, Rosen will be back on his couch on the same day. This move is just to get us through the preseason, and he's one of the best options before teams make their final cuts, without trading draft picks even if they are 3rd day picks. Why give up any draft capital for a backup this year? if we were all-in to be a contender, maybe we'd want to have the confidence that our backup could carry the team if Ryan got hurt. but this season is much more of let's see what we got with this roster. I'd much rather see Fontenot ready to dive into a second draft with as many picks as we can get
  14. for many years I was a ronin, a masterless samurai without a real connection to any team. I watched a lot of football but didn't really have a team to call my own. watching vick play green bay in the 2002 season opener locked me in as a falcons fan for life. we lost that game but vick was electric and I was hooked on the falcons from that day forward
  15. Yea coulda been Shanahan. He was quick to grab Alex Mack when we let him walk, so probably he put that o-line together
  16. Levitre was one of Dimitroff's better moves. I just wish he could have lasted a few more seasons
  17. When ever I read his name, I can hear Jamie Foxx singing his little Willie Beamen song
  18. Is this gonna be the in-game thread? Let's get it! so effing excited to see this preseason game lol
  19. Not trading him when we had multiple chances to is just a huge fail. Then on top of that, they cut him in November when they could have just held him for a few more weeks and gotten a comp pick for him once he was signed as a free agent. super idiotic decision making on a guy who was clearly not in the right frame of mind even before the season started to be productive member of the team
  20. I'm definitely intrigued by the move if it means putting the right players in the right roles. I just remember when Deion Jones was drafted to play middle linebacker, all the evaluations were saying he's small for the position. but I guess it's the DL job to keep the linebackers clean, and able to hit the gaps that they need to.
  21. he's listed as 215 lbs, even lighter than Jones. hope he can take on a big RB who has a head of steam and outweighs him
  22. never wanted to win a preseason game so badly as this one lol
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